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“The only thing necessary for these diseases to the triumph is for good people and governments to do nothing.”



by African [Ugandan] Author




The following is a more competent and reliable scientific evidence showing the stunning and tragic "colonialistic historical conspiracy" linking current life threatening ethnic genocidal conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa perpetrated by early colonialistic establishments legacy of [imperialistic aggressive foreign nations] in Sub-Saharan Africa like [Great Britain, Germany, Russia, United States, France and others] who have tormented African population for so many centuries and even currently in most African nations -- by their lack of concern and understanding of everything that constitutes the true good of humanity in their quest for African minerals and other natural resources of social and economic benefit to Black Africans and never noticed that these institutionalised myriad "political and humanitarian catastrophes" keep on producing worse consequences and never a better Africa of the universal relations which are the basis of human life.

Foreign superpower fascist globalistic leaders are in their current drive for a globalistic transition worldwide, to contemporary satisfaction of seeing Black African people bleed, or profiting from engineered disasters short of trouble in Sub-Saharan Africa, and also "multi-national corporate beast" are in the process of committing institutionalised genocide in Africa, as media spin directors want us and the World to believe ------ "that Africa is it's own worst enemy".

Africa's well-informed population are witnessing the monumental proportions through the process of Globalization orchestrated events in Sub-Saharan Africa being fulfilled in our daily local news on a scale that is simply unprecedented.

As never before, we are seeing a major escalation in threats of enormous "disasters", short of trouble[s], as a result of superpower nation[s] genocidal conspiracy, and that Black Africans are to face more unimaginable disasters, for we shall never be able to understand the vast implications of these terrible devastations as it passes before us if we are not extremely familiar with global master plans being orchestrated in Sub-Saharan Africa on the one hand and the evolving death to unsuspecting Black Africans/Americans on the other.


As you keep reading this African patriotic awakening article you will discover, shocking information --- reflecting the greatest apathy and Isolation suffocating African masses in the new century --- which is so deep and so wide now, that ultimately, "African people" have become the greatest victims of currently ongoing catastrophic foreign instigated political and humanitarian crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa, and the larger political agendas it serves, most efficiently increasing worse troubles in Black Africa considered to be decimating African populations.

Clearly, this effort to frighten African people into compliance with injurious, if not disastrous, African foreign institutionalised neo-colonialistic politics, vaccination policies needs to be exposed for what it is ---- a grave and horrible genocidal scam.

There is no rational democratic value in "accepting" a foreign bestial ideology most of which dates back to the colonialistic era, which has been strategically advancing for many years ago for the realization of the current myriad catastrophes in Sub-Sahara Africa, without any scientific/historic justification that [foreign neo-colonialisitic politics, policies] may be effective against any devastating conflicts in Africa that derives from global politics practiced by America, Britain, and other foreign nations, as fascist totalitarian administrations and multi-national "corporate" organizations have been warning of the "Big One", with its milieu of socio-economic and life-threatening consequences to bear upon innocent African masses.


The mass sufferings of tormented Africans in troubled regions in Sub-Sahara Africa and around Africa are outcomes with the strict definition of genocide that includes ' the mass enslaving and killing of African people for economics, politics and/or ideology."

In this case the current modern enslavement in Africa, comes in the form of ongoing catastrophic devastating conflicts induced by the "global military-medical-industrial-petrochemical and pharmaceutical cartel" who are in the business of creating "chaos and death" in most African countries, enslaving African governments with foreign contrived "military-economic-humanitarian aid" in case of any political/humanitarian catastrophic outbreaks like the ethnic genocidal civil wars and other worse conflicts troubling Africa causing stratification in most African communities, welfare and breeding chaos for decades.

This humanitarian and investigative "African patriotic awakening" article concerns the great and grave likelihood in which global master plan better known as New World Order, in Sub-Saharan Africa, armed with gross menacing aspect of injurious African foreign programs and practices by globalistic "multi-national" undemocratic organizations like [World Health Organizations, Rockefeller Foundation, International Monetary Fund, European Union, World Bank, World Trade Organization, Council of Foreign relations and others] that have delivered poverty related disorders, ethnic genocide conflicts, famine, starvation, plagues like HIV/AIDS and Ebola and other myriad bizarre diseases, War holocausts, economic and environmental problems, vaccination politics, needless civil conflicts violently killing a great number of African people and overwhelmingly increasing the number of African children and helpless women living alone in most African streets and orphans/children soldiers especially among Africa's youngest population.


This awakening - African patriotic article is a stunning expose of the attempts by neo-imperialistic politics, policies, secret foreign bestial genocide policies and other globalistic programs and practices to subjugate African sovereignty ---- is that the objective of the planned chaos on the Great Lakes region and around Africa is clear: a Globalistic-agenda raising myriad confrontations in Sub-Sahara Africa may --- threaten humanity's very survival. Keep in mind that this superpower nations "New World Order Plan" have now finished every single destabilization operations in Sub-Saharan Africa and around Africa--- which they need to trigger myriad catastrophes in order to suffocate the unsuspecting African people to instigate political-health-social-economic disasters instantly. These worse troubles impact our African people very slowly so that their effects remain dangerous over many decades, over many generations. The point about such worse consequences in Sub-Saharan Africa and around Africa is that the injurious African foreign programs and practices are permanent, threatening Sub-Saharan Africa with "devastations short of trouble", for decades, being perpetrated by Foreign superpower nation[s] in business of "creating and managing" the socio-economic/health/political/environmental crisis currently befalling African people.

These myriad disasters in Sub-Sahara Africa are accumulating, that terrifying and mysterious troubles can affect many innocent Africans and that there is no way of reversing severe socio-economic-health-political limitations to African people, that not only are future African generations affected by the increased level of foreign globalistic ideologies but that one of the worse effects of globalization on unsuspecting African people is that it can interfere with the personal African freedom and democratic process of African nations, affecting Africans and perhaps harming future African generations.

Faced with mounting and horrifying evidence of worse conflicts coming adrift in Sub-Saharan Africa ---- and their links to skyrocketing rates of worse diseases and premature death to Africans, this raises the spectre that such devastating socio-economic/health and political impacts on our unsuspecting African people, is not simply the result of Africa's backwardness or the ongoing civil conflicts irrationally blamed on our "deceived" African Presidents and radical "foreign-sponsored" hostile rebel movements in most parts of Africa.

The likelihood of major disasters, in Sub-Saharan Africa, of this kind occurring is increasing daily with an agenda that fits precisely the "divide and conquer" New World Order protocols --- capable of such far- reaching dangerous foreign bestial holocaust[s] increasing in Black Africa.

Concerned African Presidents, in the new century, in the course of current humanitarian "catastrophic foreign instigated catastrophes" troubling African population, ordinary African people have reason to fear the dramatically rising political and humanitarian catastrophes in Africa, it is time for our trusted African Presidents to critically look at cause and cure. African governments are supposed to be instruments of light by which we, the African people, are protected from any foreign instigated catastrophes.

Under an independent or sovereign African nation[s], the African citizens are the ruling class. All other administration offices in Africa are subservient to the African citizens. How did the African population become the subjects of foreign jurisdiction and African governments and their officials become the ruling class? Foreign superpower nation[s] have achieved ability through the contrived "military-economic-humanitarian aid" given to most African nations in order to insidiously instigate the growing fear campaigns among African masses as the result of the neo-imperialistic current orchestrated myriad environmental changes and internal humanitarian catastrophes in Sub-Saharan Africa closer than we could imagine.

Most African countries are reeling from thousands of years long impact of colonialistic politics, since then, however, the intention of these "imperialistic" policies require total control of African nations that has been stretched to include economic problems, social imbalances, and perceived terrifying threats to the African continent by foreign superpower nations actions on unsuspecting African population.

The resultant side effects of these catastrophic foreign instigated catastrophes of such seemingly planned "chaos and death" to Africans as their targeted agenda ---- intended to create daily the number of incidents having great destructive potential is increasing and this makes it increasingly likely that the unknown combination of foreign orchestrated conflicts capable of suffocating Africans and trigger off worse disasters, for decades, ---- like the pains and costs of war holocausts, HIV/AIDS pandemic, poverty related disorders, death of African culture, failed African colonial education system, infested health care system, and ever escalating horrific scenarios, in Sub-Saharan Africa, are very real.

Foreign "white collar" colonialists continue to rule insidiously in Sub-Sahara Africa because they have managed to alter the thinking of the African society. They have generated "mind-enslaving" philosophies that have been ardently grasped by African masses but are erroneous and antisocial. Today these "New Age" ideas pervade our politics, education, religion and mass media. As we continue to unknowingly subscribe to foreign philosophies we keep the grave open for our unsuspecting African people ---- for so many decades to come, and this means we shall still remain in gross ignorance and fear of terrifying catastrophes troubling our African people to death.

This principle African [Ugandan] author of a new wondrous "thought-provoking" thesis; Why Africa Slept: Apathy and Isolation [], provides the underlying investigative awakening-knowledge and understanding for scientific analyses and clearly describes not just the accelerating pattern of hostile instigated conflicts but also the basic cause(s) and what has to be done to solve worse dramatically increasing catastrophes in Sub-Saharan Africa, to ensure the Black Africans remain happy and peaceful, for generations to come.

Out of the "managed chaos" and misery of this contrived and unnecessary catastrophes that have brought such grave changes in Sub-Saharan Africa that even its perpetrators could never have imagined. This has caused so much heartache and heart-searching among the suppressed African masses.

In their quest to maintain global colonialism they have overreached and set the African people against themselves.

Take the transparent simple and apparently straight forward case, in Sub-Saharan Africa ----- of current fatal socio-political upheavals, as a result of rapidly advancing injurious African foreign programs and practices increasingly administered by our deceived African presidents, affecting socio-economic lives of African population, health care policies, and contrived "Foreign Aid" programs that is the "military-economic-humanitarian aid" directed against the socio-economic/health/political welfare programs of developing nations to compel compliance with neo-colonialistic politics, policies, and interventions inconsistent with African freedom and democratic governments.

For the first time in African history --- horrific incidents, disasters and other catastrophes oppressing African people are put together as individual case studies and investigated as a whole.

It is also the first time it is pointed out that African people are facing a sequence of managed foreign conflicts, which are increasing in frequency, in severity and in extent, and that something has to be done about this foreign dogma attacks in Black Africa.

The current struggle for sovereign African nations, public demonstrations against globalization by concerned patriotic grassroots groups around Africa --- reflects their constant fear of the vast and silent foreign threat that continues to create devastations in Sub-Saharan Africa.

With millions of African people in great threat, and thousands now at greatest risk of "death and dying" predicts this risk in reaction to horrific threat or loss.

Surprisingly, African foreign programs and practices in Sub-Saharan Africa often cause dependence to such an extent that many of our trusted African presidents, go to the bottom together with the credit of the failing African nations, on the day, after their political smash.


Our African nations as a result have become weak. Paralysed. With our social/economic/health/political dynamics down, we are now facing the greatest threat[s], as a result Africa's demise is at hand. Even friendly "African nations" will be hung like Zimbabwe as they cling to the mirage of self-rule.

The increasing American/Great Britain and other foreign coalition allies political efforts to suppress the unsuspecting African population and subsequent horrific threats to African people and emerging deaths to Africans fits too perfectly with standard machiavellian theory to be overlooked.

The intensification of atrocities in Sub-Saharan Africa ---- the "problem/reaction/solution" agenda of precisely "managed chaos and death to Africans" appears to be standard operating procedures for oligarchs historically bend on developing "New World Order."

Sadly now for the unsuspecting African people, as it was for the past black holocaust and instigated foreign colonialistic slave trade practice, in 18th century and early 19th century, that greatly depopulated the African natives in Black Africa as many were taken to cultivate in foreign nations like America, Britain and others. Today their globalistic effort in Sub-Saharan Africa and around Africa includes killing approximately half of the Africa's current population.

You can no longer claim to be well-informed African people if it is the "mainstream medias" that you rely upon. The very forces that are infecting us with the disease of Globalization control all of these media sources.

How all the above and much more is tied into the largest experiment in mass slavery of unsuspecting African people--- which is at this very moment, the possibility of this awakening and educative research giving rise to the root causes behind the disastrous conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa, and thus, the simultaneous emergence of, so called Great Work Plan/globalism] is increasing and the "white collar" colonialistic agents are the ones pulling strings using their strength and viciousness so as to dominate, misuse or exploit African masses for foreign gain.

Again, overall, the African people are disadvantaged, brutal imperialistic bestial order dominates in there tormented lives. Human beings have the potential for behaving humanely, but are not doing so. Power corrupts. Evil, corruption, are spreading and getting worse.

What is seen currently in Sub-Saharan Africa is paralleled by what is expected a sovereign nation to be or the political independence[s] known to have been given to our current African nations after the Colonial dynasty rule then of African colonies by the British Empire who introduced the colonial legacy decades ago in Africa, apparently for their same genocide instigated practices and in the same way "divide and conquer".

Oppression increased with the authoritarian brutality of colonialistic programs and practices at that time, foreign nations divided many African nations, people, and their communities. By the time we gained our independences we were insidiously enslaved.

Contrary to foreign widespread propaganda that "Africa is it's own worst enemy" fully capable of creating own terrible troubles, generally destabilizing their own African continent, is best diagnosed as a "horrible and deceptive scam". These increasing unprecedented catastrophic foreign attacks, is alternatively, an ingenious African foreign programs and practices featuring institutionalised poverty related disorders, infested health care system, weak African colonialistic education system and other worse political and humanitarian consequences for widespread African nations socio-economic control. The outcome of this programs, leads to African population reduction or control.


At this stressful time in African history, we are facing much neglected foreign orchestrated conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa pertaining to this bizarre new threatening - terrifying myriad political and humanitarian catastrophes directed by foreign superpower nations. Concerned African patriots, explain this acronym in Sub-Saharan Africa as simply the latest threat in the ongoing series of foreign attacks on African populations by mysteriously instigating myriad tragedies in Africa. Yet, a careful study of this injurious African programs and practices reveals something amiss far more insidious and deadly than the constant blames directed irrationally against our African presidents and their administrations dilemmas.

Revealing so many insights and giving African people the last chance of survival in face of Great plagues attacking our magnificent African continent, the much live-saving unique intelligence to understand, that engineered troubles currently in Sub-Saharan Africa did not emerge from Africa, but from the Anglo-American "globalistic" political forces.

Also remember that the grave turmoil broadly seen in Sub-Saharan and around Africa is as the result of the neo-colonialistic politics currently practiced in Africa, composed of many different and oppressive policies, fully responsible for sponsoring numerous acts of catastrophes in Sub-Saharan Africa.

In essence, in light of abounding evidence, the likelihood that our most trusted African Presidents practice ---- dictatorship everywhere in Africa is very real.

In this context, vaccination policies and practices provide a most efficient method to effect economically, and politically inspired genocide on this generally peaceful and overwhelming magnificent continent.

As others in foreign countries equally protest, it is ironic that GLOBALIZATION has gained widespread acceptance while presenting the greatest threat to Africa, her people, in history.

To prevent possible foreign conflict of interest, and immediately slow down these ever-increasing catastrophes in African history --- we need to combat the "massive ignorance", apathy, and feeling of hopelessness of these otherwise precious "African people" with awakening education on the grave and growing threats of ongoing foreign conflicts of interest, greatly engulfing Sub-Saharan Africa.



Ever since the practice and programs of implementing "The African foreign policy" met for "military-economic-humanitarian aid" - presently is destroying most African nations socio-economic welfare that is limiting African population and has been the most controversial policies in Sub-Saharan Africa..

Powerful globalistic agents in African nations have made them a necessity so that few African citizens would be aware enough of their catastrophic effects and root cause..

Yet the time is passing when African people will accept a foreign dogma on blind path; they now demand to know something about the injurious side effects of African foreign programs and practices --- intended bestial measures to check African sovereignty and keep African nations, presidents, in a state of humble and unconditional submission..

And most insistent of all should be the demand to know something of a practise, which, like Globalization, involves the risk of gross political and humanitarian catastrophes and of possible deaths to Africans..

We can only pray, Yah, that the truths featured in this humanitarian and investigative work will help educate deceived African people and those interested in Black history and build a concrete foundation for the survival of the Black race ---- and that this vital information can be an essential mechanism and a start of Africa's twenty first century, renaissance struggle, to stem the tide of their massive ignorance, and perhaps even seek to jump --- start a great many potential "African patriots and pro-life humanitarians" out of their present apathy and ignorance..

Such foreign interference, troubling many unsuspecting African people and their public health, is rooted in the advancing Black [Africans and Americans] globalists genocide conspiracy that seeks to depopulate Black population internationally on behalf of multinational 'corporate' efforts to decimate the Black Africans and Americans.

In a humble humanitarian path, and of great importance for the personal survival of every African person in Africa, in order to gain peace and stable socio-economic/health/political development for the African nations, people and their communities in the new century--- is the critical consideration of the many centuries of engineered foreign catastrophes, in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a humble view of a political and scientific reconciliation conducted in a climate of "forgiveness" in order to turn the tide of dramatically increasing foreign orchestrated "devastations short of conflicts" in Sub-Saharan Africa, currently killing many African people daily.

This patriotic scientific work virtually proves, and a review of the ongoing tribulations in Sub-Saharan Africa, for centuries, --- their bestial efforts to maintain economic policies to cause 'social stratification' of the African population, [and] lack of policy options which can unite Africans --- "including social and economic welfare programs", designed to perpetuate division in the Black movement.

Considered reflection on these injurious side effects of African foreign programs and practices, as they get worse, much worse in Africa. A more definitive foreign "management and creation" of the current pictorial devastating hostile events during the colonialistic rule decades ago and neo-colonialistic rule today and the evolving globalization threat, establishes "superpower conspiracy" cover up and foreknowledge of them and strongly suggests that there was "apathy and Isolation" complicity on the part of white colonialistic establishments and their role in creating troubles, in Sub-Saharan Africa.

It also makes clear that the horrific conflicts, which have taken, place since the colonial days are based upon a foreign agenda that has little to do with solving African socio-economic problems.

One wonders how these patterns of hostile conflicts in Black Africa could have been tolerated by foreign establishments seeing this harmful, if not catastrophic, foreign orchestrated practices by the mainstream medias and multinational organizations treating African continent as an isolated history.



The incidence of terrifying and mysterious catastrophes in Sub-Saharan Africa is a matter of foreign power[s] subjective, decade long, colonialistic legacy rule in Black Africa.

This work is dedicated to examine the social and political implications, as well as the correlates [i.e. things related to] and antecedents [i.e. factor or events that predated or precipitated] this new terrifying troubles in Sub-Saharan Africa. By examining this enormous calamities root and effect relationship cause[s], which lies more in the realm of global politics, corporate profits, and African depopulation/population control, than elsewhere, this information offers concerned African people an alternative to the fear campaigns in Sub-Saharan Africa and irrational behaviours promulgated by "mainstream" propagandists including news sources and deceived resident health authorities better known as " New Age spin agents".

Most intelligent African persons will conclude from the following information that this new mysterious and terrifying attacks in Sub-Saharan Africa are premeditated and precedent - setting. In other words, current catastrophes in Sub-Saharan Africa are a well foreign orchestrated socio-economic experiment.

Under colonialisitic legacy, African people were subjected to the bitter imperialistic rule of mighty British Empire, America/France and other colonialistic governments then ----- who sought to partition Africa, in order to dominate African people, and who apparently in current "New age" days even more so than before.

But this is a continuous conflicting history from early eighteenth century and the nineteenth century and the current evolving globalization threat in the new century records that the wickedness of emigrants from the British Isles was great in Sub-Saharan Africa, and that every practise of the imperialistic devastating programs imposed on innocent African people was and still is only terrifying continually.

So what was observed during the colonial days was the development of enslaving colonialistic African programs in those African colonies, generally then known as crown colonies, foreign governments obtained African land, at the expense of African nations, people, and their communities.

In reality, under the current foreign "undemocratic dictatorship", in Africa, through their insidious, yet steady encroachment of "African sovereignty", the foreign establishments have managed to enslave the African society by maintaining them in fear and ignorance, without the understanding or consent of the African population.

Through a maze of political manoeuvres, the "military-economic-humanitarian aid" granted to African nations to deal with the economic depression/insecurities and humanitarian catastrophes have become part of the Sub-Saharan Africa's code as permanent everyday foreign donor aid and has resulted to a syndrome known as "debt virus" which has contributed in undermining the socio-economic welfare programs of most African nations.

Africa has continued under the foreign "undemocratic dictatorship" of war holocausts and myriad political and humanitarian crisis to this day, more than decades of years later when we were given political independences in Africa. The foreign superpower nations have overstepped the bounds placed on it by the international law.

The "globalisation threat" is accelerating in pace and number, across Sub-Saharan Africa and around Africa, example like the globalists introduction into the African political systems --- the poison of Liberalism and the whole political complexion in Africa has undergone grave changes. African nations have been seized with a mortal illness - blood poisoning. All that remains is to await the end of Africans death end.

There is a lot of foreign pressure activation for African nations to adopt Liberalism around the Horn of Africa.

The key to the pattern we have observed is the activation of our trusted African leaders to embrace Liberalism to decimate the unity among African populations.

Liberalism has produced African constitutional countries, which have taken the place of what was the only safeguard of the African leaders, namely, Despotism, and a constitution, is nothing else but a school of discords, misunderstandings, quarrels, disagreements, fruitless party agitations, party whims - in a word, a school of everything that serves to destroy the personality of African nations activity.

"Mainstream Media" propagandists, always condemn the African presidents and their administrations dilemmas to inactivity and impotence, and thereby rendering them useless and superfluous; for which reason indeed they have been in most African nations deposed.

Foreign superpowers, at their own timing, replace African presidents by a caricature of a government of a loyal African president, taken from the African masses, from the midst of their puppet creatures, their slaves. This is the globalistic foundation, which they have laid for the deceived African people, in the new century.

However, foreign powers have established responsibilities for our African leaders. At this point they disregard forms in carrying through matters for which our trusted African presidents will be responsible, caring less if the ranks of those striving for power, in Africa should be thinned, that is, if there should arise a political crisis from the impossibility of finding the next president, a deadlock which will finally disorganize the African countries.

In order for the "African foreign policy" to effectively produce these devastating catastrophes in Africa, foreign powers arrange elections in favour of such African Presidents as have in their past same dark, undiscovered stain, organized "chaos" or other worse troubles --- then they will be trustworthy globalists agents for the accomplishment of the "New World Order Plan" out of the fear of revelations and from the natural desire of every African who has attained power, namely, the retention of privileges, advantages and honour connected with the office of the President in Africa.

Their administrations of ministries provide cover for, protect, elect the President, but our African leaders have no right to propose new, or make changes in existing neo-colonialisitic laws, for this right is given by foreign superpower order to the responsible African Presidents, a puppet in their hands.

Naturally, the authority of the African Presidents has become a target for every possible form of public attacks, but foreign globalists provide them with a means of self-defence in the right of an appeal to the African people, for the decision of the African people over the heads of their representatives, that is to say, an appeal to that same blind slaves of foreign globalists --- the majority of ignorant African masses.

"Useless changes of forms of African government[s] to which globalists demonise the targeted African presidents when they start undermining their nation[s] undemocratic structures, this however, creates tremendous worry upon the minds of the African people by that time that they prefer to suffer anything under foreign power rather than run the risk of enduring again all the agitations and miseries Africans have gone through".

We have lost our God -given rights. How did it happen? What does it mean? What can we do about it? Increasingly African citizens are unwilling to be pawns of arbitrary and capricious neo-colonialistic politics and policies. We have both the right and duty to reclaim our African sovereignty.

The African governments today, with its inflated bureaucracy, political posturing, an ineffectual programs, would be a laughing stock. If it weren't for the sinister African foreign policy side -arbitrary seizure of African property/sovereignty without proven cause by many African government administrations, foreign mandated but unfunded programs that choke the African nation[s] right to rule themselves, an unsound African money system[s], and a de facto African nation[s] economic depression for decades of years ago. Add a growing separation between "haves" and "have-nots" and we have a power keg on a short fuse.

Most African governments have grown so big, so unreachable, that the ordinary African citizens feel helpless to influence it. Government by the people? Even those with clout and political savvy, such as the African member of parliaments, seem unable to sway their respective African governments.

It is not a surprise that, most African governments act like a tyrant gone rampant, wilfully imposing its policies on African population, protecting its image, and covering up its mistakes. Fear sets in when we realize that our African governments can play kickball with our precious lives - and there is no one to stop it. Today, most of African constitutional rights seem to be effectively suspended, we are at the mercy of the ruling African giants.

Who is behind these needless political and humanitarian catastrophic attacks in Sub-Saharan Africa and around Africa? I insist the risk of triggered "devastations short of trouble" in Africa are the widely recognized "global military/medical/petrochemical/pharmaceutical cartel" as the only suspect that can wield the powers necessary to effect this new terrifying outcomes in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Clearly, what you are witnessing is a well organized fear campaign in Sub-Saharan Africa by mostly well-meaning foreign globalists through our grossly deceived 'resident authorities", doctors, "pro-life humanitarian organizations", "African Politicians", politically indoctrinated and virtually hypnotized "African presidents" in favour of their neo-colonialistic policies and politics.

Indeed, African people are dying from numerous orchestrated foreign conflicts of interest. Yet, I diagnose these "conflicts short of trouble", by political-sociological parameters, as a grotesque scam perpetrated for a greater purpose than simply fuelling a multi-billion dollar "military-economic-humanitarian aid" programs, met to help Africa out of poverty, wars/disease[s] and ethnic civil conflicts as multinational "corporate" analysts want us Africans to believe.

Alternatively, the severe horrifying foreign conflict catastrophic syndrome in Sub-Saharan Africa, may be best diagnosed by foreign misleading false dependence on the propaganda used to herald the presence of disasters in Black Africa, prompt fear among African population, and broadly engage social and economic resources. In their effort to create an arsenal of calamities in Sub-Saharan Africa, they have already set standard "destabilization operations" short of great plagues in Black Africa.

The mysterious and terrifying arrival of horrible disasters is in it's timing currently here in Africa. These frights in Sub-Saharan Africa likeliest purpose is in facilitating evolving economic and political agendas that ultimately include targeting approximately half of Africa's current population for elimination. Much of this will be accomplished, not with only one disaster, but quite effectively and efficiently by the widely anticipated "Big catastrophes" short of outbreaks in Africa.

This work, and the patriotic effort of this young [Ugandan] African author of a "thought-provoking" thesis in process; Why Africa Slept: Apathy and Isolation [], in essence offers insight into the broad application of a new form of institutionalised "conflicts short of trouble" consistent with superpower nations sponsored catastrophes devastating Sub-Saharan Africa.

Foreign political-sociological and allied military industrialists sanction these advancing catastrophic foreign instigated catastrophes in Great lakes region. They complement the global "War on Terrorism", and fear engineered campaign - influenced in Sub-Saharan Africa, as additionally profitable, population-controlling, threats.

The African foreign policy incorporates the use of devastating foreign programs and incapacitating neo-colonialistic policies, similar to the injurious "military-economic-humanitarian aid" programs deployed by undemocratic multi-national corporate beasts against current catastrophes in the "War against increasing conflicts"in Sub-Saharan Africa.

These are often called "democratic, conflict resolution and good governance" neo-colonialistic policies met to stabilize and develop Africa, yet are indeed deadly. Death results slowly along with advancing mortality from such injurious "military-economic-humanitarian aid" given to most African nations. Larger profits are made by allied superpower nations and military industrialists as victims of the "military-economic-humanitarian aid" programs in African nations die slowly, commonly through the debt virus troubling most African nations with long-term servicing of foreign loans, creating a tragic health and socio-economic catastrophes in Africa.

Most of these disasters, including the plethora of poverty related disorders, infested health care system and newer diseases, war conflicts, were virtually non-existent decades of years ago. This fact, alone, strongly suggests a modern socio-economic and political conspiracy. It simply shows that "white collar" colonialists greed being responsible for these worse consequences to bear upon unsuspecting African people.


No other African generation has seen so much death. The pervasive mortality is evidenced by the mass mediated effects of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, and hostile rebel movements currently in Sub-Saharan Africa. The ever-emerging poverty, famine, the changing weather conditions, and war holocaust is also broadly depicted.

Concerned African patriots, who now threaten to revolt, are deeply troubled by "infested health care programs". These are provided under the guise of "public health". They are decimating the great populations and people of this magnificent continent.

At the same time, many worry that socio-economic chaos in Sub-Saharan Africa will set the masses of African natives against each other. Insidiously, foreign superpower neo-colonialistic politics, policies in African nations coerce African President[s] and legislators with great cunning pressure, in order to levy greater social controls over all people across Africa.

The military and Defence ministries of all African nations are getting a heavy infusion for military aid. Africa's meltdown of their current respective currencies and also the weak African regional markets [COMESA and others] are prompting calls for the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and leading G8 countries to establish economic controls over African nations. Numerous tragedies in Sub-Saharan Africa are soaring, day by day.

Who wins by all this? African political leaders or radical foreign sponsored rebel movements? Not particularly. Especially since African foreign programs were designed and continues to be largely directed by the British/American/France and other global political forces. Our African presidents in general certainly are not the only ones to blame for the myriad political and humanitarian catastrophes in the Horn of Africa, for what is going on in Black Africa. But key globalistic absolutely and entirely have managed chaos in Sub-Saharan Africa for decades.

Get the picture? The rapidly evolving World War III against "humanity" - has cast frightened Africans into a conflict abyss. 'White collar" colonialists", allied with military industrialists, manipulate media moguls for manufactured Apathy and Isolation in the Horn of Africa (i.e. managed chaos) from their shadow strings.

How ironic. Here we are. This is the 21st century. Africa is supposedly, the most troubled "continent" the World has ever seen. We are experiencing poverty-related disorders. We are suffering from famine, drought and dramatically rising "myriad conflicts" with great consequences to African populations. We have lost our sovereignty to foreign powers. We are today limited to foreign totalitarian neo-colonialistic politics and policies, suffocating African people, stratifying our African lives and welfares, and homeless African children in streets with unprecedented troubles.

Yet today, we are seeing the re-emergence of the bestial foreign devastating policies is the same as it was in 18th century and early 19th century when "the Terror of colonialistic power in African colonies" introduced the Slave Trade practice in Africa. It was the British and American plantation owners that benefited from this evil Slave Trade practice that created the worst Black Holocaust in African history.


For decades, African parents have been urged and coerced in vaccinating their children. Along with resident "authorities", World health Organization propagandists have effectively obscured the evil bestial practise of injecting chemical and biological agents into our human blood streams. The result amounts to a genocidal tragedy.

Deceived African presidents, some more so than others, along with official, " pro-life" and "humanitarian" organizations have wilted under pressures from foreign establishment. Organizations including the World Bank, the Rockefeller Foundation, and others, economically direct compliance to population controls.

Their ilk threatens the African people, "if you don't follow our orders and stand in line, you will not receive economic or humanitarian aid."

This political chaos in Sub-Saharan Africa might best be called "the New World order syndrome." It descends, like a dense fog, over the eyes of the normally insightful. It suffocates the masses. Indeed, even high rank public officials, African doctors, nurses, and community leaders are blind to partisan demands of the deadliest globalist enemies of humanity --- the multi-national petrochemical/pharmaceutical cartel.

In fact, today's vaccination campaign in Sub-Saharan Africa, inoculating the oral polio vaccine required by law be given to our unsuspecting African children, are littered with simian (monkey) virus contaminants since they are developed in monkey kidney cells, and the World Health Organization propagandists turns a blind eye to as many as 100 live monkey virus contaminants per vaccine dose, and is barred from telling African health professionals and African population this truth because of pharmaceutical industry dictated proprietary laws and non-disclosures agreements.

Silently, vaccines may be killing and maiming far more African people than they are helping or saving African population. The vaccine industry perpetuates the greatest conflict of interest in earth's history. Pharmaceutical industrialists employ standard Machiavellian practise.

They create the problems and then manufacture the solutions. In this case, vaccine makers like Merck are making vast fortunes from myriad illness they induce.

Then, if that is not bad enough, as your African family and friends get sick and die, these same "white collar" colonialists are pleased by increased morbidity and mortality for population reduction and population control.

Reflecting to Aryan ben shlomo Levi's greatest prophetic presentation[s] of [Dr.Leonard G Horowitz] and the mentor/publisher of this young African [Ugandan] author [Ssemakula Peter Luyima], held in Gillette as was published by Casper (WY) Star-Tribune [Monday, October 5th, 1998]. Aryan ben shlomo Levi [Dr. Horowitz], the award-winning author of the American best selling book; Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola, accused the US Government of genocidal agenda.

"The greatest lie ever told is that vaccines are safe and effective, according to award winning author Dr. Len Horowitz."

In his prophetic presentation, titled "Emerging Viruses and Vaccinations: Are the New Auto Immune Diseases Putting You and Your Family At Risk?" Aryan ben shlomo Levi [Dr.Leonard G Horowitz] accused the federal US Government of spreading epidemics, including AIDS, through experimental and sometimes mandatory vaccinations. "This is a genocidal agenda," Aryan ben shlomo Levi [Dr.Leonard G Horowitz] said of the Hepatitis -B and other vaccination programs.

Six children from the nearby town of Hulett then were home-schooled as a result of their parents refusal to have them inoculated with the Hepatitis -B vaccine, according to Jonathan Saturen, publisher of the crook county sentinel and one of the parents who boycotted the shots had this to say.

"I'm not a doctory," saturen said. " He Aryan ben shlomo Levi [Dr.Leonard G Horowitz] is [emphasis added]. " He is validating our boycott. We want more people informed on this," Saturen said. Aryan ben shlomo Levi [Dr.Leonard G Horowitz], who holds a doctorate in dentistry and has training in internal medicine, began researching virus/vaccine-related health issues in 1990.

He began the slide show and lecture by referring to prophesies in the Bible, which he said foretold of a time when plagues will cover the world. That has come, he said, and " it's time for the truth to be revealed."

He then referred his listeners to US Government documents, reprinted in his prophetic book, "Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola - Nature, Accident, or intentional?" that, he said, link several different epidemics in the United States and the world to military and civilian cancer and virus research directives - began as early as 1962.

He blamed these alleged man-made viruses, and the professional health-care community's lack of knowledge about them, on pharmaceutical companies, the US Government, the military and other World powers.

One research, Dr. Maurice Hilleman - the 1997 recipient of the Sabin Gold Medal of Honor Award by President Clinton --- admitted on tape, according to Aryan ben shlomo Levi [Dr.Leonard G Horowitz], that the AIDS virus was brought to North America in contaminated monkeys to be used in viral research.

To further substantiate those claims, Aryan ben shlomo Levi [Dr. Horowitz] turned again to US Government documents that he said proved the U.S Military administered an experimental vaccine to soldiers without their knowledge or consent in 1989-1990.

Impurities in the vaccine caused what has become known as " The Gulf War syndrome," he said

. In the second half of his presentation, Aryan ben shlomo Levi [Dr.Leonard G Horowitz] answered audience questions --- including how parents can remain exempt from so-called "mandatory" vaccinations.

The Bible, he said, includes passages that tell its readers not to contaminate the blood or mix the seed.

So when asked by health-care providers," if your children have been vaccinated?" he said "tell them, thanks, they are all taken care of in that regard.

"if that doesn't work, you can lie. Or, do what I do [and use] spiritual or religious exemption," he said.

The impact of vaccination politics throughout Africa directed through the neo-colonialistic politics and grave foreign aggressive polices currently imposed on our deveived African presidents, who are manipulated to promote the vaccination "genocidal agenda" on unsuspecting African people might also best explain the simultaneous outbreaks of bizarre diseases killing our loved African children. There should be an urgent patriotic, humanitarian service and awareness for every concerned African in the new century, to communicate and educate our fellow Africans about the horrific dangers of this ongoing bestial practice in Africa, of vaccinating African children, in order to save lives of our unsuspecting children.


Every time in Sub-Saharan Africa we hear over the news, or read in the paper of the tremendous threatening ethnic genocidal conflicts/disease attacks troubling our magnificent African continent. This is very horrifying, because, from a humanitarian point of view, if you consider the grave and growing threat of myriad sociopolitical catastrophes, perpetrated by the foreign powers in the Horn of Africa, currently destabilizing each African nation at a time. We are being frightened and managed through various mainstream media propaganda, which claims Africa is it's own worst enemy.

What would be the purpose of the global master plan[s], in this case the African foreign policy, currently imposed on the unsuspecting African people? For those of you fellow Africans who have not known their global agenda, which stresses that, the African population should have to be at a controllable level. The vaccination politics currently practiced in many "deceived" African nations gives a clear example on how the African population could be brought down to a level that would be controllable. The simple fact is that there are simply too many African people on the earth to be controlled at this point.

Abortion has killed tremendously a large number of African babies. Many in Africa have been conditioned to believe this is not murder, but it has reduced Africa's population very much. The family planning life style is currently encouraged in most African nations, because with this evil practice most African women would not be able to produce kids, thereby there will be no procreation in Africa in future years to come.

The colonialistic education system in Africa has "dumb downed" our African children so much that African people are going to and graduating from college who can't read. Colonialistic-based Education does not teach the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic. It is training our children to become "unemployed citizens".

The environmental movement is bringing Africa down to a level short of a "Complete Desert". In most African public schools, children are being taught to worship "Mother Earth". African People can no longer do with their property what they want, but are accountable to their African government[s] if they want to add a room to their house, put a side walk up, cut a tree down.

Our weather is being controlled. Droughts, earthquakes, floods, famine and others are rampant. Most African People are starving to death because of droughts in their countries and the food being shipped to them is being left to rot in storage houses.

Aids is rampant. The behaviors that cause the spread of Aids is being encouraged by our African government[s].

The choice to diagnose and treat the root causes of worse threatening genocidal catastrophes in Sub-Saharan Africa - perpetrated by New World Order spin agents, a horrifying reality, we have a choice to correctly diagnose, and because of this, relevant historic and scientific records must be brought to focus.

After examining critically the cause-and-effect pattern of worse sociopolitical dynamics in Black Africa, I discovered that neither negligence of African Presidents and their administrations dilemma's nor Africa's backwardness could account for the dramatic increase of threatening genocidal conflicts following foreign globalistic political efforts.

Then clearly the current sociopolitical dynamics of devastating catastrophes troubling Sub-Sahara Africa is remarkably foreign managed. Key globalistic players are responsible in administering destabilization events in Sub-Sahara Africa, directed through the CIA - infested "health care" programs in various parts of Black Africa.

What is more, the perpetrators announce, the planned chaos to attack Sub-Saharan Africa are nearing completion, so that swift and decisive action is needed to foil the sinister conflicts.

It gets worse, much worse. A more examined historic records showing the foreign powers capability of worse threatening genocidal agendas in Sub-Sahara Africa, which are unfairly blamed on demonized African Presidents and their administrations dilemmas, that establishes foreign political efforts fore knowledge of current ongoing devastations in Sub-Sahara Africa and strongly suggests that there is apathy and isolation complicity on the part of the United States, Britain and other undemocratic multinational organizations in their execution.

It also makes it clear that the never ending genocidal ethnic civil wars in Sub-Saharan Africa - currently devastating the Great Lakes region and worsened by the foreign intervention troops, dislocating the precious lives of the war-torn African populations.

Instead such critical peace initiatives and safety of our mutilated African populations in war torn African countries has been left to the foreign globalistic authority like UNITED NATIONS among others, often doing little to end "completely" the myriad conflicts in troubled African nations," maintaining global colonialism at best, and special interests and mainstream media has completely neglected the foreign perpetrators of the worse catastrophes currently killing our loved-Africans.

Modern globalism also has one common body [UNITED NATIONS] at the forefront of globalistic groups attempting to complete the "Great Work Plan" of staging the World Government on the African populations.

Neocolonialistic politics, the evolving liberal nature of our African society, and more worse catastrophic foreign orchestrated events in Sub-Saharan Africa as they are unfolding in our daily African news. To gain this type of understanding in one single source has been nearly impossible, because no one source could thoroughly explain the essence of the complicated and horrifying wars, poverty related disorders, diseases and other worse consequences plus an expose on the history and work of Global master plans in Africa. This kind of resource has not been available in Africa because of several factors:

1) Few African writers thoroughly understand the complexities of the current genocidal ethnic conflicts in Black Africa. All media's of foreign establishments speak their own sporadic propaganda so as to discourage any " patriotic African from gaining a knowledge of the "Great Work" plan - suffocating the general African people.

2) It is difficult for most African journalists to properly relate both the dynamics of catastrophes in Sub-Saharan Africa and the writings of colonialistic era to the events of our current day.

3) Few African writers understand the insidious economic motive behind globalistic transition is transparent among well-informed African patriots and humanitarians in Africa.

Foreign superpowers and the powerful globalistic agents in Africa turn a blind eye to the promotion and use of the disrupting, devastating, and highly menacing African foreign programs and practices, one is left with the impression that in Sub-Saharan Africa the combination of circumstances which gave rise to the foreign - aggressive African programs like vaccination politics and others, currently widely promoted in most 'deceived" African nations as the standard measure for democracy, conflict resolution, and good governance in African nations since before pan-Africans knew the cause of worse catastrophes in Africa was linked to colonialistic rule.

Reflecting on the undemocratic practices of foreign superpower administrations and other globalistic organizations that are tolerating harmful genocidal conflicts in the Horn of Africa, if not devastating, practice by the mainstream medias treating chaos and death in Black Africa as isolated case[s].

What is most sad is the undemocratic foreign media’s manipulation of the average African who does not comprehend this foreign power[s] coalition attack for what it really is, simply a promotion to facilitate a form of foreign contrived military-economic-humanitarian Aid programs and all African nations enslaved through a political and economic foreign agenda called “African foreign Policy”. In recent days the global foreign political forces have sought to intervene and stabilize the growing genocidal ethnic conflicts in Great Lakes region and around Africa.

Examples of the presence of foreign troops in trouble spots in Africa, in recent days especially Liberia, include further violations of freedom of weakened African populations which is evidenced clearly with the current ongoing atrocities in Liberia and other parts of Africa and foreign globalistic political forces influence coercing the newly founded African Union body, to be, subservient to International orders, to support foreign order, in return, to get foreign contrived military-economic-humanitarian Aid, instead of the current African Union being in the frontline to deal effectively and peacefully with the growing and tragic genocidal ethnic conflicts and other myriad problems in Africa without foreign interference.

The depth of various confrontations between African nations and within different Great Lakes region African countries, is very real. Every African citizen is in a state of fear or shock with the increasing intensity of devastating genocidal conflicts and terrible socio-political upheavals.

Foreign governments maintains the current neo-colonialistic politics, policies that brings foreign globalistic powers - political/economic/or ideology advantages that are suffocating the unsuspecting African people and their justified reason in intensifying military aid and other stratifying polices in Black Africa.

Foreign globalistic political forces would not completely support to end the wars, devastating arsenal of diseases, poverty related disorders, tremendous starvation and other perpetrated genocidal foreign instigated catastrophes on unsuspecting African populations, and that means they will lose control of the globalistic intended agenda in Africa, that requires to depopulate the African population and controlling the African population clearly proves why United States and Great Britain continue to instigate chaos and death in Africa.

Few African people realize that foreign globalistic power[s] are in business of managing chaos and creating death to Africans and further destabilizing the Great Lakes region in fulfillment of the New World Order Plan.

Even fewer African people realize that foreign troops in Sub-Saharan Africa and the controlled Africa Union body by international political forces are an evidence of foreign conflicting interests in Sub-Saharan Africa and around Africa.

They exclusively focus on the theory that “Africa is it’s own worst enemy” because of most of our trusted African presidents long rule in most African nations and their administrations dilemma as responsible for triggering worse consequences in Sub-Saharan Africa and around Africa.

Facts relevant to reasoned consideration of this possible humanitarian and awakening African article --- that should be critically and humanitarianly examined as the possible [catastrophic foreign instigated catastrophes] theory that has delivered worse troubles in Black Africa, for decades.

This African patriotic awakening historical and scientific facts, however, tell a unique story, all that bring to focus the perpetrators of ongoing aggressive threatening genocidal policies/practices in Sub-Saharan Africa. And the critical political and scientific debate to examine clearly the most trusted African foreign policy theory that has delivered worse devastating catastrophes in Sub-Saharan Africa and around Africa.




Most informed African people are seeing a bitter globalist[s] aggressive foreign policies creating “death and chaos” throughout African countinent in order to stratify the social-economic Welfare of the African population in Sub-Saharan Africa, for control of the African people and their education, that concerned African patriots transparently now view the ever increasing catastrophe[s] in Sub-Saharan Africa and around Africa, as eerily consistent with current neo-colonialistic think tank recommendations for development, in the new century, of “Conflicts short of troubles,” and “managed chaos for standard catastrophes in Sub-Saharan Africa.

As compared with colonialism rule an earlier practice in Sub-Saharan Africa, now with American imperialism more manageable, and better-controlled conflicts, orchestrated events, and foreign sponsored threats, were consistently selected options among African foreign policy makers and foreign government officials beginning in the late 1960’s.

Henry Kissinger, for instance, as National Security Advisor (NSA) under Richard Nixon, oversaw foreign policy while considering Third World population reduction “necessities” for the United States, Britain, Germany, and other coalition allies.

These conflicts short of major catastrophic like, and other threatening social-economic catastrophes [such as “ethnic genocidal civil wars”, “famine” “poverty related disorders”, HIV/AIDS, “War on Terror”, “ the depleting African Land by use of biotech practices”, and the “Western Media”, portraying Africa as it’s own worst enemy, using sophisticated propaganda programs employing fear campaigns for African populations social acceptance and popular support.

These foreign undemocratic organizations like International Monetary Fund, Rockefeller Foundation, World Bank, World Trade Organization, Council on Foreign relations and others command and control African Presidents and thus maintain the devastating and corrupt behaviours exhibited by African politicians, generally destroying African socio-economic progress.

This best explains a well-defined rapidly “foreign interventions in African affairs under the disguise of controlling worse conflicts in Africa” which is synonymous to a foreign agenda and the evolution into a new “form of African Slavery” in which the captives “the African population, including Black-Americans would not perceive this enslavement.

How convenient that Africa, and Africans in particular, are said to be the origin of worst problems in Sub-Saharan Africa at a time when Black Africans’ social-economic welfare programs are strained to say the truth.

In the days ending the British colonial power[s] in most Sub-saharan African countries, Americans raced in to the Great lakes regions to impact escalating troubles for foreign gain. Quite likely when viewing the larger political structure involving the Britain - American oligarchy’s foreign interventions in Africans affairs “and instigated “conflicts short of trouble”.

Think about it. Poverty, Frustration, despair, Young African people without full-time work, political unrest, social disillusionment, HIV/AIDS pandemic, poor-starved African nations, and short life span, war torn African nations, Increasing homelessness/child Labor, Domestic violence, Higher and rising crime rates, Brutalisation of African culture, all met to control African people, especially with increased exposure to foreign television programs while many African people have to waste their time at foreign mind control activities.

This is entirely consistent with “multinational corporate beasts” efforts to create wars and increasing death to Africans. The effect of this similar to forced “brutality”. Isn’t this consistent with a new “form of African Slavery” in which Africans would not know it had become enslaved?

African people are all too willing to relinquish their civil rights and personal freedoms in the awake of such engineered fears in Africa. The passage of the catastrophic “Terrorism Act” in most countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, and other African nations, are classic examples of this societal direction and forced legislation, and egregious manipulation.

Foreign political forces have directed military and political policies consistent with the African foreign programs and “conflicts short of troubles” agenda. Reducing African lives to secure wide ranging African foreign policy objectives.

Destabilizing foreign aggressive selection policies that has helped to deliver war holocausts in Sub-Saharan Africa continue to the present day not simply by African authoritarian Presidents or foreign sponsored rebel groups, but also among a handful of military cartel industrialists that continue to give African nations military aid at the expense of the much needed social-economic welfare programs that can uplift the quality of lives of our African people.

This work, in essence, offers insight into the broad global military-medical-petrochemical-pharmaceutical cartel --- are the only suspect then who can wield the powers necessary to effect this horrifying outcomes. They have applied a new form of institutionalised “tragedies” consistent with foreign sponsored devastating warfare.

The last statement says it all: Britain, America and other allies bestial act of instigating confrontation between different African nations, ethnic communities, which has turned the entire African continent to apathy and Isolation and cause them to embrace “Globalisation”. But, first, Africa must experience the increasing terrible works of America’s planned chaos, so that they are prepared to turn to United Nations for “Peace and Safety”. That is the current World War III against humanity, of which foreign tragedies have triggered worse consequences in Sub-Saharan Africa.



Most mainstream media sources in the world “cover up” or give limited facts about the devastating aggressive foreign programs creating ethnic genocidal civil wars and political unrest in Sub-Saharan Africa and around Africa, thereby increasing conflicts short of trouble instantly.

Alternatively, with increasing chaos and deaths in Sub-Saharan Africa and around Africa from catastrophic foreign instigated catastrophes thus far, why has so much media attention focused on the side effects of the current menace instead of bringing to focus the root causes of myriad catastrophes in Black Africa/America? Why hasn’t the mainstream media investigated these catastrophes in Sub-Saharan Africa?

However, a greater number of Africans are psychologically and/or sociologically predisposed to developing devastating fears with potentially deadly media destructing propaganda resulting from mentally challenged African population placed at highest risk from mass mediated fear campaigns creating widespread death from current catastrophes befalling African masses, which to date has killed a great number of Africans in Sub-Sahara Africa.

Considering the fact that the medias mainstream has been heavily influenced, if not entirely controlled, by multi-national corporate sponsors protecting and advancing the interests of relatively small number of global industrialists.

Also recall that the focus of news providers, on any African issue or catastrophe, results from biased foreign writers. So investigating the following misleading foreign writers on root causes about the grave issues facing Sub-Saharan Africa.

Why doesn’t every African journalist learn about this field of science known as risk communication during their professional training? Doesn’t risk communication in current troubled Africa, such as the stigma surrounding the AIDS patients or people living with AIDS and applied alternative education/political and scientific reconciliation, seek to reduce irrational fears?

Most African public journalist writers lack journalistic spirit/responsibilities/ capability to keenly create awareness of the need to communicate conflict risks troubling Africans honestly and appropriately with this being their intended outcome. That is, they can’t develop, risk communication, protocols to assure the African public is able to accurately assesses risks to their personal freedom from catastrophic conflicts among other threats like the current devastating foreign diseases attacks.

Why has the entire field of “risk communication” in African public issues, along with full honest disclosure, been completely neglected in so far as dramatically increasing catastrophes in Sub-Saharan Africa is concerned.

Why does the mainstream media continue to foretell of the expected arrival of the “Big catastrophes” like HIV/AIDS virus that will produce a holocaust that will kill billions of African people, like the current plagues facing Africans, while totally disregarding the individuals, organizations, and laboratories that have labored to produce these weapons of mass destruction to the unsuspecting African populations?

It makes sense that Africa is being manipulated, if not targeted, for the purpose of advancing a Black population reduction agenda, if not World War III.

Concluding, this investigation in the medias role in tolerating harmful foreign agendas in Sub-Saharan Africa, brings to focus their practices and methods that examines them [media roles] as a splendid contrast to the dead and decomposed old order of things in African socio-economic life. Their global influence deceiving African population such as Globalisation understanding and forms of institutionalised knowledge being determined by media propagandists.

This mainstream medias misleading action on African issues is supported by the globalist’s having:

1. An agenda to consistently and knowingly mislead African masses on the causes increasing death to Africans from current tragic troubles,

2. Failed to relay standard conflict prevention information to the African public; and

3. Prompt fear campaigns in Sub-Saharan Africa, widespread ignorance and public enslavement behaviours causing economic, physical and psychological harm to hundreds of thousands of African people across Africa.



Proving the HIV/AIDS emerged simultaneously in Black Africa and America in the late 1970’s, scientific American [March 1996] published, ‘The African AIDS Epidemic,” which states:

“One frequently mentioned explanation for the severe epidemic in the AIDS belt is that the virus originated from an epicentre of disease. But AIDS cases appeared in hospitals in Uganda and Rwanda at the same time they did in the west, and no stored Human-tissue samples taken from Africans during the 1970’s are HIV-Positive.”

Dr. Robert Strecker believes the diabolic “plan” for Africa was spelled out in a 1972 memorandum published by the bulletin of the World Health Organization. The report indicated that infection with certain retroviruses could result in “selective damage” to the immune system, particularly to white blood cells known as ‘T-Cells’. A careful study of World Health organization literature reveals the careful planning that went into the seeding of AIDS in various nations.

In 1987, the World Health Organization was publicly accused of unleashing the AIDS epidemic in Central Africa, as a result of its smallpox vaccine programs. The most logical explanation to account for the millions of Africans currently infected is that the vaccines used in the World Health Organization mass inoculation programs in Sub-Saharan Africa, 1960 - 1977, were contaminated.

The AIDS medical establishment unquestioningly accepts the notion that a black African heterosexual AIDS epidemic transformed itself into a young white male homosexual epidemic in Manhattan. How is this biologically possible? In truth, the transformation of a black heterosexual epidemic into an exclusively White American homosexual epidemic is not biologically possible.

Nevertheless, the leading AIDS experts carefully avoid all discussion of this issue. The United States media have censored all serious discussion of AIDS as a man-made disease, and have dismissed the accusations as propaganda of worst sort. On the contrary, it is the mainstream medias who are disseminating the foreign governments official line propaganda! To blame green monkeys and a rainforest virus for AIDS may be politically correct, but it is also scientifically naïve.

The disease in Sub-Saharan Africa began in the cities, and not in the jungles. And the most important point of the matter is that the genetic make up of the AIDS Virus does not exist in man or primates. So not only is it improbable that the Virus came from monkeys, its virtually impossible.

To further demolish the theory that HIV had been present in Africa for centuries, Aryan ben shlomo Levi [Dr. Leonard G Horowitz], mentor and publisher of this young African [Ugandan] author, cites a gene -typing study by Dr. Gerald Myers of the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Developing an HIV - tree based on archeoepidemiology, Myers concluded that “ the preponderance of evidence still argues for an explosive event in the mid-1970’s”. Simply put, new viruses mutate slowly. HIV is the most rapidly mutating virus ever known and Myer’s genetic research pinpoints the origin of AIDS to the mid-1970’s.

Considered reflection on this AIDS science, along with the socio-political correlates and antecedents of this current catastrophe, reveals the likelihood that myriad other immune dysfunctions, autoimmune diseases, and cancers, including leukaemia’s, lymphomas, sarcomas and other ailments linked to viral infections, have resulted from previously engineered microbes that have by accident or intent [according to American best selling book; Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola and award winning author - Dr Leonard G Horowitz], found their way from cancer virus laboratories into humanity’s blood stream by way of the most trusted public health preventative - vaccinations.

If you consider this tragic HIV/AIDS genocidal agenda troubling Sub-Saharan African region, and the Mainstream media silence surrounding this grave catastrophe ever in the history of Africa, beyond extensive depopulation, humanity’s very survival may hinge on this recognition, its implications, and safety of our African people.

Especially relevant, when reflecting on the following facts, is the wisdom addressed by the late World Health Organization (WHO) AIDS Czar, Dr. Jonathan Mann, whose life ended tragically on Flight 111 enroute to European AIDS Conference.

“More than a medical scientific problems,” Dr. Mann said,” AIDS is a socio-political imposition.”

For so many years, many African people have been dying from the AIDS pandemic in Black Africa. Most of them are very young African people and women. The major source of their weakened immunity has been drug side effects and vaccine-induced toxicity and autoimmunity.

Logically, then, if African government health experts know all of the above, are fuelling fears in Sub Saharan Africa while neglecting practical solutions, doesn’t it seem as though they are actively increasing public risks and death rates in Africa?

Given the above, doesn’t “criminal negligence” and “public health malpractice” best describe African government officials current lack of actions in response to HIV/AIDS, thus far?

Far more African people get infected daily with HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa, and most African nations governments can’t manage to control AIDS death at zero levels. If these vaccination politics are responsible of transmitting disease attacks to unsuspecting African people’s health immune systems, with all the warnings issued regarding the dangers of HIV/AIDS, why haven’t our African concerned health activists published the truth regarding this tragic conspiracy?

It is true that African governments authorities have neglected to mention this fact, and thereby prompting both fear and stress among the AIDS victims which reduces their natural immunity to infectious diseases like HIV/AIDS.

Speaking of contrived multi-billion donor aid fund to help fight HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa, if contraindications and side effects of condoms abound, and it has never been the best solution against the HIV/AIDS prevention programs to begin with, then why has it been recommended and encouraged by those claiming, authority, since the beginning of the HIV/AIDS pandemic?

Why would some African public health officials [for example Uganda], who know better, go along with the false and misleading low death rates from AIDS errantly established on this inappropriate statistics of , “confirmed”, and “increasing”, AIDS cases in Sub-Saharan Africa?

Why are AIDS, cases and AIDS mortality rates grossly overstated and mixed-up in the mainstream press?

African nations, ethnic communities are faced with terrible threatening HIV/AIDS pandemic, stories that HIV was introduced into Africa from the West by an accident such as oral polio vaccine or intentionally by the US Government Central Intelligence Agency, (CIA) have gained widespread recognition.

Investigations by Aryan ben shlomo Levi [Dr. Leonard G Horowitz] et al. focused on the CIA and the 1969 appropriations hearings in which NAS-NRC was credited as the source of technical expertise for the U.S Army’s development of AIDS-like viruses. At that time, biological weapons were of great interest to Nelson Rockefeller’s protégé, and Nixon administration National security Advisor (NSA), Dr. Henry Kissinger. According to his biographer, and two previous CIA directors - William Colby and Richard Helms. Kissinger oversaw the CIA’s top secret biological weapons program called MK:NAOMI. Soon after becoming NSA, he ordered a review of such weapons capabilities.

Furthermore, in the early 1970’s, in keeping with U.S Government and global industrialists initiatives reflecting Rockefeller - directed population council urgings for Third world population, Kissinger requested and received National special security memorandum 200 articulating the urgency of dramatically reducing African populations.

At that time Kissinger and associates were leading advisors to the Merck pharmaceutical company whose president, George W.Merck, was America’s biological weapons industry director, as he had been since World War II.

It is clear, however, that compelling evidence exists, albeit circumstantial, that U.S. Government officials, including Henry Kissinger, may have had something to do with the initial HIV/AIDS outbreak in Sub-Saharan Africa. At the precise time corresponding to the earliest transmissions of HIV/AIDS, Kissinger directed a national security cryptocracy that included corporate affiliates at the biological weapons contractor/vaccine maker Merck, as well as the traditional weapons contractor Litton Industries.

Litton’s President, Roy Ash, also served in the Nixon administration overseeing American industry. Litton’s medical subsidiary, Bionetics, as detailed above, largely directed the National Cancer Institute’s Special Virus Cancer program, administered America’s premier biological weapons testing centre at Fort Detrick, Maryland, and supplied the chimpanzees, monkeys, monkey viruses, primate cell lines, and other resources for cancer research, biological weapons development, and vaccine manufacture.

Thus Kissinger certainly maintained the means, through his official channels at Merck, Litton Bionetics, and the CIA, as well as the motive to deploy AIDS-like viruses by 1974 in Merck’s Hepatitis B Vaccine. What is unconscionable to most people, Kissinger, a staunch advocate of African depopulation, would have considered it convenient that the emergence of HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa coincided synchronously with the massive depopulation policy institutionalised with Rockefeller Foundation and the Merck Fund.

Most recently, Kissinger’s direction of foreign genocidal operations has been heralded by even mainstream periodicals. In light of these revelations, it is stunning that Kissinger wrote his own genocide indemnification policy on behalf of the United States Government in foreign affairs published by council on foreign relations in 2001.

But nineteen years, in 1984, ever since the Centres for Diseases Control confirmed the outbreak of an HIV/AIDS virus, the virus - AIDS hypothesis has still failed to produce any public health benefits in the War on AIDS. No vaccine, no antiviral drugs, no cure, not even an effective AIDS prevention have been developed and proved successful. It cannot even be predicted whether and when an infected African person will get ill. And it cannot predict which of the about 30 AIDS diseases it will be. Moreover, the very basis of the virus - AIDS hypothesis, the assumption that AIDS is infectious, has since become questionable on several grounds.

For nineteen years now the World has fought the war on AIDS united by the HIV-AIDS hypothesis. But despite its enormous popularity, the virus - AIDS hypothesis has been a complete failure in terms of public health benefits: no vaccine has been developed that prevents AIDS, no drug that cures AIDS, no policy that stops the spread of AIDS.

Whatever the reasons are for the complete failure of the HIV-AIDS hypothesis to produce public health benefits, one thing is clear: it was not for lack of trying. Indifference was the only obstacle against a solution to AIDS. Since the HIV/AIDS pandemic outbreak, an unprecedented billion of dollars has been paid by the United States taxpayer alone in support of HIV-AIDS research and treatment - more than for all other viral and microbial diseases combined.

With all this huge spending, more research has been done on HIV than on any other virus in history, but absolutely no progress has been made against AIDS. Such complete failures are the consequences of a flawed hypothesis.

But the HIV-AIDS globalistic establishment does not only cost dearly and fails to produce positive results, it also causes irreparable (1) Clinical (2) educational, and (3) psychological damage.

In most Sub-Saharan African nations and throughout Africa, people living with HIV/AIDS are given a death sentence by the medical establishment for being HIV-positive; they are denied coverage by health insurance companies, they lose their jobs and social status; they are denied entrance visas to many countries including the United States.

1) Would you have believed AIDS is infectious nineteen years ago, if you had known that until now not even one of the African doctors and health-care workers who have treated thousands of Africans suffering from the HIV pandemic since its outbreak in 1984 is confirmed to have contracted AIDS from a patient? Even if that would not have changed your mind, would you still believe in infectious AIDS if you had considered that the African health workers were neither protected by an anti-HIV Vaccine nor by an antiviral drug?

2) Would you have believed that a sexually transmitted virus was causing AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa and throughout Africa - if you had known that none of the wives of the infected HIV-positive African women have contracted AIDS from their husbands in the last 10 years? Their risk of developing an AIDS defining disease is the normal background of these diseases through vaccination politics in the Horn of Africa.

3) Would you have believed that AIDS was contagious if you had known that after a marriage of 10 years, neither the wife or their young children of the infected African father have developed AIDS or even become HIV-positive; or that the long-term lover an infected African friend has no AIDS symptoms, 10 years after the infected boyfriend died from AIDS? Would you believe that AIDS was sexually transmitted if you had known that, after a 13 year marriage and 2 children, the husband of the late AIDS patient [in this case African mother] is healthy and HIV- free?

As the threat of AIDS continued to claim ever more victims in Sub-Saharan Africa and gained ever more attention, the Centres of Diseases Control’s message in America that AIDS was a new infectious disease was enthusiastically picked up by the stars of medical research, particularly the virologists.

A new infectious disease is a magnet for virologists, microbiologists and immunologists because it holds the promise for a new microbial pathogen and new vaccines. Since the discovery of the pathogenic microbes by Robert Koch and Louis Pasteur in the 1880’s the identification of a new microbial pathogen has been the key to for many brilliant careers - like those of Walter Reed, John Enders, and Albert Sabin.

Stated the New York times on the search for an AIDS Virus “--- the greatest thrills for a scientist are in discovering a new microbe, a new disease, cure and prevention --- " (Altman, 1992).

After decades of basic research in the War on cancer, an army of highly sophisticated virologists had failed to prove that viruses can cause cancer in humans (Greenberg, 1986; Booth, 1988). Among these were the current leaders of AIDS research, Luc Montagnier from France, Robin Weiss from the United Kingdom; David Baltimore, Jay Levy, Robert Gallo and even Peter Duesberg from the United States among others. Searching for other diseases for their viruses, most cancer virologists welcomed AIDS as a new frontier to apply their considerable skills.

With an AIDS Virus, the medical virologists could continue their familiar research, and their companies, could extend their markets from the narrow confines of conventional virus tests and vaccines to the new multi-billion dollar markets of HIV-antibody tests, HIV Vaccines, and anti-HIV drugs (Weiss and Jaffe, 1990; Duesberg, 1992)

The AIDS virus also proved to be the politically correct cause of AIDS. No AIDS risk group could be blamed for being infected by a God - given egalitarian virus. A virus could reach all of us. Nobody would be ostracized since “ we are all in this together.” No so with drugs: the consumption of illicit psychoactive drugs implies individual and social responsibilities that nobody wanted to face.

Once accepted as the politically correct explanation of AIDS, the HIV hypothesis has become the central investment for a whole generation of AIDS Scientists, AIDS Companies, AIDS journalists, AIDS politicians and gay activists.

The perceived danger of an AIDS virus decimating the general African public and others around the world also provided the scientific and moral arguments for quick and unreflective action and for the complete dismissal of the competing drug - AIDS hypothesis.

The fear of nature’s presumably uncontrollable microbes created an unscientific war- mentality that has since dominated the field. Scientists, health workers, and journalists would rather be safe and fast in protecting against HIV, than sorry and slow in reflecting about the clinical and political consequences of drug use.

The confrontation with man-made drugs, after-all, would have to take second place in urgency, as they would not reach the innocent public.

Ever since the first cases of AIDS was discovered in Sub-Saharan Africa, there has been a crisis of public faith as regards AIDS Science and CIA, in the contentious manner in which origin of HIV/AIDS research and debate has been conducted thus far. The CIA follows a systematic endeavour to suppress public discussion and scientific inquiry into this important [vaccine] hypothesis and to discredit its proponents now for over many years.

Unless international community is prepared to go into this issue objectively and transparently, it will damage the standing of science in the eyes of the world community.

Determining the origin of HIV/AIDS is vital for the following reasons according to Dr Len G Horowitz ethical research:

1) To prevent similar calamities in the future;

2) To discover remedial methods and materials that might evolve from such knowledge;

3) To improve safety standards in viral laboratories and vaccine production facilities based on the knowledge of the pandemic’s origin; and

4) To restore faith and trust in this area of science and medicine.

So long as the above scientific facts and AIDS issues remain unaddressed by medicine’s mainstream, the implications are that AIDS science and vaccination policies, and likely all of science, has evolved in a vacuum devoid of ethics to serve political, economic, and/or ideological motives. Thus, by strict definition, genocide and iatrogenesis have much. So much so according to [Dr Horowitz] that regardless of whether HIV/AIDS originated by accident or intentionally, with this data, there is sufficient justification to coin a new most appropriate term --- “iatrogenocide”.



African [Ugandan] author, [Simon Peter Luyima Ssemakula], of the new "thought-provoking" African book project in process, Why Africa Slept: Apathy and Isolation, that brings to focus the worse threatening genocidal civil wars and devastating diseases like the AIDS VIRUS which was the U.S Government concoction aimed at killing off Africans and other political and humanitarian catastrophes short of trouble[s], in Africa. This young African [Ugandan] author [Ssemakula Peter Luyima] is principally responsible for advancing the evidence, a humanitarian researcher, Chairman and founder of the newly founded patriotic awakening research team --- WHY AFRICA SLEPT RESEARCH TEAM, and web tutor/pioneer independent investigator.

He is currently still writing, full time, completing "Why Africa Slept: Apathy and Isolation [to be published by Tetrahedron Press in Great State of Idaho], in the fall of 2004. Contained herein are the African foreign policy practices under which numerous poverty related disorders and war-torn and devastating diseases were created by the foreign superpower[s] agenda that fits precisely the divide and conquer New World Order Plan.

After miraculously getting an endorsement letter from an award winning author, Messianic Jewish publisher/mentor [Dr. Leonard G Horowitz] and Tetrahedron Publishing Group, in April 27th 2002, that has made him the first African [Ugandan] author in history to get a willing and loving Messianic Jewish Publisher [Dr. Leonard G Horowitz], who endorsed and agreed to Publish a complete African book project that will bring to focus the clues linking worse threatening conflicts short of troubles and disease[s] in Africa to possible [catastrophic foreign instigated catastrophes] -- that will bring to light the truth to the unsuspecting African people -- to consider overlooked intelligence upon which this young African [Ugandan] author is able to make a series of stunningly accurate global master plans, in business of creating "chaos and death" suffocating African people .

By 1998, "African [Ugandan] author" was a local humanitarian researcher in the first scientific research centre --SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING RESEARCH CENTRE, in Kenya [East Africa]. From the SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING RESEARCH CENTRE in Hurlingham Nairobi, his responsibilities included researching and writing community development projects, designing websites, teaching reading and writing skills to Adults who have never gone to school and computer education.

During that time he joined a self help group in Kibera [Kenya] known as Gange Youth Self Help Group [ Youth Group- Kibera Kenya.html], and with his humanitarian heart and labor of love for the mutilated ghetto population in Kibera, SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING RESEARCH CENTRE where he researched and developed with Gange group voluntary "initiatives" that can help make youth individually free, responsible and productive to the community. Many other self-help groups and other women groups joined and encouraged our work initiatives from across the Kibera Ghetto community seeking our unique productive on-line initiatives of "Whole Ghetto community”.

Humanitarianly, he had become greatly interested in researching the troubles befalling the African people leading him to write an African article; Why Africa Slept, which later led to evolve into an African book project in process; Why Africa Slept: Apathy and Isolation.

The case of the current apathy and Isolation that has tremendously engulfed the Horn of Africa and African people facing threatening ethnic genocidal civil wars in the awake of foreign intervention[s] in Africa and the "conflict control".

This young African [Ugandan] author [Ssemakula Peter LUYIMA] also studied undergraduate degree of Architecture at University of Nairobi Kenya East Africa--- his endorsed African book project in process: Why Africa Slept: Apathy and Isolation! Greatly uplifted his humanitarian calling. This highly awakening and controversial work -- challenges what most foreign powers believe that Africa is it’s own worst enemy. This “thought-provoking” thesis in process, Why Africa Slept: Apathy and Isolation! Provides analytically and reasonably the intent of the globalistic agenda, currently suffocating the social, political, and health sphere in Africa.