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“The only thing necessary for these diseases to the triumph is for good people and governments to do nothing.”



Canadian prisons will soon feature tattoo parlors

Corrections Canada hopes to reduce high prison rates of hepatitis C

Toronto - Correctional Service of Canada plans to set up official tattoo parlors for inmates in the hope that it will decrease the rampant spread of hepatitis C and other communicable diseases through prisons and penitentiaries.

A survey of federal inmates determined that 3,176 prisoners, 26% of the prison population, were infected with hepatitis C. The rate is 30 times that of the general population.



The $100,000 initiative, the first in the world, will begin with pilot projects at five yet to be identified prisons for men, and one for women, later in the year.

The parlors will be run by prisoners who are trained for the job. Prisoners will pay for tattoos out of their own funds. If the plan succeeds it will be expanded throughout the prison system.

Correctional officials say tattooing by prisoners among themselves is widespread and poses high risks, not only in prison but also to members of the community associated in one way or another with prisons. Inmates are now making tattooing equipment from a variety of odd materials such as old VCR motors and pen casings.

The choice of tattoos will be restricted. Images such as gang emblems or those that depict violence will be prohibited.