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“The only thing necessary for these diseases to the triumph is for good people and governments to do nothing.”

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Message of Hope

There is a very big manifestation of energy going on in today’s society.... it is focused around "hate" in all of society. Hate through media, hate through sports, hate through comedy, hate through stupid acts of violence, hate through culture movements and hate through bad mouthing and making stupid racist comments... society has taken a stupid pill... and they are about to overdose.... this is the tipping point about to take place... all we know today.... is about to shatter in our faces. 

It has gone as far as it can go. Everything reaches a tipping point in time when it can no longer maintain its momentum.

Change is on the rise... the question is... how do we choose to change with it?

There is a outlook from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. that relates to us as native people. I will borrow this outlook and tie this outlook to us as native people... it makes sense... listen to this.. 

The annoying task of Native Americans is to bear the burden of redeeming the spirit of America... the soul of America.

Without question, Native American "way of life" outlooks have always been the conscience of the country.

Conscience meaning - the awareness of a moral or ethical aspect to one's conduct together with the urge to prefer right over wrong.

In other wards our "way of life" outlooks... an outlook of humanity, of environment, of community, of inner peace. of a connectivity to all that is... this outlook is the model... this is the way to "life"... this is the lost focus of America... Americans feel separate from each other, they are not of a one "way of life" outlook, one that works.... one that works for humanity, for environment, for community, for inner peace. for a feeling of connection, to all that is. This is the sad reality of America.

It is our hope, that we can help our nation live up to the promise of her ideals. The political paradigm has shifted; it's time to build a new construct, a new agreement, with Native American "way of life" outlooks as the tool for the task.

It is time to speak up.. time to be heard, time to be seen, time to be the example. The time is ours... and the time is NOW.

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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a visionary... the same as many of our native visionaries... As Sitting Bull said, "Let us put our minds together and see what kind of life we can make for our children."

If we listen to the teachings, listen to the teachings of the roads already traveled by these visionaries, we will find we will not have to cross those rough roads again, they have already paved the way for us on those rough roads... we can use these teachings to find new paths, new directions... based on all of our visionaries experiences.

Alot of our youth of today get caught up in the "bling, bling" of the now. This "what can I do for ME now outlook" isn't working. They do not look towards the future with the examples of the past. The only reason we are here today is because of the sacrifices and the battles our elders have fought to build a future for their children and their children's children... us.

With "meth" and drugs flooding our communities, the hope for a better tomorrow in the eyes of our children is becoming a survive or die outlook. Alot of them believe they will not be alive past 25 anyway, so they believe, what is the point?.... The suicide rate has sky rocketed in our native communities. 

It was Ruben Snake who said... "If you don't change direction, you are gonna get to where you are going."

This urban outlook, this urban brand of rap and hip hop culture has reached a tipping point, didn't used to be this way, but lately it has gotten real bad... it has become a focus fed through hateful theologies, through fear tactics... communities are afraid to speak up because of fear of gang retaliation... its sad. This is why hip hop/rap sales took a 50% dive last year, it has reached its tipping point. The energy put forth from this cultural movement lately is one of hate and fear.

Look at the shooting of the Denver Bronco, everyone is afraid to come forward, look at the gang, street madness in Las Vegas during the NBA All-Star Basketball Game, it became "thug city" for the weekend, one local paper was quoted saying, "walking the streets of Vegas this weekend, must be what it feels like to walk the yard of San Quentin Penitentiary... look it the gang killings in New Orleans... look at our own rez outlooks and the gang/meth control... it goes on and on. 

I watched a Black leadership conference on CSPAN, with black community leaders, even including, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, it was inspiring...  they see how bad it has gotten... they even pointed out, that it is American Corporations who have exploited the urban hip hop culture by highlighting the "thugness" of it and making those few rich by it... the cost is... the downfall of all the hardwork the "Martin Luther Kings Jrs." of the world have made for us all... the communities are hurting more then ever... ... and... they now live in fear of their own people.

The movement of this culture, from urban black culture into mainstream culture and including native culture, as been very powerful over the years. The "hip-hop" culture has given identity to many seeking a place in society... but where is this identity taking them, as of late? Do we want a community where we live in fear of our own people?

The shooting and killing of professional athletics, shows no fear, no ramifications for ones actions, shows that this movement of yesterday is going into a gang war-like outlook for tomorrow....  I understand radicalness and making a stand for what you believe in... radicalness can be necessary at times, but peace outlooks are life dependent. 

I'm raising money for HELP DEB WALK AGAIN. Click to Donate

There needs to be.. and I believe there is a NEW MOVEMENT on the rise... and it is a movement towards humanity... a movement of peace and connectivity. 

We need to take another empowering leaders advice, Mother Teresa's example... She would never attend a war rally... but have a peace rally and she was there... she believed there is something to walking down the road saying.. "No War! No War! No War! No War!... " versus walking down the street saying... "More Peace.  More Peace. More Peace. More Peace...."

The difference is what it builds inside of you. The energy put forth... from within... is the power. With this outlook... more war simply runs the risk of drawing more war. More peace simply draws more peace.

I am all about good positive outlooks, examples... good choices... we need to start a NEW MOVEMENT and be a part of something that is gonna make a difference in Indian Country... be a leader for change. We need to recognize that natural connectivity we have within to all that is.. and we need to be AGAIN, who we are... people of hope, of care, of connection, of community, of change, of spirituality... we need to be the change this world so desperately needs today

We need to gain the support of the people, to follow the leaders of such change... but it needs to be done in a way that inspires the people to follow. Unfortunately in todays screwed up outlooks, radicalness is lumped with terrorism, and the fear in the eyes of Americans today is to have nothing to do with it.

We need a movement that inspires us all to be a part of a new outlook... one that is the opposite of "hate".

Inspire literally means "to be in spirit"... to speak from that power within... this is who we are as native peoples. To be that warrior of today means to be inspirational to and for the people....  the movement needed today isn't one of radical theologies, but one of human understanding, human compassion, respect of life... not abuse of life... it is a movement of humanity that is needed... our lives and the lives of our children depend on it... 

,,, these are the things we need to be thinking about... the world is about to reach a tipping point... it is up to us on how we will favor through  this change... it is going to happen, it is a matter of time... the key is how will we choose to to ride it out? it is up to us to steer our own course... to make that stand for peace.... for the betterment, for the good of our childrens futures.

A change will do us good.

Walt Pourier