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ďThe only thing necessary for these diseases to the triumph is for good people and governments to do nothing.Ē

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David Aipinge

Where should I start?

 With my name or what? Cos I know that all of you, do know me well. In case, you donít know, let me tell u as to whom am I


Known as a critical virus more especially on human beings, thatís why they call me an Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome I am a human immune virus. Whoís life depends on others, cos I like interacting non-symbiotically. Cos clever people donít like my shares saying that it is not beneficial to them

My breakfast is prostitutes cos they us the wrong way to survive saying that, they are doing it for being unemployed.

Then they forget that I am always behind them.

When the day shines more everybody seek for lunch the same applies that I survive by feeding on human being especially those who behave like dogs, who doesnít have a trustable partner

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In the evening it is time to sleep, however in my

Case I donít sleep. I have to keep on hunting for those who didnít sleep. Those who are careless and regards condoms a use full tools thus why they use them. And rely on it.

Every where I am

I always have assistance

Who are commonly know and use to solve problems for me, even if the were meant for enjoyment and refreshments

Among those, the strong

Operator Richelieu

The brother Tafel larger and the young brother tombo they are always awe, anger and able to catch people for me

They donít catch anybody, they do it to the whatís up groups, especially Sugar Daddies and Sugar mummies, cos they are the one who suppose to educate the young ones    but now they are the one who mislead their sons and daughters. As they forget that a country without young people is just like a tree without roots

In my operation time I like girls who wear 

Miniskirt to attract handsome, cos I want to teach them that: whatever they are doing is attractive to me. Thatís why I am always trying to be as close as possible

The word is ever crying, saying that, I am hunting too much! But nothing I can do cos I am doing it for my survival. As you all know that I donít suvive outside the ecosystem

Let me not continue with my strength only, let me also tell you few of my weakness, since I started I concentrate more on the threats without not letting you know the opportunities available

I am so very weak

Cos Iím not able to get hold of the Christians, cos these people really Knows all the possible ways that I use to get hold of the food, as they call a scavenger

If you decide to be alone neither have one partner consider Godís commandment and remembering the advices and warnings from your parents. I can never get you cos Christian and me is like fire and lion

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Why are you so scared? Are you not capable of staying alone, neither having one partner? Then if you canít do this remember the sixth commandments. Start practising one of these if not, otherwise I will have a chance to catch you

Remember, scientist have tried all along to me a weapon to shout me but for all those chances there wasnít a solution. Therefore my poaching continues disturbing peace all over

Any way, anyhow, you still have a chance of fighting my kingdom: which   are unity and harmony and it will only work if all of you stand together.

So ladies and gentlemen brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers watch out your steps, otherwise me AIDS I Ďill watch them for you and there will be no other way to chance to retrieve your life style remembers that, when I get hold of you s

I really own you and there will be no others who will fight to get you back. Unless I give you to my grandfather death

Let me then tells you champs/steps to win this fight

The only way you can we this fight is by abstaining

By sticking to one partner

By obeying Godís commandments

Otherwise if you donít use any of these

I will then take over in order to clear you up all until the ecosystem become human less

So dear audience that was the poem that talks about the strength and weakness of the killer disease AIDS, please forgive me where I miss the point and take what is important

I thank you

I love you all

By student pastor Shivute David Aipinge in his first year at ULTS-Paulinum