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Chinese college students have poor knowledge of AIDS: survey
[Xinhua 23 March 2006]

BEIJING, March 23 (Xinhua) -- Just over 67 percent of Chinese college students have accurate knowledge of HIV/AIDS, according to survey results released by the Ministry of Health.

The survey, conducted recently by a research institute at the request of the ministry, collected answers from 1,919 respondents in 24 colleges of 19 cities, said the ministry's information office.

According to the survey, 76.3 percent of the college students are aware of how HIV/AIDS is transmitted and 75.6 percent know how to prevent it.



Many people contract the HIV virus through unprotected sex, which condom use can prevent. Sharing of infected syringes has also spread the disease among many drug addicts.

Only 57.8 percent know the harm and risk of HIV/AIDS, (its almost certainly terminal) and 47.7 of the interviewees were aware of the simple test that can detect the disease.

Promotion of HIV/AIDS prevention and control to college students is inadequate while the demand for more knowledge from students is high, notes the survey.

The interviewees showed that they still misunderstand and discriminate against people living with HIV/AIDS and would avoid contact with them.

The survey also indicates that public media does the best job of promoting awareness of HIV/AIDS publicity, while campus publicity has little influence.

The survey suggests that more reports, TV programs, films and internet sites should reflecting the real life of people with AIDS/HIV be made available for college students.



College students are a key target group of an awareness campaign on the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS, Ministry of Health spokesman Mao Qun'an said.

China currently has approximately 650,000 HIV infected people including around 75,000 AIDS patients, according to recent official estimates. Enditem