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“The only thing necessary for these diseases to the triumph is for good people and governments to do nothing.”

Concern over spread of HIV/AIDS

 By Our Staff Reporter

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM Sept. 25. A symposium here on Wednesday has expressed concern over the rising incidence of HIV/AIDS in Asian countries. It called for implementing preventive measures and creating awareness about the modes of transmission of the disease.

The symposium on the topic, `The best of current evidence on managing HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections', was held under the joint auspices of the State AIDS Control Society and the Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences.

Barry Peters, Head of the Department of the Genitourinary Medicine and HIV unit, U.K., pointed out that the incidence of HIV and AIDS was increasing alarmingly in Asian countries as opposed to the decline of AIDS cases in the African region.


According to him, the number of HIV/AIDS cases had come down in African countries due to the precautionary measures and the awareness campaigns launched by the respective Governments.

Developed countries had achieved significant progress in reducing the number of AIDS cases. Moreover, AIDS patients in developed countries were able to lead normal lives, whereas in India the victims led a highly stigmatised existence, Dr. Peters said. Harmione Lyall, consultant paediatrician specialising in infectious disease, St. Mary's Hospital, London, emphasised the growing importance of managing HIV infection from mother to child. Prasanna Kumar, Additional Director, Health Services and Programme Officer, AIDS Control Society, said an emerging area of concern in the State was the increase in the transmission of AIDS from pregnant mothers to children. According to current estimates, there are around one-lakh AIDS patients in the State, he pointed out.