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“The only thing necessary for these diseases to the triumph is for good people and governments to do nothing.”



Gentian Liver-Discharging Granule

(long dan xie gan ke li)    


Gentian root, bupleurum root, scutellaria root, gardenia fruit, alisma root, plantago seed, tangkuei root, rehmannia root, licorice root, etc.

Functions and Indications:

Clearing liver and gall-bladder, disinhibiting damp-heat. It is prescribed for patients suffering from damp-heat of the liver and gall-bladder which result in dizziness, blood-shot eyes, tinnitis, deafness,  painful ears, painful right rib-side, bitter taste in the mouth, etc.


To be taken orally. One sachet each time, twice a day. 

The recommended order for the first treatment course is 4 packets.