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“The only thing necessary for these diseases to the triumph is for good people and governments to do nothing.”


Ji Sheng Ju He Wan (Tangerine Seed Pill, 200 x 12)

Ji Sheng Ju He Wan, Tangerine Seed Pill, concentrated, dietary herbal supplement, 200-pill each pack, 160 mg each pill, Manufactured by LanZhou Traditional Herbs, Gansu, China.

Ingredients: Tangerine seed (Juhe), Seaweed (Haizao), Echlonia (Kunbu), Sichuan chinaberry (Chuanlianzi), Peach seed (Taoren), Magnolia bark (Houpo), Clematis stem (Mutong), Immature bitter orange (Zhishi), Corydalis tuber (Yanhusuo), Cinnamon bark (Rougui), Costus root (Muxiang), Kelp (Haidai).

Actions: 1. To Promote Qi and stop pain. 2. To soften hardness and remove nodules.

Indications: Testitis or hernia due to cold-damp in the liver channels.



Distention and bearing down sensation and swelling of the testes

Pain radiating to the lower abdomen and around umbilicus

Signs of cold damp blocking the liver channels.

Applications: Epididymitis, testitis and hydrocele testes.

Directions: Take 8 pills once time, 3 times a day, as a herbal supplement.