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“The only thing necessary for these diseases to the triumph is for good people and governments to do nothing.”


Kang Yuan

Kang Yuan, 50 softgels one box; three softgel each morning before meal.

Rapid Adjustment to the Human Mechanism
Superior to the Chemical Health Products & Vitamins

If you used to take the chemical tonics and vitamins, take Kang Yuan Softgel for 15 days, you will feel deeply the differences between Kang Yuan and various Western health products including vitamins: You won't have the feeling of tiredness and unsteady sleep as taking the chemical tonics, and you won't be low-spirited next day

Kang Yuan softgel was awarded Excellent Product Award at the Fourth World Conference on Acupuncture WFAS and 1996 World Superior Traditional Medical Products Fair (USA) sponsored by WFAS and American Acupuncture Association, and World Health Organization

New Concepts of Modern Preventive Health Care: Admire nature; whole body balance; preventing the harms of chemicals to internal organs.
Excellent pure herbal extracts improve the physical constitution, keep healthy, make the smooth, restore to health rapidly, and increase the resistance to diseases.

Composition: Cordyceps Sinensis, Acanthopanax Senticosus, beta-Carrotene, Vitamins C & E, Tea Oil, 18 kinds of Amino Acid and many natural herbal extracts.
Function: Increasing the supply abilities of blood and oxygen, improving the micro-circulation of heart, lung, liver and kidneys, strengthening sexual glands, improving the metabolism and the immunity system.

It is very efficacious to the infirmities in the elderly, the persons who are engaged in a high exercise load or hard work (such as athletes, the nervous office staff, study-harder examinees, heavy drinkers).

It can restore the physical strength rapidly, prolonging the aging, making health and beautiful, preventing the diseases of internal organs (such as liver, kidneys) caused by chemicals.

KANG YUAN has not only the characteristics of Chinese traditional medicine-rapid adjustment to the human body mechanism, improving physical constitution, increasing the resistance to diseases, with no side effects, no toxic, but also has the characteristics of modern medicine-rapid efficacies, precise experiments, safe and easy to use. In addition, it has the merits of preventing the injuries and diseases of internal organs caused by chemicals, specially effective protection against the injuries to livers and kidneys by taking western medicine, eating the pesticide-remnant vegetables or the food containing the chemicals. You can feel the strong vitalities after taking KANG YUAN for a short time. And this is the function that the general herbal medicine or western medical preparation won't have.