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“The only thing necessary for these diseases to the triumph is for good people and governments to do nothing.”


Thymus Extracts.

Excerpts from Dr. Julian Whitaker's "Health and Healing" monthly newsletter. Oct. 1992, Vol. 2. No. 11.

The "proofs" offered re: oral thymus supplements are mostly anecdotal.

The thymus gland controls your immune system in to basic ways. First it is the source of T-lymphocytes or T-cells (T stands for thymus), which are crucial in the fight against viruses, bacteria, yeast, and all other foreign invaders. Early in life the thymus gland seeds the bone marrow with immature T-cells, where they multiply and mature. It is the T-cells that are destroyed by the HIV virus and their destruction brings on full-blown AIDS.

Second, the thymus gland produces a variety of hormones that stimulate the maturation of T-cells and increase the production of other immune hormones, such as interferon and the immune globulin's. Several hormones from the thymus gland have been isolated, but the one receiving the most attention right now is thymosin alpha 1.

Researchers all over the world are exploring the therapeutic possibilities of thymus hormone replacement, but none are more vigorously than Milton Mutchnick, MD, head of the department of gastroenterology at Hutzel Hospital and associate professor of medicine at Wayne State University medical Centre in Detroit. He recently published a year-long study demonstrating that a synthetic indictable version of a thymus hormone, thymosin alpha 1, given twice weekly, eliminated the hepatitis B virus in six out of seven patients (86%), compared to a spontaneous conversion of one out of five (20%) in the placebo group.



Oral products of thymus extract are shunned in this country because most researchers believe that the digestive juices in the stomach and intestines will destroy them before they are absorbed. However, in Europe, an oral thymus product, Thymodulin, with sales of over $300 million a year, has been sued and studied for almost a decade. Control trials show that it significantly improves a variety of conditions and even eliminated hepatitis b in 45% to 50% of children, compared to only 20% in the control group.

In one convincing study, oral Thymodulin was administered to 29 patients: eight with herpes zoster, eight with whooping cough, eight with chicken pox and five with infectious mononucleosis. Another 29 patients with the same diseases received a placebo. Various parameters were used to measure the effectiveness of Thymodulin, and all patients who received it showed significant improvement compared to controls.

Dr. Burgstiner (Savannah GA) contracted Dr. Mutchnick, who was very interested in Dr. Burgstiner's experience and wanted to have a look at the product he had used. Dr. Mutchnick took Immunoplex 402 and the vitamin preparation himself, and then measured his blood levels of thymosin alpha 1. He wrote Dr. Burgstiner: "You might be pleased to know that I conducted a pilot study on myself by taking several of the Immunoplex 402 tablets after having first obtained a pre-treatment serum, which was followed then by serums at 1/2 hour, 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, and 4 hours. Lo an behold, by the first hour--and consistently for the next several hours--the thymosin alpha 1 level, as determined by the ELISA, increased. Clearly, I will have to repeat this on a number of subjects, but this offers an exciting potential for turning thymosin alpha 1 from a subcutaneous injection into an oral preparation."

Dr. Burgstiner encouraged Melvin L. Haysman, MD, who practices allergy and clinical immunology in Savannah, to try the products with some of his patients. Dr. Haysman collected before and after blood smaples of about a dozen patients who took Immunoplex 402 with the vitamins and minerals, and sent them to Dr. Mutchnick. Dr. Mutchnick found that the products had increased the blood levels of thymosin alpha 1 in every patient, and in some by 300% to 700%.


Vitamin and mineral supplements taken with the Immunoplex 402 markedly enhance the effect of the product. Dr. Mutchnick found that three Immunoplex 402 tablets taken with one vitamin and mineral supplement elevated the blood level by over 300%, and three Immunoplex 402 tablets plus two of teh vitamin and mineral supplements caused an almost 450% rise in thymosin alpha 1 hormone.

It should not be a surprise that supplemental nutrients would have this effect on the oral preparation. In one recent study from italy, zinc sulphate was added to the serum of patients with Down's syndrome (known to have very low levels of thymus activity) and of elderly patients, also with characteristically low levels of active thymus hormone. The active hormone in their serum increased to that of young, healthy individuals.

The authors theorised that zinc is necessary to activate thymus hormone, and that marginal zinc deficiencies could be a cause of immune dysfunction and decreased function of thymus hormone even when it was present. The same is likely true for other essential nutrients as well. One of the first and most consistent signs of any nutrient deficiency is immune dysfunction. But very few doctors prescribe nutritional supplements. They all "know" they don't work. And blah blah blah....



The ability to maintain high levels of thymus hormone activity has enormous potential for alleviating suffering from age-related diseases, and the anecdotal experience of Drs. Burgstiner and Haysman is remarkable. Dr. Burgstiner has been keeping a running tally of the benefits reported to him by patients and doctors of patients who have tried the preparations. This is not a scientific study, but over the last two years...

·         63 patients have reported complete recovery from Hep B.

·         3 patients with Hep C recovered

·         26 patients with chronic fatigue syndrome reported marked improvement.

24 patients with rheumatoid arthritis -- some taking methotrexate, cortisone, and gold shots, indicating very severe conditions -- reported almost complete remission of symptoms and elimination of strong medications