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Hepatitis-Financial Issues



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This illness is far more pervasive and contagious than HIV/AIDS. Roughly 180 million people worldwide suffer from this disease. The costs of medical treatment are also higher.

Within the USA there are approximately +5 million people who suffer from Hepatitis C. It is called the "Silent Epidemic" because many of those infected do not know they are but for the most part, the citizens of the USA are not even aware of this disease. These people generally become aware of this illness only when the signs and symptoms for this disease become apparent-generally when they reach the ages of 35 to 45 years of age-the prime of their lives, being the most productive for both business and government (by paying a higher percentage for taxes).

Long-Term Consequences of Hepatitis C Virus Infection- What are the chances of persons with Hepatitis C Virus infection developing long-term infection, chronic liver disease, cirrhosis, liver cancer, or dying as a result of hepatitis C?

Of every 100 persons infected with Hepatitis C Virus about:

  • 75 to 85 persons may develop long-term infection.
  • 70 persons may develop chronic liver disease.
  • 15 persons may develop cirrhosis over a period of 20 to 30 years.
  • Less than 3% of persons may die from the consequences of long-term infection (liver cancer or cirrhosis).

Hepatitis C is a leading indication for liver transplants.

Many people who are infected with Hepatitis C do not show any physical or mental symptoms of the illness for 10 to 20 years after exposure. During this window, they are infectious and because of this lack of awareness, may infect others unknowingly.


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Approximate Time Line for Hepatitis Historical timeline of Hepatitis


Chronic Hepatitis C: Epidemiology and Economic Burden

 Death rates due to Hepatitis C Virus are expected to increase over the next 20 years. Estimates of death rates may underestimate the actual death rate because of underreporting of liver disease and underreporting of deaths due to liver disease on death certificates and in other databases

Healthcare costs for Hepatitis C Virus include managing patients' symptoms, managing other organ involvement, treating Hepatitis C Virus with antiviral agents, and managing end-stage liver disease as well as the cost of liver transplantation. Wong and coworkers estimated that the annual US healthcare cost for Hepatitis C Virus will exceed $1 billion by the year 2008 and continue to increase up to at least the year 2015



CONSEQUENCES OF HEPATITIS C VIRUS (HCV) COSTS OF A BABY BOOMER EPIDEMIC OF LIVER DISEASE Power Point Presentation-Annual medical costs for patients with HCV infection are expected to more than double, from $30 billion to over $85 billion over the next 15 years. 1727 kb
Controversial Hepatitis C Virus: The Case for Selective Treatment Natural History of Hepatitis C Virus and Predictors of Adverse Outcomes


Cost of Hepatitis C Virus in relation to insurance costs Medical cost of Hepatitis C Virus that insurance companies face with this disease


Cost of unsafe injections Unsafe injection practices are associated with substantial morbidity and mortality, particularly from hepatitis B and C and human immunodeficiency virus infections.  These inadvertently transmitted bloodborne diseases become manifest some considerable time after infection and hence may not be appropriately accounted for.  Annually more than 1.3 million deaths and US$ 535 million are estimated to be due to current unsafe injection practices. 85 kb pdf

Economic Implication of Hepatitis B Vaccination at Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinics in the United States

This cost model demonstrates that hepatitis B vaccination implemented at STD clinics throughout the US would result in a net savings in medical costs from the reduction in new infections. The extent of this savings should be considered conservative since it does not include antiviral treatment, liver-transplant, and work-loss.


Estimate Future Hepatitis C Virus Morbidity, Mortality Costs in the US  Estimating future hepatitis C morbidity, mortality, and costs in the United States



Estimated future Hepatitis C Virus morbidity, mortality Journal article concerning the total cost of Hepatitis C Virus-includes tables and graphs

PDF / 133KB

Financial cost of diseases Insurance Report on the Financial Costs of Infectious Diseases and how private industries can protect themselves from the economic burden of...

PDF / 211KB

Hepatitis C diagnoses rise; health cost concerns spread More patients with the hepatitis C virus, the leading cause of liver failure in the United States, are turning up in doctors offices across Metro Detroit with liver damage - a phenomenon likely to drive up health care costs over the next decade. The problem is not that the virus is spreading but that more people are finding out they're infected. The majority of people with hepatitis C - an estimated 4 million nationwide - don't know they have it. An estimated 180,000 Michigan residents are unknowingly infected with the virus, state data shows.  
Hepatitis C Virus-Math Model Estimates of the cost-effectiveness of a single course of interferon-alpha2b in patients with histologically mild chronic Hepatitis C


Hepatitis C Virus-mortality New York Hepatitis C Mortality and Complication Rates in New York Determined


Outcomes and Costs of Care in Hepatitis C. Outcomes and Costs of Care in Hepatitis C: Combination Therapy Scores


Ramatex On Rack Again

Filipino workers feel so strongly about their working conditions that they have sent an appeal to their government through its South African embassy.A petition signed by nearly 700 employees cites poor wages, cramped living conditions and health concerns as their most pressing grievances.Their concerns peaked last week, when at least two employees were forced to return to the Philippines after being declared sick and unfit to work, assertions they dispute.A group of about five were told by the company nurse that they had contracted hepatitis C - a viral infection of the liver.


Researchers fear ultimate toll of hepatitis C may surpass AIDS

Between 8,000 and 10,000 people in the U.S. die each year from hepatitis C-related disease and liver cancer, and another 5,000 are listed for liver transplants. About 4,000 liver transplants are performed each year because of hepatitis C, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

But those numbers may double or even triple over the next decade, Jensen said.


Soaring Rates of Hepatitis C Virus pose Dilemma in Prisons Report on the possible treatment of Hepatitis C Virus for inmates and the cost of that treatment that prisons officials face


The burden of hepatitis C in the United States Outpatient physician services were projected to be $24 million. During the same year, $530 million was spent for the antiviral treatment of Hepatitis C Virus


Through the Looking Glass-Hepatitis C Virus Historic research article on the effects of Hepatitis C Virus on patients: costs and social impact—Canada

PDF / 305KB

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