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“The only thing necessary for these diseases to the triumph is for good people and governments to do nothing.”


Quarantine of PLWHAS in Mumbai Airport was just not enough to demonstrate the level of discrimination against PLHAs by the Maharashtra police.  The following is the details fo yet another shocking incident and that too by the government officials.

Mr. X, a police constable working in the Jail Chandrapur a small district in  Maharashtra (India) came to know about status when he went to the government doctor with a complaint of Herpes Zoster. He was directed for the +ve test and it was confirmed too. In a good faith he came and told this to his senior officer. After some days he got a letter of transfer to Buldana district Jail from his superior and he was told that it was a routine transfer.

When he reported on duty with the letter of transfer in the other district jail, to his utter shock he learnt that there everyone knows of his status. An other shock came when he was given a typed letter from that Jailer stating that since he is +ve, he and his wife has to look out for another accommodation than that of the Govt. premises. That he will not be allowed to avail the facilities like washing clothes, taking bathe, shaving etc. due to his status. Mentally disturbed X argued with his superior on this and other shock.

He was badly beaten by the Jailer and his subordinates in the jail so that he could leave the premises immediately. X fell on the ground in an unconscious state and was immediately taken to the govt. hospital for treatment. After releasing from hospital he immediately went and lodge a complaint with another police station about his incidence.



X, contacted Udaan office in Chandrapur and he was referred to the Secretariat in Mumbai. With the help of Lawyers Collective necessary required formalities are being completed so that a legal case is filed in the High court soon demanding Justice.

Government has spent so much money on sensitization and still these incidents are taking place every day. 

It is really sad that after Quarantine, the false report from UNAIDS (by Dr. Mishra) follows and the incidents of atrocities continues and that too from the RAKSHAKS themselves...what new we are going to have now.

We need your suggestions as to where do we go from here now. If we raise our voice we are termed at bad people and if we keep quite we are being killed.

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