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“The only thing necessary for these diseases to the triumph is for good people and governments to do nothing.”

  AIDS/HIV Issues:
Maps and Graphs

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Maps and Graphs from around the world on the many issues of HIV/AIDS.

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AIDS Maps-Estimated AIDS Cases in the United States Power Point presentation 5616 kb
AIDS prevention Awareness-Asia Table/graph  

AIDS treatment cost-Africa


GIF image

AIDS, TB prevalence-1999


GIF image




Cameroon---Projected Labour Force with and without AIDS



Chart from the World Health Organization concerning unsafe injections-medical Transmission of hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV through unsafe injections in the developing world  

Cote D’Lvoire---Projected Labour Force with and without AIDS



Commitment to infectious diseases


GIF image

Distribution of Increased Labor Costs Due to HIV/AIDS in Kenya



Ethiopia---Projected Labor Force with and without AIDS


GIF image

Haiti---Projected Labor Force with and without AIDS


GIF image

Healthcare status-worldwide 99



HIV/AIDS-Prevention Awareness Table for South America Graph/Table  

Impact of AIDS on GDP, Africa



Infectious diseases in prison setting-tables Estimated chronic infections with hepatitis viruses among inmates and releasees-1997  
Infectious diseases kill 1/3 worldwide; AIDS is top cause of death in developing region Tables and pie charts  

Life expectancy at birth with and without AIDS



Namibia---Projected Labor Force with and without AIDS



Nigeria---Projected about Force with and without AIDS



Population growth in nine African countries



Projected changes in global distribution because of diseases



South Africa: HIV & AIDS by Age by Sex    
South Africa: Death by AIDS    
South Africa: HIV Infection Rates    

Thailand---Projected Labor Force with and without AIDS



Trends of infectious diseases US



Uganda---Projected Labor Force with and without AIDS



UNAIDS statistics for AIDS Estimate Basic graphs and tables with data from 2002  

United Republic of Tanzania—Projected Labor Force with and without AIDS



Zimbabwe---Projected Labor Force with and without AIDS



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