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Monday, July 28, 2003



Disability: Employers still haven’t caught up with the law
The Americans with Disabilities Act turns 13 years old this week. While some government mandates and outreach have helped integrate disabled people into the workplace, employer attitudes and practices still aren’t up to snuff. Although a National Organization on Disability survey found that 85% of the respondents said they support the civil and employment rights of disabled people, another survey by the Society for Human Resource Management shows employers are not acting as if they mean it: 77% of companies surveyed didn’t use any of the tax incentives for hiring people with disabilities.
Reporter: Judy Martin




Commentary - Biz should support universal healthcare
Although a national healthcare proposal went down in flames in the mid-‘90s, some Democratic presidential contenders sense the political pendulum may be swinging the other way. But there may be more to the modern debate over universal healthcare than “politics as usual.” Physician and commentator Jonathan Ross argues there’s actually an economic reason to approve universal healthcare: Comprehensive health coverage for everyone would mean big savings for biz. “Business owners should support a single-payer national health insurance -- financially, they already are,” says Ross.
Commentator: John Ross


An economic view of Milwaukee
This week, the president’s top economic advisors pack their bags for an economic road trip -- a trip designed to talk up the stimulus plan. They're promoting Bush's tax cuts in two politically important swing states in the industrial Midwest: Wisconsin and Minnesota. Reporter Stephen Henn is tagging along, but he’s going Greyhound to get a better view of the economy. At the Milwaukee rest stop, he realized you can't learn much about a town from the inside of a bus station -- so, he rented a car and took off to look for signs of economic stimulus.
Reporter: Stephen Henn



“Starting Over” series - Making it in the mountains
Have you ever just wanted to throw in the towel on your 9-to-5 cubicle-bound office job and start a business that suits the way you want to live? Many have, but it’s difficult to make the dream work. The founders of the North American Ski Training Center (NASTC) in Lake Tahoe, Calif., have conquered most of the challenges many lifestyle entrepreneurs face. Chris Fellows created a dream job for himself: he conducts adventure ski camps in exotic locations around the world. He did it because he loves teaching skiing. Fellows and his wife left their jobs to open two resorts; now, they have 18 of them worldwide. Although skiing seems like a seasonal sport, NASTC puts on ski camps 10 months a year. Their annual gross sales are over $300,000.
Reporter: Jo Giese

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