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Epidemiology of viral hepatitis among US Navy

and Marine Corps personnel, 1984-85


American Journal of Public Health, Vol 77, Issue 11 1446-1447, Copyright © 1987 by

American Public Health Association


ML Dembert, RA Shaffer, NL Baugh, SW Berg and T Zajdowicz

Preventive Medicine Department, Navy Environmental Health Center, Norfolk, Virginia 23511-6695.


Six hundred and twenty-nine cases of viral hepatitis (A, B, and NonA-NonB) were reported among a total of 768,832 United States Navy and Marine Corps personnel during 1984 and 1985 via a passive surveillance system. Cumulative incidence for all three hepatitis types was higher than those reported for the general population at the same time. Hepatitis B was the most common diagnosis within all sex, rank, and race/ethnic description categories. Enlisted medical personnel (hospital corpsmen) had a disproportionately higher incidence of hepatitis B.


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