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“The only thing necessary for these diseases to the triumph is for good people and governments to do nothing.”


Hepatitis Resources


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List of resource material from OSHA standards to support groups for some areas.

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A Comprehensive Approach to Preventing Blood-Borne Infectious Among IV Drug Users 

Many health departments, community-based organizations, agencies, and providers are working hard to reach and work with IDUs to help them change their behaviors and reduce or eliminate their risk of acquiring or transmitting infection.

The problem of injection drug use and transmission of blood-borne disease persists, however. Solutions are hampered by society's pervasive negative attitudes toward IDUs, a lack of understanding of drug addiction as a treatable biomedical and psychological disease, limited funding for prevention and treatment, restrictive laws and regulations, and polarized philosophical viewpoints among various organizations and providers.


Doctor Denies Blame in Hepatitis C Outbreak  Dr. Tahir Javed, who is accused of using unsanitary practices that caused the hepatitis C infections of 99 patients at his Nebraska cancer clinic has denied any wrongdoing.  
Drug-related AIDS & Hepatitis C-among African Americans and Latinos We have watched people die from this diseases; now they must learn how to live with HIV/AIDS.  But why can’t we help prevent this disease by providing clean needles? Pdf 148 kb

Greybook  AIDS  Hepatitis C Virus

Federal OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Directive-a resource primer

PDF / 509KB

Japanese woman dies after HBV infection from tainted blood  A Japanese women died last June after being infected with hepatitis B from a tainted blood donor, a report said, adding to renewed concerns over laxity in the nation's blood screening process.  
Neb. Targets Doctor in Hepatitis Death  The state began disciplinary action Tuesday against a cancer doctor linked to a widespread hepatitis C outbreak, citing poor infection control at his clinic  
New database to help fight against hepatitis C  Los Alamos' database is the first step in a five-year lab project funded by the National Institutes of Health. The second step is a database that catalogues immunology information about hepatitis C, again mirroring the technology Kuiken and her fellow scientists developed for the HIV immunology database. The hepatitis C immunology database should be up and running next year  
Resource guide for Colorado-Hepatitis C Groups and listings for people living in Colorado 158 kb pdf


The Hepatitis C Vancouver Support Group Society Information concerning this organization Pdf 1678 kb
Vaginal laceration is a risk factor for Hepatitis C transmission in childbirth  Children delivered vaginally and whose mothers sustained a perineal or vaginal laceration had a six-fold higher risk of hepatitis C virus (Hepatitis C Virus) than vaginally delivered children whose mothers had no laceration, according to a retrospective study of 73 Hepatitis C Virus-positive pregnant women who gave birth to 75 children Pdf 61 kb
Viral hepatitis & drug use Millions of Americans have viral hepatitis.  It is particularly significant problem among injection drug users.  Growing awareness of this problem is leading to new initiative, but efforts to prevent these diseases and reduce their medical, financial, and social costs face challenges. Pdf 61 kb

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