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Hepatitis: Press Releases



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Various Articles that have been published about Hepatitis C, such as:

Hidden Epidemic / Researchers, Policymakers Debate Tactics in Battle Against Hepatitis C, August 02, 2001

Dr. Karen Seal is at the vanguard of an unsung and perhaps unpopular public health crusade -- the battle to identify and treat injection drug users infected with hepatitis C.

"If we don't start treating this population, the epidemic is only going to get worse," said Seal, a University of California at San Francisco researcher who will speak at a four-day conference on hepatitis C that begins at San Francisco's Holiday Inn today.

Hepatitis C Virus has been called the silent epidemic. The name stems from the nature of the disease. Hepatitis C Virus is a viral infection transmitted primarily by the needles injection drug users share while shooting up.

"This is a disease nobody wants to pay for because the people who have it are unattractive," said Joey Tranchina, executive director of Hepatitis C Virus Global Foundation, the Redwood City nonprofit group that organized the conference, which should draw several hundred researchers to San Francisco.

Still, because it is far less deadly than HIV and is only rarely transmitted through sexual contact, Hepatitis C Virus poses a lesser risk to the general public and therefore has a tougher time winning support for testing and treatment.


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DENVER POST, 1/23/02

In his "State of the State" address, Gov.
Bill Owens asked the Colorado legislature to repeal some health care mandates that have driven up the cost of health insurance for small business.


Ann Jesse Goes to Washington On Tuesday, December 14th, Hep C Connection’s Founding Executive Director, Ann Jesse, and several other panelists, testified before the Committee on Government Reform in a hearing titled Stalking a Furtive Killer: A Review of the Federal Government’s Efforts to Combat Hepatitis C. The purpose of the hearing was to increase awareness of hepatitis C and the threat it poses to the public health. It also examined epidemiological efforts to combat the disease and provided an overview of current associated efforts.  


Aubrey Ogin is living with Hepatitis C Aubrey Ogin of Pottstown likes to hang out with her friends, skateboard and play the guitar.  She’s a typical teen.  But a dubious distinction makes the quiet, attractive 15-year-old very different from most kids her age.  Aubrey has hepatitis C, contracted via a blood transfusion in infancy. 1,795 kb pdf
Australia: Drug firms fund Hep. C Awareness Pharmaceutical companies are pouring millions of dollars into patient advocacy groups and medical organizations to help expand markets for their products.  
Countries struggle with Hepatitis C contamination  Examines how France, Germany, Australia, the United States and Great Britain are tackling hepatitis C contamination through blood and blood products  
Crown speeds up process in blood scandal  OTTAWA - In a rare move, the criminal proceedings against those charged in Canada's tainted-blood scandal have suddenly been put on a fast track.  
David Marks - Hepatitis C - Treatments and Beyond Marks, who was forced to leave the Beach Boys once again due to his battles with Hepatitis C, has founded a grass roots foundation called Artists Against Hepatitis, which is dedicated to providing services to the children of those suffering from Hepatitis. David Marks is also the National spokesman for the Hepatitis C Action Movement and participates in fundraising events. Along with the Hepatitis C Action Movement, David has been involved in lobbying members of Congress and elected officials on behalf of Hepatitis C related issues.  

EDITORIAL : Hepatitis C victims sue

A group of people infected with hepatitis C virus from treatment with virus-tainted blood products-typically during childbirth or through transfusions during surgery-have filed damage suits in Tokyo and Osaka district courts against the central government and three pharmaceuticals companies that distributed the blood products


Hepatitis C Virus advocate seen as Satan Recently, I was declared Satan by a local area church.  
Hepatitis C Virus Epidemic Control and Prevention Act  To amend the Public Health Service Act to establish, promote, and support a comprehensive prevention, research, and medical management referral program for hepatitis C virus infection, to include the following:  
Hepatitis C and Police Work  Police officers have also been known to use physical force to restrain and/or arrest. It is common to come in to contact with blood and bodily fluids, either through direct contact with individuals or through gathering evidence in the course of an investigation  

Hidden Epidemic, Researchers, Policymakers Debate Tactics in Battle Against

"If we don't start treating this population, the epidemic is only going to get worse," said Seal, a University of California at San Francisco researcher who will speak at a four-day conference on hepatitis C that begins at San Francisco's Holiday Inn today.


Interview with David Crosby and Hepatitis C Virus

The following conversation took place on December 5th, 2001 between David Crosby, David Maxwell & Eileen Lavalliere in Boston.


Latest Press Releases

Series of press releases with links


Madison Ave. has Growing Role in Drug Research

Article on how Madison Avenue, whose television ads have helped turn some prescription drugs into billion-dollar products, is expanding role in drug development; latest example is pain drug Bextra, sales of which soared sixty percent in three months after American Dental Assn journal published study showing it offered relief after dental surgery; federal regulators had rejected that conclusion six months earlier



Recent media attention to the hepatitis C epidemic may have given Americans a false sense of security that the disease is one of intravenous drug users and sexually promiscuous people only, according to Stephen P. Longello, Hepatitis C Foundation.


Needle Stick Risk

Hundreds of medical workers become infected with the AIDS or hepatitis viruses from accidental punctures each year.



Newspaper credited with Hepatitis C Virus regulations

Physicians throughout New York City will be required to report hepatitis C to the New York City Health Dept. for the first time because of a campaign conducted by The Queens Courier over the past few months, it was announced last week at a Queens medical conference.


Prescription drug sales Increased in the US

Retail prescription drug spending in the US increased for the fifth straight year in 2000, primarily reflecting higher sales of a relatively small number of drugs.


Press Releases for Infectious Diseases

Articles on infectious diseases



Hepatitis C, a silent killer that attacks the liver, is rampant among the almost two million inmates of U.S. prisons and jails but authorities are making only halfhearted efforts to combat it, medical and prison experts say


Promoting health, reducing stigma closing the inequality gap in access to primary health care for women living with hepatitis  One of the major challenges facing women diagnosed with hepatitis C is overcoming the stigma attached to this illness which frequently acts as a barrier to appropriate and timely primary health care.  
Researchers fear ultimate toll of hepatitis C may surpass AIDS  The virus that nearly killed Kolling is hepatitis C, which is thought to have infected 170 million people around the world, including 3.9 million Americans. The major cause of liver transplants, chronic infection with hepatitis C can lead to cirrhosis, liver failure, liver cancer and death.  

The New Epidemic

Tonight we look at a disturbing question: did a hospital mistake put a nurse and her patients at risk? Chief investigative correspondent Sarah Wallace joins us with a disturbing case that is focusing new attention on a dangerous disease that may be the new epidemic.


Victims tell of tears, pain from hepatitis  Wallace is one of 65 people infected with hepatitis C because a nurse anesthetist reused needles and syringes at a pain management clinic at Norman Regional Hospital and two Oklahoma City clinics between May 1999 and August 2002.  

"Unless we do something about [HEP-C] soon, it will kill more people than AIDS"--Everett Koop

Hepatitis C is a life-threatening, blood borne disease of the liver. It is caused by a virus, and is far more easily transmitted than HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. It is suspected that there are, at present, more than 4.5 million people in the United States that are infected with hepatitis C, and more than 200 million around the world - far more people than are infected with HIV. Hepatitis C is rapidly becoming a global epidemic, and this makes hepatitis C one of the greatest public health threats faced in this century, and perhaps one of the greatest threats to be faced in the next century.



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