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“The only thing necessary for these diseases to the triumph is for good people and governments to do nothing.”


MP Says Govt Should Save Babies From HIV

Chrispin Inambao

AN opposition parliamentarian says if Government can afford bailouts of N$1 billion for Air Namibia it should be in a position to spend a few thousand dollars to save unborn babies whose mothers are HIV-positive.

Congress of Democrats (CoD) parliamentarian, Nora Schimming-Chase, on Tuesday raised the issue during her contribution to the motion in the National Assembly on ARV treatment for sufferers.

The motion was tabled by fellow CoD MP Rosa Namises.


"I rise today to join all MPs who spoke in support of the motion by honourable Namises pleading for the nationwide provision of ARV treatment for HIV-AIDS patients," she said.

Schimming-Chase said "one dose of an anti-retroviral drug administered to the mother within eight hours before the birth of the baby, coupled with one dose administered to the baby within eight hours after birth is all it takes to try to save the life of a Namibian child".

"Mr Speaker, it is the duty of the State, using tax contributions of it citizens, to take care of these children. We cannot put a price on a Namibian baby while we spend billions on the cost of an airline. We can spend thousands on the life of a baby," she said.

Schimming-Chase said it was a shame and tragic that the ruling party was accusing the CoD of trying to "score political points" and of politicising the HIV-AIDS debate because the disease affects all Namibians irrespective of political affiliation.


The debate on the provision of HIV-AIDS drugs was postponed to today.