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“The only thing necessary for these diseases to the triumph is for good people and governments to do nothing.”


Sh276 Million to Fight HIV/Aids Prevalence

Dennis Lumiti

The Government has through the National Aids Control Council (Nacc), funded 623 Community-Based Organisations (CBOs) to the tune of Sh276,584,541, Cabinet Minister Dr Chris Murungaru said yesterday.

Murungaru said the Government is committed to working with CBOs as it believes they are well-positioned to develop and implement HIV/Aids programmes.

He said the Government will continue to support CBOs through Nacc so that the war against the killer disease is won.


Murungaru, however, warned the CBOs and other organisations funded by the Government against the misuse of funds meant for the HIV/Aids war.

"Funds allocated to various organisations - sensitising members of the public over the scourge - should be strictly put into proper use," he stressed.

The minister made the remarks in a speech read on his behalf by the Western Provincial Commissioner Mr Hassan Noor Hassan at Bishop Nicholas Stam Pastoral Centre, Shimalabandu.

This was during a tour of HIV/Aids projects in the province. Also present was Nacc Chairperson Prof Miriam Were, Director Dr Margaret Gachara and the Provincial Medical Officer Dr. Robert Ayisi.

Murungaru pointed out that the Government will be monitoring and evaluating the process to establish if the funds allocated to various organisations are put to effective and proper use.

He reminded officials of the organisations carrying out HIV/Aids programmes that the Narc Government advocates for zero-tolerance on corruption.

He added that stern measures will be taken against individuals found to have misappropriated funds allocated to their organisations.


Murungaru also said the Government will be carrying out assessment to evaluate the impact that organisations tackling the pandemic had created in their respective areas of operations.

He said some of the leading areas in HIV/Aids epidemic had a prevalence of 28.5 per cent while the lowest had 9 per cent.

The minister urged Kenyans to uphold their traditional values of care and respect for life so that they do not, knowingly or unknowingly, spread the disease to other people.