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Epidemiologic Situation of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV/AIDS Patients) in a Private Clinic in Tehran, Iran At the beginning of 1980’s, acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) and its etiological agent were for the first time described to be associated with sexual contact, especially sex with other men as the main risk factor of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) transmission. Nowadays, in many countries including Iran, however, drug abuse has been the major route of HIV transmission over the past several years. Among males with AIDS in Argentina, 45% were injection drug users (IDUs). It was estimated that 50% of women had acquired infection through heterosexual contact and 12% through sex with IDU male partners; 31% of women were themselves IDUs; 7% showed blood transfusion as the possible route of transmission. Among children who developed AIDS, it was estimated that 3% acquired the infection through blood transfusions and 95% were children whose mothers were infected with HIV.  
Innovative Approaches to AIDS in Iran In this, the first program of the AIDS in Asia Initiative at the Asia Society, Dr. Kamiar Alaei, speaking for himself and his brother Aresh, described the extent to which drug use has ravaged Iran and propelled the country into the world of HIV/AIDS. Long a country known for its gentle custom of smoking opium, Iran has descended into a nation where opium, heroin and morphine are increasingly infiltrating most parts of society. The growth of HIV/AIDS is directly linked with the growth of injected drug use.  
Prisoners’ knowledge of HIV/AIDS and its prevention in Kerman, Islamic Republic of Iran Knowledge of prisoners regarding HIV/AIDS in Kerman was evaluated. Analysis indicated that the sample (n = 350) of prisoners had relatively high knowledge about HIV/AIDS and its modes of transmission. However, they had a lower level of knowledge about HIV/AIDS prevention. The overall knowledge of men about AIDS was significantly lower than women. Persons aged 46 years and older and illiterate inmates had the least knowledge about modes of transmission. In addition, the knowledge of illiterate prisoners about HIV/AIDS prevention was significantly lower than others. Evaluation of attitudes and practices of prisoners and implementation of educational programmes regarding HIV/AIDS are suggested.  

Silent Liver Diseases in Autopsies from Forensic Medicine of Tehran


Most of the chronic liver diseases, even in advanced stages, may cause no prominent clinical signs or symptoms. They either go undiagnosed or are found incidentally during general health check-ups, investigations for other diseases, surgery, or autopsy. The underlying causes of chronic liver diseases vary in different geographic areas and are based on various factors such as socioeconomic status, life style, diet, local or regional infections, and other endemic diseases  

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