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Blood tainted by Hepatitis C used in transfusion

The Japanese Red Cross Society has confirmed the first case in which donated blood containing the hepatitis C virus passed its screening tests and was used in a blood transfusion, according to officials of the organization.


Blood transfusions suspected in 29 hepatitis cases  Twenty-nine sufferers of hepatitis-B virus (HBV) or hepatitis-C virus (Hepatitis C Virus) may have been infected through blood transfusions conducted across the country in the April-June period, the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry warned Tuesday.   
Hepatitis C victims sue A group of people infected with hepatitis C virus from treatment with virus-tainted blood products-typically during childbirth or through transfusions during surgery-have filed damage suits in Tokyo and Osaka district courts against the central government and three pharmaceuticals companies that distributed the blood products  

Hepatitis B Hits Japanese Football Team

A study in the latest issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine describes five cases of acute hepatitis B and six cases of asymptomatic infection that occurred on a 74-member football team at the University of Okayama in Japan.


Human Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation in Japan Trafficking in humans is a revived form of slavery affecting virtually all regions of the world, which has grown steadily since the 1980s to become one of the most lucrative businesses of international criminal organizations.  A recent estimate indicates that trafficking engulfs between one and two million people each year worldwide, especially women and children, generating billions of dollars in profits to the criminal networks that control it. 721 kb pdf

Japanese Charity Plans AIDS Home

Ashinaga, a Japanese charity organisation, plans to build a modern home for AIDS orphans in Uganda.


Japanese Release AIDS Statistics

A total of 5,121 people in Japan have reportedly tested positive for HIV through December of 2002, an increase of 139 from three months earlier, Japan's health authorities said in a statement Friday.


Japanese woman dies after Hepatitis B infection from tainted blood 

The cause of the woman's death could not be confirmed because she also suffered from a circulatory condition, but the Japanese Red Cross Society confirmed the virus in her blood genetically matched that of one of her donors, the top-selling Yomiuri Shimbun said.


Knowledge and attitudes toward AIDS among female college students in Nagasaki, Japan

A structured questionnaire containing questions concerning knowledge about AIDS, sources of information, beliefs and attitudes toward people with HIV/AIDS was administered during sessions set up for that purpose.


The Japan Times: Dec. 17, 2003  

The Japanese Red Cross Society has confirmed the first case in which donated blood containing the hepatitis C virus passed its screening tests and was used in a blood transfusion, according to officials of the organization. The contaminated blood was donated in western Japan in November 2000 and the Red Cross detected hepatitis C genes in a follow-up test on the individual blood samples it kept.


Trends in HIV and AIDS based on HIV/AIDS surveillance data in Japan

In recent years a decline in the number of new AIDS cases has been observed in several industrialized countries. It is important to know whether these recent trends observed in North American and Europe are also occurring in Japan

179 kb pdf

Youth NGO Receives Japanese Support

The Youth Organization Against Drugs (OJCD), a Mozambican NGO dedicated to the fight against drug abuse and the HIV/AIDS epidemic, has received from the Japanese government about 75,000 US dollars worth of support for its activities.



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