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Active surveillance of Hepatitis C Virus in the UK   Most current paediatric Hepatitis C Virus infection in UK and Ireland has been acquired from contaminated blood products, and most children are asymptomatic. There is a need for multicentre trials to inform clinical practice and development of good practice guidelines in this area. Long term follow up of this cohort of Hepatitis C Virus infected children is planned to help determine the natural history over the long term of Hepatitis C Virus acquired during infancy and childhood  

Anger on ruling not to prosecute Irish Doctors

There has been an angry public reaction to the decision by Ireland's Director of Public Prosecutions not to take legal action against the doctors and other former medical staff who were named as being negligent by the Tribunal into Hepatitis-C-Infected Blood Products earlier this year. More than 1600 people had been infected with hepatitis-C virus (Hepatitis C Virus) at the time of the Tribunal.


Audit of bloodborne virus infections in injecting drug users in general practice-England Increasing interest in hepatitis C infection among injecting drug users has generated a need for information on the transmission, incidence and prevalence, and natural history of the disease. 306 kb pdf

Britain experiences steep AIDS rise

In what public health officials in Britain deemed an "extremely worrying trend," new cases of HIV diagnosed in the UK in 2002 are expected to increase by 20 percent, more than twice the amount being reported at the end of the 1990s.


Exposure of healthcare workers in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland to bloodborne viruses between July 1997 and June 2000 The transmission of bloodborne viruses to healthcare workers can have serious consequences not only for clinical practice but also, because of the requirements of health and safety legislation, for their employers. In spite of guidance and education,  however, many healthcare workers continue to be exposed to bloodborne viruses from percutaneous, mucocutaneous, or other injuries.  
Healthcare reform-British Britain's National Health Service was established in the wake of WW II amid a broad consensus that health care should be made available to all. 106 kb pdf
HIV, hepatitis tests for some UK Health Workers  Doctors, nurses and other health workers wanting
jobs in Britain's National Health Service (NHS) will be required to test negative for HIV and hepatitis B and C before taking up certain posts, under new measures put forward by the government.

HIV in British Prisons

This paper discusses the problems of HIV in British prisons in regard to risk behaviors such as syringe sharing, sexual behavior and tattooing.  It recommends ways to prevent the spread of HIV within the  prison system

Pdf 24 kb

Increase in mortality rates from intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma in England and Wales

Deaths from liver cancer have almost doubled in the past 30 years, shows research in Gut. A relatively rare type of liver cancer arising from the bile ducts-intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma-accounts for virtually all of the increase.


Seroinconversion to positivity for Hepatitis C Virus-England 93-5 To estimate the rate of seroconversion to positively for Hepatitis C Virus antibody in repeat blood donors in England and to describe the probable routes of infection in these donors 221 kb pdf

London Times on Bayer Drug Trials.

ONE of the world's largest drug companies placed hundreds of patients at risk of potentially fatal infections by failing to disclose crucial safety information to six hospitals at the start of a nationwide drug trial.


Prevalence of HIV and hepatitis infections in the United Kingdom-2001
Annual report of the unlinked anonymous prevalence monitoring 
271 kb pdf

Protection of UK blood supply from HIV, HBV, Hepatitis C Virus: infected donations rarely enter supply

Approximately five blood donations a year infected with hepatitis B, and one Alternative Treatments every twelve years infected with HIV or hepatitis C enter the United Kingdom's blood supply, according to a study published in the May 2003 edition of the journal Vox Sanguinis.


Queen Mum Lauded

The Eastern regional co-ordinator for HIV/AIDS, Dr. Sampson Badu Ofori, has commended the Queen Mothers Association of the Manya Krobo Traditional Area (MKTA) for helping to reduce the AIDS prevalence rate from 13% to about %6 now in the area.


Shooting Up: infections in injecting drug users in the United Kingdom, 2002 Infections in injecting drug users (IDUs) in the United Kingdom (UK) are becoming a growing public health problem. In recent years there have been outbreaks of, among other illnesses, hepatitis A, wound botulism and most recently tetanus(4) . Data on a range of infections that can affect IDUs have been brought together in a new annual report that includes surveillance data from across the UK.  
UN Inter-Agency Project on Trafficking in Women and Children in the Mekong Sub-region Globalization is distinguished by increased focus on competitive markets.  Such competitive markets tend to be characterized by considerable inequality in incomes and wealth.  And it is this inequality, this disparity, coupled with the rise of consumerism that, as much as poverty, drives migration.  For if the expectation of better opportunities were not available elsewhere, there would be less cause to migrate Pdf 334 kb

UK Doctors warn of death toll from 'silent epidemic' of hepatitis C 

The silent epidemic of hepatitis C is officially estimated to have infected 200,000 people in the UK - four times as many as HIV - and more than 100 people are being infected each week.


UK working group on education and HIV/AIDS Approaches to examining the impact of HIV/AIDS on teachers-Policy and Research 307 kb pdf

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