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“The only thing necessary for these diseases to the triumph is for good people and governments to do nothing.”

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ABC Model (Allocation by Cost-Effectiveness)

(Very large file-increase download time)

Excel model—a resource allocation Model for HIV/AIDS in Honduras, very good information.  This model serves as a didactic instrument and as a tool for the elaboration of policies and budgets, and the analysis of HIV prevention program design. 4,393 kb
Aidsproj Spreadsheet Model for Using ANC Surveillance Data to Estimate and Project HIV Prevalence and AIDS Cases 320 kb
Assa600 AIDS Demographic Model version 600 2,031 kb
ASSA2000 Actuarial Society of South Africa-AIDS demographic Model 2000 13,143 kb
ASSA2000 Actuarial Society of South Africa-AIDS Demographic Model 2000 LITE VERSION 2,661 kb
ASSA Select model ASSA Select model 1,316 kb
Excel STD Statewide (California) Reports by Public Health Preparedness Regions Executable program/ 82 kb
Goals Resource Allocation 1,000 kb
HIV/AIDS Calculator This spreadsheet is designed to estimate the effects of different infant feeding strategies on infant mortality where HIV prevalence is high 50 kb
Proxidemo Proimate Determinants of Fertility-Demonstration Worksheet, Prepared by the Policy Project, Jan-97 32 kb
RAPID Population Impacts on Development; Rapid version 4.0, A project of USAUD 441 kb
Table 9 Economic Impact of Adult HIV/AIDS-Related Death and non-related Death 20 kb