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“The only thing necessary for these diseases to the triumph is for good people and governments to do nothing.”



Any good Health and Safety Management System ensures that change to, or outside influence on, existing facilities and operations should be assessed in relation to impact on health, safety and environmental standards. As an aid to management of this process of assessment, Ambion have developed a coarse risk management model which enables the HSE Team to advise the Business Manager on the likely issues associated with any change in terms of:

·         Impact on existing risk;

·         Potential cumulative impact on future risk taking into account other developments;

·         Environmental exposures against legislative and corporate expectations;

in an efficient and auditable manner. The model overlays risk predictions for any proposed change to onto a "Base Case" Risk. The change in risk is then determined and a level of warning (based upon a traffic light colour scheme) assigned depending upon the magnitude of change of risk. This is presented schematically as follows.


This model is flexible has been successfully used to help managers judge the likely impact of proposed changes to existing arrangements and to screen the effects of a number of potential development options.