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“The only thing necessary for these diseases to the triumph is for good people and governments to do nothing.”




"Judge Upholds Ruling That Hepatitis Is a

Work-Related Injury"

"Judge Upholds Ruling That Hepatitis Is a Work-Related Injury"

Washington Post (12/21/00) P. A2


     Philadelphia must increase its funding for firefighters and paramedics who contract the hepatitis C virus (Hepatitis C Virus) while working, a judge ruled Wednesday. The judge upheld an arbitrator's decision that Philadelphia must provide $4.8 million over two years to these workers' health plans, an increase from the $3 million annually the city had already committed. City officials are expected to appeal the judge's ruling because of the cost. "We are concerned that the award would be precedent-setting and dangerous to the overall finances and the future finances of the city of Philadelphia," said City Managing Director Joe Martz. The union has also announced that it may appeal, because Common Pleas Judge Allan L. Tereshko rejected a provision mandating that the city pay for sick leave for Hepatitis C Virus-infected workers.