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“The only thing necessary for these diseases to the triumph is for good people and governments to do nothing.”


State of California


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Resolution in support of Federal funding for California Counties Department of Health Services between county Hepatitis C Virus task forces and the local community partnerships for testing, training, education, prevention, medical/Health providers in recognition that this approach will best control the Hepatitis C epidemic in California


Whereas California’s public and private healthcare systems have experienced increased demand for Hepatitis C services, including patient and provider education and case management, and are under great economic pressure to treat Hepatitis C, a life threatening liver disease affecting over 1.8 percent of our population.

WHEREAS Hepatitis C affects Californians from all walks of life, we believe, endorse and encourage the formation and implementation of county task forces to address prevention, education, support, and treatment for all California residents affected by this disease.  We affirm the principal that a community response in the form of partnerships between federal, state, and county governments, policy makers, health care providers, educators, the private sector, and community based organizations is an effective way to reduce present and future costs to communities and create new resources to eradicate Hepatitis C;

WHEREAS The Hepatitis C Strategic Plan: A Collaborative Approach to the Emerging Epidemic in California (2001), developed by the Steering Committee and Working Group for the Prevention and Control of Hepatitis C in California, recommends the formation of community task forces to address Hepatitis C prevention and control;  

WHEREAS the leadership of the County Departments of Health in partnership with local agencies has created model Hepatitis C Virus Task Forces that encourage cooperative efforts as a community response to this major health concern; 

WHEREAS The Board of supervisors of the following counties listed support and endorse this initiative and proclaim this to be vital to their communities and state their annual financial needs to combat this epidemic (attached documents and reports of evidence):


Counties of Marin, Sonoma, etc. 

WHEREAS it is further noted that the Surgeon General of the United States and the two previous Surgeon Generals have declared this epidemic to be a major national health concern;

WHEREAS The State of California, Governor, Lt. Governor and the State Senate and State Assembly unanimously support and encourage action by our federal branches of government to assist and support federal funding to California counties for their programs to effectively reduce the spread of Hepatitis C that affects over 600,000 Californians,

RESOLVED That the State of California in recognition of this initiative, further convey to the President of the United States therefore be it

RESOLVED That California requires Emergency Federal assistance to address Hepatitis C as a Public Health State of Emergency

By my hand and seal:  Governor of the State of California

(draft by Bill Remak)