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“The only thing necessary for these diseases to the triumph is for good people and governments to do nothing.”


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Ohio State Mortality Rates Ohio State Mortality Rates 1999-2006

Ohio African American Female

Ohio African American Male

Ohio Hispanic (2186-2) Female

Ohio Hispanic (2186-2) Male

Ohio White Female

Ohio White Male

Disease Control and Surveillance –Ohio To appropriately survey and investigate reported infectious and non-infectious diseases, and enforce the Ohio state regulations regarding reportable diseases in the Akron area.  
“Do no harm" or "Do no expense"? Ohio's prisoners are dying from inadequate medical care In August, the Columbus Dispatch and WBNS-TV published a multi-part exposé of the inadequate medical care in Ohio's prisons. The series exposed wrongful deaths, inadequate care and questionable doctors. Almost 2,600 Ohio prisoners are known to be infected with Hepatitis C and health officials estimate the true figure to be closer to 9,000. As of July, the number of prisoners receiving treatment for Hepatitis C was 16. In September, the Prison Reform Advocacy Center in Cincinnati filed a class action lawsuit challenging these conditions.  
Human Trafficking in Ohio This monograph is designed to provide context about human trafficking in Ohio to help inform and shape public discourse and practical responses to it. To do so, it systematically explores human trafficking in terms of its existence and characteristics and in terms of how the criminal justice and social service communities have responded to it. The goal is to provide policymakers and practitioners with information to help improve their efforts to protect and provide services to victims and to bring perpetrators to justice. This monograph will also be of value to legislators and practitioners in other states who are concerned about this issue, as well as to researchers who are seeking to better understand human tracking and the social response to it. Pdf 541 kb
OHIO Annual Summary of Infectious Diseases Listing of statistical data for Ohio 77 kb pdf
Ohio State Health Care profile Statistical data for the state of Ohio 380 kb pdf
Report: Waits lengthy to see prison doc Ohio prison inmates face long waits for treatment by physicians who often are overworked and sometimes have histories of disciplinary problems, a newspaper and television station's investigation shows.  At least two inmates died minutes after being released from prison clinics, and others have gone days without receiving prescribed medicines, according to the three-month investigation reported Sunday by The Columbus Dispatch and WBNS-TV.  

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