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“The only thing necessary for these diseases to the triumph is for good people and governments to do nothing.”



South Africa: Death by AIDS

Note: The information you see here is from the First National Bank Economics website at:

These graphs are from the Development Bank of South Africa and the Actuarial Society of South Africa. It is very possible that these estimates are very conservative and do not truly reflect how bad the true situation is. Nevertheless, they still show the tremendous impact that HIV/AIDS is having on South Africa.

In order to appreciate the true impact AIDS may have on South Africa, you should also go to the analysis by Dr Jan Du Plessis, called: "South Africa: Beyond Democracy" which is in the archive of the AfricanCrisis website. Dr Du Plessis is a professional geostrategic analyst who produces reports for businesses, etc. This is a report from him detailing how AIDS will become the major force driving South Africa as the AIDS pandemic drives society at all levels in a way not seen since the Black Death in Europe.


Here are the graphs from the Development Bank of South Africa (DBSA) and the Actuarial Society (ASSA) of South Africa, and the Department of Health:-

The graph below shows that by 2025, 18 million South Africans will have died of AIDS.

It appears from these graphs as if AIDS will kill more women by far than men.

This graph shows that children under 15 start declining in numbers - from round about 2005


The graph below is very important. It shows that from about 2006, South Africa's labour force won't be growing any more… for a very long time… This will surely have a large economic impact.

The graph below shows the number of AIDS orphans in the province of KwaZulu/Natal (around Durban).

This graph indicates how less people will have more and more dependants.