N2slin is back and better than ever baby!  With an updated formula and easy to swallow capsules, it is yet another weapon that N2bm has brought to market to help you build more muscle and keep off annoying body fat.

n2slin review

History of the product

N2slin has a unique name which needs to be explained so you fully understand what it is all about.  The ‘slin’ comes from the word insulin.  Everyone is always worried about testosterone levels, and nowadays we worry about estrogen too.  Yes, these are both very important hormones which can make or break your fitness success, however, what if I told you there was another hormone which was just as important (and perhaps even MORE important)?

N2bm already has an awesome natural testosterone booster called N2generate/Hcgenerate (ES).  So the developers came up with a natural insulin supplement that will help your muscles become fuller and bigger, while also blocking body fat from being stored.  Now you are covered on both fronts.

More on insulin

You probably know of people around you who are diabetic who are using either insulin or diabetes drugs like metformin, which purpose is to control blood sugar.   The reason diabetics have to take either is that their pancreas does not function (type 1 diabetics) or their bodies have been taught to not function correctly because of years of poor lifestyle (type 2 diabetics).

Bodybuilders at the highest levels may use insulin before a meal so that they can better shuttle in nutrients into the muscles.  However, insulin is a dangerous hormone, because it can send your blood sugar too low and put you in shock or coma.  The other glaring problem is that injecting more insulin is a great way to get fat because insulin will boost the bodies fat storage.   Diabetes drugs like metformin are also used by some bodybuilders, but it is nasty on the stomach and long-term usage has not been shown to be effective.

Why N2slin

Unlike insulin or diabetes medication:

  • N2slin is safe
  • It won’t tear up your stomach
  • You can buy it legally without a prescription
  • No needles involved
  • You can use it year round
  • Understanding insulin resistance/sensitivity

Reversing Insulin Resistance

Many of us have become insulin resistant over the years due to our eating habits.  This trend is just as severe in the bodybuilding community where we are taught by ignorant diet gurus to eat frequent meals throughout the day.  Every time you eat something your insulin spikes up and your body goes into storage mode.  Over the course of time this adjustment trains your body to store food from the time you wake up and start eating, to the time you stop eating, which leads to what is called insulin resistance.  If you go to the gym you see this with ‘perma bulkers’ who are just big and strong, but they are holding too much body fat.  What is the point of having muscle if it is covered by fat and we can’t see it?

The best way to reverse this is to change your eating habits via fasting, eating less often during the day, and using N2slin. 

Building Muscle While BURNING Fat

When you take insulin throughout the day and/or before your meals, it will put your body into an insulin sensitive state.  This means instead of storing fat, your body will block and burn away fat.  It also has ingredients which will shuttle in nutrients into your muscles, feeding them and helping them grow and recover after your workouts.

This is why N2slin is great for burning body fat AND putting on solid lean muscle mass at the same time.  You can also use it before a high carb/calorie meal to prevent fat storage. This is why users keep it on hand when they go out and have cheat meals.


All this sounds pretty cool. But to truly understand what N2slin does, and how it does it, all we need to do is take a look at each ingredient.  The creators of this product found 7 of the best supplements and put it in the formula with just the right synergy.

If you bought each supplement by itself it would cost you hundreds! However, N2slin is an all in 1 product that is very affordable.

The following are the ingredients per serving (2 capsules):

Crape myrtle 200mg:

A natural insulin mimicker which stimulates glucose uptake causing nutrients to be shuttled into the muscles.  This feeds your muscles.

Crape Myrtle is believed to contain certain active ingredients within the leaves that have anti-diabetic properties. Specifically, banaba (Lagerstroemia speciosa L.) is a variety of Crape Myrtle that grows in certain parts of the world (eg, Philippines, India, Malaysia, Australia) and contains corosolic acid, for which increased interest exists in relation to its potential role in treating type 2 diabetes. [PMC]

Gymnema Sylvestre 150mg:

Similar to Crape Myrtle, it stimulates insulin release which feeds the muscles after you eat.

Gymenmia Sylvestre was determined to be one of the most potent herbs available to lower blood sugar in the human body. It was also proved have huge potential in being turned into drugs in medicines intended to lower blood sugar. [Evolutionary.org]

Bergenin 200mg:

With all that insulin mimicking from the other ingredients, you need this compound. It blocks insulin from storing carbs and sending energy to fat cells.  It also controls insulin output so you can’t go into fat storage mode.

These findings provided evidence to exhibit that bergenin could improve liver tissue hyperglycemia, insulin sensitivity increase glucose uptake and shows hepatoprotective. Hence it might be used in the management of obesity-associated type 2 diabetes mellitus. [ScienceDirect]

4-hydroxyisoleucine 100mg:

Added to level blood sugar all day and boost heart health.

n2slin results - before and afterGreen tea extract (EGCG) 100mg:

This ingredient controls cortisol which is released during your workout or when you are stressed.  Cortisol is nasty, and it will result in the body storing fat which makes it impossible to get lean.

Conversion of cortisone to cortisol was inhibited by all three types of tea in a concentration-dependent manner, with green tea exhibiting the highest inhibition. [PMC]

Coleus Forskohlii 40mg:

Helps utilize your meals more efficiently so you can always take advantage of everything that goes into your mouth.

Green coffee bean extracts 80mg:

Helps block food conversion to glucose in the body, which prevents fat from being stored after a meal.

Dosage and use

N2slin can be utilized in several different ways depending on your diet lifestyle.

  1. Dose 2 capsules 30-45 minutes before a cheat meal
  2. If you eat 4-6 meals a day then take 1 capsule 30-45 minutes prior to your meal
  3. If you eat 1-3 meals a day then take 2 capsules 30-45 minutes prior to your meal

For best overall results I recommend intermittent fasting with N2slin as an added weapon.

Eat a normal dinner then do not eat until 12-2pm the next day.  Try and workout before your first meal of the day. And, take 2 capsules of N2slin 30-45 minutes prior to that post-workout meal.  Then eat normally the rest of the day using 1-2 capsules of N2slin prior to your meals/snacks.

Side effects

If you take N2slin and do not eat for over 1-2 hours you may notice some low blood sugar symptoms.  Although this is not dangerous, it isn’t the most ideal way to use the product. So follow the correct dosing protocols above.

Where to buy

N2slin is all natural and legal to buy.  Amazon.com and N2bm.com sell it.


  • Burn Fat
  • Build muscle
  • Reverse Insulin resistance
  • Safety & Ease of use

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