Testolone (RAD140) Review

When someone told us about this new SARM called Testolone that was the rage among needle-heads, we thought it would be one of those cheap Testosterone booster supps that the guys use when they come off roids.

The ones with names like Testomax or Testosaur and shit like that.

But we have been living, eating and shitting SARMS for a while now. So it was worth a closer look at least.

And look we did.

What we discovered was this very unique and very useful compound that can do you a whole lot of good if you lift hard and eat right.

Now, we know that you’ve probably heard that a hundred times already since you started to read about SARMS. But when it comes to RAD140, we are not kidding.

Therein lies the popularity of the drug with steroid users who regularly use it as part of their testosterone stack or during PCT.

Let us explain why.

What is RAD140?

Radius PharmaceuticalsRAD140, also called Testolone, is a synthetic drug discovered by Radius Pharmaceuticals as early as in 2010.

We have reasons to believe that the ‘Lone’ in the name comes from its comparison to Primabolan (Metenolone), a very powerful Anabolic Androgenic Steroid used by the big man himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

RAD140 was formulated for preventing muscle loss and bone density caused due to cancer, particularly breast cancer. Being a SARM, it binds selectively to specific androgen receptors in the body, which in this case are your bone and muscle tissues.

Testolone (RAD140) studies

RAD140 (Testolone) has shown significant anabolic effects on a low dose

It either does not bind to receptors in the prostate gland and the seminal vesicles at all, or the binding is too feeble to cause the suppressive side effects that a steroid causes.

So, it’s more anabolic than androgenic.

Initial results and trials have been conducted mainly on primates and on mice. But they have been very positive and the first human clinical trial was supposed to begin in 2018. We are yet to have clarity on that part.

How to use RAD140?

There are two possible ways in which you can use RAD140. Since there is said to be minimal suppression of testosterone, you can use it in a standalone dose for a 6-8-week cycle. Nattys and SARM-only users will probably go this route.

The other way is to add it to a Test cycle, either when you are cruising or blasting. The advantage of adding it to your Test cycle is to amplify the effects of test, to reduce the sides, especially on the liver, prostate and seminal vesicles and lastly, to facilitate the drier lean mass look.

Yes, RAD140 will make you look more vascular. Also, it will not shrink your testes or enlarge your clitoris.

Some athletes have added it to their PCT cycle while coming off test. But we wouldn’t recommend that because what is known about RAD140 at this point of time is too little.

There are conflicting anecdotal reports that it may or may not cause suppression. And no matter how small the risk, you wouldn’t want to add something that causes suppression during a PCT phase.

The recommended dose is 20-30 mg/day. Start low and work up the numbers depending on how you feel.

Unlike other SARMS like Ostarine that take a while to hit you, this stuff will start showing in the mirror from week 1.

What can you expect after using RAD140?

Testolone (RAD140) ReviewOh, you will love every bit of it. It is almost like being on a stack of Test-E, Ostarine in insanely high doses peppered with some 1-Andro. That’s some serious credentials that we are awarding this boy. And it’s totally worth it.

24/7 Pumps:

That’s the first effect that you notice. Your muscles feel fuller all day. There will be more vascularity and you’ll look drier.

Lean gains:

With a calorie surplus diet, you can expect to gain about 8-10 lbs. of lean mass in a cycle with RAD140. That’s ripped, shredded lean mass by the way. Not the typical water-bloated Dbol mass that we often see in roiders. If you are in a cutting phase, this will help you retain the muscle that you’d normally lose when you torch that fat.

You feel great:

One of the positive effects of RAD140 is that your mental wellbeing is at its peak. It has been proven to prevent the secretion and production of an amino acid called Kainate that is considered to be one of the main contributors to Alzheimer’s disease. The better mood and improved clarity translates into better lifts and you are less likely to make dietary faux passes.

Kainate and rad-140 Testolone

Testolone reduces neuronal cell death cause by an amino acid called kainate


Most users have reported a significant increase in their lifting thresholds, particularly involving major muscle groups like chest, thighs and the back.

Is it completely safe to use?

RAD140 has demonstrated testosterone like effects without any of the side effects associated with it.

Even at doses that are 10 times higher than the recommended dose, liver enzymes were spiked only marginally. There was no reported prostate enlargement, hair loss or aromatization and the subsequent estrogen spike.

So, as of now or until we have more clinical studies to back it up, we can say that at the maximum dosage that we have recommended, RAD140 is completely safe to use.

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Some users have mentioned that they feel lethargic, especially at the end stages of a cycle. But once again, this has varied with some people experiencing it and others not.

Where can I buy authentic RAD140?

RAD140 is available in both liquid as well as capsule form. However, there are only a handful of companies that are selling pure, authentic RAD140. The rest are a mix of Dbol, Var and possibly even some Winny. That’s a nasty concoction folks.

Here’s where you can get pure, unadulterated RAD140.


  • Pumps
  • Lean Gains
  • Sense of Well Being
  • Strength Gains


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