‘Roid Raging’ Bodybuilder Attacks Girlfriend

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A very disturbing video has been released from an incident which occurred last July, showing a muscular bodybuilder in his underwear attacking his girlfriend.  The man is named Paul Bashi and he is 35 years old.  In the video, it shows him kicking, punching, stabbing, and throwing candles at his 22-year-old girlfriend inside their home in a suburb north of Detroit, Michigan.  The attack was so violent that it left him with her blood all over his body.  He did not stop attacking her, even while she begged for him to stop, before she was knocked out and not moving.  Amazingly the women, named Kristina Perry, managed to survive the horrific attack.  You can watch the video here.

All in all, she was kicked over 100 times and stabbed a dozen times. The attack lasted almost 1 hour and she was found on the front porch bleeding to death by neighbors who called the police.

Bashi is currently in jail facing a charge of assault with intent to murder.  They also found coke, pot, meth, ecstasy, steroids, and growth hormone in his house as well.  His attorney blamed excessive steroid use for his rage, and said that the accused was preparing to compete in a bodybuilding competition saying “I believe that what happened that day was something that’s referred to as roid rage.”

roid rage symptomsMotive

According to the video, Bashi is seen looking through his girlfriend’s phone while she is not present.  Obviously, he probably saw she had a call or message from another man and this enraged him with jealousy.  She is shown walking through the door and that is when he immediately attacks her with their dog watching in horror.  She did not stand a chance vs. the muscular attacker, being pinned between the wall and couch unable to even defend herself.


The victim was in a coma for days but is now doing well.  She talked to a judge this week, asking the court to drop the charges, because she blames herself for the incident.  It is important to remember that there are several scenarios that occur in domestic violence situations.

  1. The defendant puts pressure on the victim to drop the charges
  2. The victim might feel responsible for what happened
  3. She is worried about their or their families safety if they testify
  4. The victim may be blinded by love

The sad truth about domestic violence

Statistically, almost 2/3rds of all domestic violence cases are dismissed due to lack of cooperation by the victim.  This is a sad fact, but in every city across America, every year there are thousands of such cases and everyone knows someone who has been a victim of such crimes.

What is roid rage?

The unofficial definition of roid rage according to Wiktionary is “uncontrollable anger or violent behavior resulting from the usage of anabolic steroids.”  According to some roid rage is fictional, however, if we examine what happens when we use steroids we will understand that it can have an indirect effect on our emotions.

Anabolic steroids are typically androgenic. And those androgens can make a person more aggressive, angry, jealous, or effect other midbrain vices.  Many guys tend to get hornier on steroids, wanting to cheat on their spouses or wanting to try new sexual experiences.

Bottom line is if you have a bad temper, then using steroids can make your temper worse.  If you are already horny, using steroids can make you hornier.  If you tend to cheat on your spouse, using steroids can make you more likely to cheat on your spouse.

In this case, the attorney is likely trying to convince the court that the steroids were directly responsible and his client normally does not act like this.  However, I cannot agree with this. Because most steroid users are mature enough, and mentally stable enough, to not let their androgens get out of control.  In my opinion, the defendant has no business using steroids in the first place. He is a danger to society and should be locked up for life.

Steroid cycle speculation

We can speculate based on what was found in his home. What others who compete in bodybuilding typically use ahead of a show, and his behavior. That he could have used a stack like this:roid rage stories

  • Cocaine and meth 3X per week
  • Marijuana use daily
  • 8IUs per day Human Growth Hormone
  • 800mgs per week Trenbolone
  • 700mgs per week Testosterone Cypionate
  • 125mgs per day Winstrol
  • 50mgs a day Halotestin


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