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“The only thing necessary for these diseases to the triumph is for good people and governments to do nothing.”



  A compilation of articles and books concerning legal issues
               surrounding the AIDS Epidemic published before June 11, 1998

                           Compiled by


                        Arthur S. Leonard

                        Professor of Law

                       New York Law School

                         57 Worth Street

                      New York, N.Y. 10013


                        Table of Contents

Introduction Periodical Resources General: Symposia; Medical Issues; Overviews; Legislation Legal Bibliographies Confidentiality Criminal Law & Corrections Issues Domestic Relations (Family) Law Employment Law (including Employment Discrimination) Estate Planning & Decisionmaking Housing Immigration Insurance and Benefits International & Comparative Law & Travel Legal & Judicial Professional IssuesMental Health Law Military Pediatric, Childhood and Teen AIDS Public Accommodations Public Benefits Public Health Measures (including Testing & Education)Racial & Ethnic Minorities and AIDS Research Issues/Drug Development Schools & Colleges Torts (including Transmission Liability)Treatment Rights/Medical Ethics/Availability of Drugs Women and AIDS
                          Introduction     This bibliography lists articles on legal aspects of the AIDS epidemic in academic law reviews, barjournals, legal newspapers, and some books published from 1983 through the date indicated on the Cover. This cannot be considered comprehensive, because so much is appearing about AIDS that it is likelysomething has escaped the compiler's attention along the way.  Only articles that actually mention anddiscuss AIDS are included.  Excluded are articles which generally discuss handicap discrimination law orother issues without mentioning AIDS implications, and most of the numerous articles dealing generallywith implications of the passage of the Americans With Disabilities Act but not including a significantAIDS focus.     Most entries are assigned to one category, although in some cases the title made it evident that anarticle belonged in more than one category, and it was so assigned.  Due to subject matter overlap, theplacement of some articles was arbitrary.  Almost everything in the "General" category covers two or moreof the other categories, but many articles listed under "General" have not been listed elsewhere, since theirdiscussion of any one substantive area tends to be cursory.  Many articles on handicap discrimination laware listed under "Employment Law," but researchers on this issue should also examine the "General"category.Student Articles - Beginning during the summer of 1992, student authors of notes and comments areidentified in parentheticals at the end of entries, as per the 16th edition of the Uniform System of Citation. However, such articles are listed alphabetically under their generic description, i.e., Note, Comment, RecentDevelopment, etc.                      Periodical Resources     In addition to articles listed, researchers should be aware of the following resources which providecontinuing coverage of AIDS issues.  Articles in these publications are generally not separately listed in thefollowing bibliography:Periodicals--   AIDS Update, a newsletter published by Lambda Legal Defense & Education Fund, 666Broadway, 12th Fl., New York, N.Y. 10012.  Summary of recent AIDS-related litigation and legislative andpolicy developments.--   AIDS Policy and Law, a biweekly newsletter published by BURAFF Publications, 1350 ConnecticutAve., N.W., Suite 1000, Washington, D.C. 20036.  News reporting of AIDS cases, legislation, and policydebates.--   Mental & Physical Disability Law Reporter, a bimonthly journal published by the American BarAssociation.  News reporting and analysis of developing HIV-related discrimination litigation.--   Lesbian/Gay Law Notes, a monthly newsletter published by the Lesbian & Gay Law Association ofGreater New York, 799 Broadway, Suite 340, New York, N.Y. 10003.  News reporting on lesbian/gay andAIDS issues, with bibliographical references.  $25 annually/$30 US funds overseas.--   The Exchange, a quarterly newsletter published by the National Lawyers Guild AIDS Network, 558Capp St., San Francisco, CA 94110.  Each issue is devoted thematically to a particular aspect of AIDS-related law.--   AIDS & Public Policy Journal, University Publishing Group, 107 East Church St., Frederick, MD21701.  Essays on public policy issues concerning AIDS.                              General        (Symposia; Medical Issues; Overviews; Treatises)Abrams, "The AIDS Agenda," 12 Nova Law Review 969 (Spring 1988).Achtenberg (ed), Sexual Orientation and the Law, chs. 13-17 (Clark Boardman Co., Ltd., Supp. 1987);(Additional Supp. 1989)."AIDS and the Law," 20 Maryland Bar Journal No. 6 (June 1987).Aiken, Jane, "AIDS--Pushing the Limits of Scientific and Legal Thought," 27 Jurimetrics Journal 1 (Fall1986)(broad overview of frontier legal questions presented by AIDS epidemic).Aiken, Jane & Michael Musheno, "Why Have-Notes Win the HIV Litigation Arena: Socio-Legal Dynamicsof Extreme Cases," 16 Law & Policy 267 (July 1994).Aladjem, "AIDS: Mind and Body," 4 Issues in Law & Medicine 359 (Winter 1988).Albert, Graff & Schatz (eds.), AIDS Practice Manual: A Legal and Educational Guide (2nd ed. 1988).Altman, Dennis, "HIV, Homophobia, and Human Rights," 2 Health and Human Rights No. 4, 15 (1998).American Academy of Hospital Attorneys, AIDS Task Group, AIDS and the Law: Responding to theSpecial Concerns of Hospitals, American Hospital Association, November 1987 (available from AHA, 840N. Lake Shore Dr., Chicago, IL 60611).American Bar Association, AIDS: The Legal Issues, Discussion Draft of the ABA AIDS CoordinatingCommittee, August 1988 (available from ABA AIDS Coordinating Committee, 1800 M Street, N.W.,Washington, D.C. 20036, 202-331-2273).American Bar Association, "AIDS and Persons With Developmental Disabilities: The Legal Perspective,"selected excerpts, 14 Mental and Physical Disability Law Reporter No. 1, 82 (January-February 1990).American Bar Association AIDS Committee, William A. Bradford, Jr., and Michelle Zavos, "The AIDSEpidemic and Health Care Reform," 27 John Marshall Law Review 279 (Winter 1994).An Exchange of Letters on AIDS, 17 Law, Medicine & Health Care 283 (Fall 1989).Anderson, Shari, "Heartspace Memories," 3 Journal of Pharmacy & Law 1 (1994).Areen, Book Review -- Dalton, Burris & the Yale AIDS Law Project: AIDS and the Law, 86 MichiganLaw Review 1067 (May 1988).Armstrong, Book Review, "AIDS and the Law," 28 Santa Clara Law Review 463 (Spring 1988).At Issue: Is AIDS a Handicap?, ABA Journal, February 1, 1987, 38 (Contrasting views expressed byCongressman William Dannemeyer & Hellar Ann Hancock, and Nan Hunter, Esq., ACLU).Banks, Taunya Lovell, "Women and AIDS -- Racism, Sexism, and Classism," 17 New York UniversityReview of Law & Social Change 351 (1989-90).Barron, Paul, Sara J. Goldstein & Karen L. Wishnev, "State Statutes Dealing with HIV and AIDS: AComprehensive State-by-State Summary," 5 Law & Sexuality 1 (1995).Bayer, Ronald, "Between Past and Future: AIDS Policy in International Perspective," 23 New YorkUniversity Journal of International Law & Politics 1061 (Summer 1991).Blendon & Donelan, "AIDS and Discrimination: Public and Professional Perspectives," in Gostin (ed.),AIDS and the Health Care System (Yale Univ. Press, 1990).Blodgett, "Et Al.," Student Lawyer, January 1984 (Summary of early AIDS discrimination problems).Bloom, "AIDS and Moral Theory: An Inadequate Response from the World Community," 23 New YorkUniversity Journal of International Law & Politics 1069 (Summer 1991).Bopp & Gardner, "AIDS Babies, Crack Babies: Challenges to the Law," 7 Issues in Law & Medicine 3(Summer 1991).Braden, "AIDS: Dealing With the Plague," 19 Northern Kentucky Law Review 277 (Winter 1992).Branson, "The Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome:  Information for the Attorney," 20 Maryland BarJournal No. 6, 2 (June 1987).Breen, "AIDS -- An Acquired Community Problem," 32 Medical Trial Technique Quarterly 249 (Winter1986).Breo, "Confronting AIDS," 34 Medical Trial Technique Quarterly 137 (Fall 1987) (journalistic account ofthe epidemic; adapted from Sunday newspaper feature article).Burris, Scott, Harlon Dalton & Judith Leonie Miller (eds.), AIDS Law Today: A New Guide for the Public(Yale University Press, 1993).Chambers, David L., "Gay Men, AIDS, and the Code of the Condom," 29 Harvard Civil Rights - CivilLiberties Law Review 353 (Summer 1994).Closen, Michael L., "Introduction: HIV-AIDS in the 1990s," 27 John Marshall Law Review 239 (Winter1994) (Introduction to Symposium Issue).Closen, Michael L., et al., AIDS: Cases and Materials (John Marshall Publishing Co., Houston, Texas,1989) (first law school text on AIDS).Closen, Michael L., "The Decade of Supreme Court Avoidance of AIDS: Denial of Certiorari in HIV-AIDS Cases and Its Adverse Effects on Human Rights," 61 Albany Law Review 897 (1998).Closen, Michael L. & Scott Isaacman, "HIV-AIDS and Governmental Control of Information:International Denial of Human Rights," 4 St. Thomas Law Review 107 (Spring 1992).Colby & Cook, "Epidemics and Agendas: The Politics of Nightly News Coverage of AIDS," 16 Journal ofHealth Politics, Policy and Law 215 (Summer 1991).Comment, "AIDS as a Protected Handicap Under the Civil Rights Restoration Act of 1987," 35 LoyolaLaw Review 243 (Spring 1989).Comment, "AIDS -- The Legal Implications," 9 Univ. of Arkansas at Little Rock Law Journal 641 (1986-87).Comment, "A Legal Guide for the Education of Legislators Facing the Inevitable Question: AIDS: TheProblem is Real -- What Do We Do?", 13 Journal of Contemporary Law 121 (1987).Comment, "Are AIDS Victims Handicapped?" 31 St. Louis University Law Journal 729 (September1987)(incompetent student analysis).Comment, "Associates of Persons With AIDS: What Are Their Rights?", 57 UMKC Law Review 559(Spring 1989).Comment, "Contagious Diseases Are Handicaps Under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act," 19 SetonHall Law Review 916 (1989).Comment, "Contagiousness and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973: School Board of Nassau County v. Arline,"14 Northern Kentucky Law Review 435 (1988).Comment, "Controlling HIV-Positive Women's Procreative Destiny: A Critical Equal Protection Analysis,"2 Seton Hall Law School Constitutional Law Journal 643 (Spring 1992).Comment, "The Application of Handicap Discrimination Law to AIDS Patients," 22 Univ. of SanFrancisco Law Review 317 (Winter 1988).Comment, "The Rights of an AIDS Victim in Wisconsin," 70 Marquette Law Review 55 (Fall1986)(broadranging coverage of tort liability, employment, insurance, concentrating on Wisconsin law).Comment, "Who Is a Qualified Individual With a Disability Under the Americans With Disabilities Act,"64 University of Cincinnati Law Review 189 (Fall 1995).Conway & Orsher, "Book Review Essay: AIDS Law in a Nutshell," 13 Journal of Legal Medicine 267 (Jun1992).Copeland, A.R., "Suicide Among AIDS Patients," 33 Medicine, Science and the Law 21 (Jan. 1993).Corboy, "AIDS: A Legal Challenge of the 1980s and Beyond," 1 Chicago Bar Record No. 5, 13 (May1987).Dalton & Burris (eds.), AIDS and the Law: A Guide for the Public (Yale University Press,1987)(comprehensive review of major AIDS legal issues)(individual chapters noted below).Decker, Scott & Richard Rosenfeld, "Intravenous Drug Use and the AIDS Epidemic: Findings From a 20-City Sample of Arrestees," 38 Crime & Delinquency 492 (October 1992).DeWolfe, Book Review, AIDS and the Law: A Guide for the Public, 38 Journal of Legal Education 480(September 1988).Dickinson, "Beyond the Moral Panic: AIDS, the Mass Media and Mass Communication Research," 15Communications [The European Journal of Communication] 21 (1990).Dolgin, Janet, "AIDS: Social Meanings and Legal Ramifications," 14 Hofstra Law Review 193 (1985).Dornette (ed.), AIDS and the Law (Wiley Law Publications, 1987)(individual chapters noted below)(2ndedition published 1992).Dorney, Linda, Book Review, "And the Band Played On - Politics, People, and the AIDS Epidemic," 3Journal of Pharmacy & Law 55 (1994).Douglas, et al., "Homophobia Among Physicians and Nurses: An Empirical Study," 36 Hospital &Community Psychiatry 1309 (December 1985) (Study of attitudes of health care personnel dealing withAIDS patients).Drass, Kriss A., Peter R. 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The Impact of AIDS on Medically Assisted SuicideLegislation," 22 Florida State University Law Review 369 (Fall 1994).Galen, "Living With an Illness That Kills," 9 National Law Journal No. 28 (March 23, 1987)(Interview withDan Bradley, Esq., former President of United States Legal Services Corporation, about his life as a personwith AIDS).Gaynor, "Executive Action Against AIDS: A Proposal for Federal Regulation Under Existing Law," 49Ohio State Law Journal 999 (1989).Gibofsky & Laurence, "AIDS: Current Medical and Scientific Aspects," 9 Journal of Legal Medicine 497(December 1988).Ginzburg, "The Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, Human Immunodeficiency Viruses, and theCommunity and the Workplace -- A Medical Precis," Proceedings of the 39th Annual National Conferenceon Labor Ch. 15, New York University, 1986.Gittler, Josephine & Marle McPherson, "Introduction to Symposium on HIV Infection Among Women ofReproductive Age, Children, and Adolescents," 77 Iowa Law Review 1283 (May 1992).Goldberg, "The Meaning of `Handicapped'," ABA Journal, March 1, 1987, 56.Gorrell, Brower & Mebane, "Pending New Jersey Legislation on AIDS," New Jersey Lawyer No. 126, 50(January/February 1989).Gostin, Lawrence, "A Decade of a Maturing Epidemic: An Assessment and Directions for Future PublicPolicy," 16 American Journal of Law and Medicine 1 (1990); reprinted in 5 Notre Dame Journal of Law,Ethics & Public Policy 7 (1990).Gostin, Lawrence (ed.), AIDS and the Health Care System (Yale Univ. 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