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Cordyceps Sinensis Hyphas Mycelium (90)

Cordyceps Sinensis Hyphas Mycelium, 90 capsules one container, 500mg cordyceps sinesis hyphas mycelium each capsule. Suggested Use: Adults: three times a day, two capsules once. Children: 15-8 ages, twice a day, two capsules once; 7-5 ages, three times a day, one capsule once; 4-2 ages, twice a day, one capsule once. Also can take it out and mix to milk or juice. Cordyceps Sinensis Hyphas Mycelium capsule was awarded Excellent Product Award at the Fourth World Conference on Acupuncture WFAS and 1996 World Superior Traditional Medical Products Fair (USA) sponsored by WFAS and American Acupuncture Association, and World Health Organization

The health efficacies of Cordyceps Sinensis are obvious in:

  • Asthma, allergic rhinitis*
  • Poor renal function, renal injuries by chemicals**
  • Chronic bronchitis, coughing
  • Poor resistance of respiratory tract, catching flu easily
  • Regulating blood pressure (high or low blood pressure)
  • Anti-aging, weakness
  • The declining of sex drive
  • Lowering raised blood lipid levels, strengthening the body's immunity
  • Poor function of lungs & kidneys, irregular menstruation


Observed effects and period of treatment: A patient who has been effectively treated will experience a gradual decrease in coughing, reduction in quantity of sputum, and gradual decrease in shortness of breath after taking this product for three days. There will be an especially great decrease in coughing and reduction in sputum in cases of prolonged chronic bronchitis (both asthmatic and ordinary type), particularly ordinary type. Effects generally appear after three days and the effects will last for approximately a month; for this reason treatment of chronic bronchitis may continue from 3 to 6 months. Cordyceps Sinensis Hyphas Mycelium also be used as a calming, strengthening, or tonic medicine. For man, the indication is impotence, declined sex drive, aching in lower back and knees, dislike of cold in limbs; for woman, the indication is pain in lower back and knees, dizziness and tinnitus, as well as dislike of cold, insomnia, overly frequent menstruation, and thin and copious leucorrhoea.

*Published by Taiwan Pediatric Association in April 1996
Published by Veterans General Hospital, Taipei, July 1993

Principal Therapeutic Application

The therapeutic uses of Cordyceps Sinensis Hyphas Mycelium include strengthening and protecting kidneys and lungs, increasing vigor and energy, supplement of the insufficiency, eliminating coughs, reducing phlegm, treating chronic bronchitis (it is highly effective in treating both asthmatic and pure bronchitis), gasping coughs, coughing blood, night sweats, premature ejaculation, declined sex drive, back and abdominal pains, ringing in the ears, insomnia, loose teeth, irregular menstruation, clear leucorrhoea, and prolonged weakness during convalescence. It is also a powerful tonic, can strengthen the body's immunity, lower raised blood lipid levels (in this condition the patient may be overweight, lacking strength, suffering from dizziness, swollen and numb limbs, chest pains, and an excess of phlegm), and treat other conditions resulting from insufficient vitality and weakness of lungs and kidneys.


-- Cordyceps Sinensis Hyphas Mycelium is especially effective when used to treat patients with impotence and poor functioning of lungs and kidneys.

-- Cordyceps Sinensis Hyphas Mycelium is an excellent strengthening tonic for convalescing patients, and patients with reduced appetite, weak blood, weakened resistance of respiratory tract and susceptibility to colds or flus can take this product orally to strengthen resistance.

The above therapeutic and clinical properties are based on use of this product in several dozen central-grade medical units in Mainland China including the Chinese Academy of Medical Science, the Beijing College of Medicine, the People's Liberation Army Hospital, etc. in Taiwan including Taiwan Pediatric Association, Veterans General Hospital of Taipei. The effective rates are among 78%~94.2% in the treatment of malignant cancers, bronchitis, heart diseases, nasitis, tinnitus, leukemia, lung diseases, cirrhosis, B hepatitis, diabetes.

None of Toxicity

Cordyceps Sinensis Hyphas Mycelium is non-toxic. This product is of natural biological materials without any hormone nor antiseptic.

Typical Case Histories Where Cordyceps Sinensis Hyphas Mycelium Has Been Used to Treat Chronic Bronchitis

Mr. Tsao, male, 68 years, has had chronic bronchitis for 18 years. During the last 7 years, patient has experienced worsened coughing and expectoration of sputum, coughing up about 20 mouthfuls of sputum daily. While coughing up sputum, the patient's face typically becomes red, experiences abdominal sweating, and must expend great energy to cough up a mouthful of sputum.
Patient feels a shortness of breath after mild exercise; this symptom often affects patient's activities and sleep. After beginning to take Cordyceps Sinensis, patient described decreased coughing, a clear reduction in sputum to 2-3 mouthfuls daily, increased ease in coughing up sputum, and a clear improvement in breathing. Patient is able to sleep well at night, has a feeling of well-being, is in good spirits, has increased appetite, improved digestion, and often feels hungry. Besides eliminating cough, reducing sputum, and calming breathing, Cordyceps Sinensis may also have a certain soothing and tonic effect.

Mr. Li, male, age 56, had had chronic bronchitis for 15 years; his illness had increased in severity over the most recent three years and main symptoms included coughing and the expectoration of sputum. Sputum was of a thick consistency, intermixed white and yellow in color, and difficult to cough up. Every 24 hours patient would cough up approximately 60 ml of sputum. He gasped and experienced chest pains while performing movement, feeling short of breath. Lung function as measured was: 3212 ml vital capacity, FEvl/FEv 49%, FEv3/FEv 98%, MBC 56623 ml, MBC (%) 58%, 3423 ml residual lung capacity.
After the patient began taking Cordyceps Sinensis Hyphas Mycelium, he experienced decreased production of sputum and gradually lessened coughing. Daily sputum production declined from 60 ml to only 2 ml; sputum became more liquid and easier to expectorate. Gasping and shortness of breath showed a gradual decrease, while whistling noise in patient's lungs disappeared. Although the patient originally experienced gasping and chest pains while walking or climbing stairs, he is now able to run 200 meters every morning. His lung function after treatment was: 3284 ml vital capacity, FEvl/FEv 58%, FEv3/FEv 87%, MBC 69891 ml, MBC (%) 4%, 3013 ml residual lung capacity.

Mr. Chang, male, age 41, suffered from expanding chronic bronchitis over ten years; because of colds, he often experienced coughing and expectorated sputum containing blood. Because of a cold during November, 1983, the patient coughed up approximately 100-200 ml of blood, suffered a sore throat and a hoarse voice, experienced night sweats, had a dry mouth and lack of thirst, had dryish feces, urine-general WBC 1100/mm3, N 75%, X-Rays showed a dark spot on upper part of left lung, and striations on lungs were coarse and tangled. After taking Cordyceps Sinensis Hyphas Mycelium, expectoration of blood, night sweating, and dryness of mouth all ceased and voice returned to normal. After taking medication for 30 days, a physical check-up revealed: light red tongue, thin white coating on tongue, delicate pulse, WBC 8600/mm3, and N 65%. Striations on lungs were coarse.

Mr. Ying had worsening chronic asthmatic bronchitis for 26 years. The patient coughed up more than 20 mouthfuls of sputum daily; sputum was difficult expectorate and patient experienced agitated breathing. After taking medication for one week, patient felt it was easier to cough up sputum, quantity of sputum decreased to 2 to 3 mouthfuls daily, agitated breathing showed clear improvement and whistling sound in lungs disappeared.

Mr. Chiang, male, age 59, repeatedly experienced chronic coughing, production of sputum and shortness of breath over eight years, the condition becoming especially saver during winter and spring. Before medication, symptoms included coughing, production of sputum, gasping, production of whistling sounds, "strong and tangled striations on both lungs, widened interval between ribs, low abdominal membrane, no other particular symptoms than the foregoing." Blood pressure was 110/70mmHg, capillary blood, urine, liver functioning, electrocardiogram, urea nitrogen, etc. all tested normal, patient was diagnosed as having chronic bronchitis (asthmatic type) and lung swelling. Sputum production decreased on the second day after beginning medication with this product; gasping and coughing decreased on the fourth day; whistling sounds disappeared on the fifth day and patient slept soundly; expectoration of sputum and other symptoms basically ceased on the 15th day. A follow-up examination after medication had ceased revealed that electrocardiogram, liver functioning, blood, urine and urea nitrogen all were normal.

Treatment of Kidney Weakness with Cordyceps Sinensis hyphas Mycelium (Declined Sexual Function)

Mr. Wan, male, age 45, married, largely complained: Impotence, declined sex drive, aching in lower back and knees, dislike of cold in limbs; symptoms have persisted for 17 years, worsening over last five year.
History of condition: at age 28, the patient suddenly found it difficult to sustain an erection, experienced declined sex drive and had difficulty performing intercourse. Even when he was able to engage in intercourse, the problem of premature ejaculation existed, other complaints included nocturnal emissions, pain in lower back and knees, dislike of cold in the limbs, inadequate vigor, easily becoming fatigued, insomnia, tinnitus, inability to concentrate, poor appetite, and need to urinate 2 to 4 times every night; these symptoms increased in severity with the onset of winter every year. After ten years of seeking treatment, no medicine proven effective in treating this condition. Over the last five years condition has worsened, causing patient great distress. His tongue had a thin white coating and is tasteless. Pulse is sinking and delayed; cubit pulse especially prominent. Physical examination results: blood, urine, SGPT, TTT and blood urea nitrogen all normal. 17-hydroxl: 8mg/24hr urine, 17-ketone: 9mg/24hr urine. Diagnosis: impotence (poor kidney functioning). Treatment: Strengthening of kidneys. After completion of two consecutive courses of treatment with this product for a total of 40 days, the patient felt an increase in vigor, patient experienced improved sex drive, and insomnia and ringing in ears also showed improvement. After the second course of treatment, patient was able to hold an erection, experienced sexual desire, could engage in intercourse for a longer period, and could lead a normal life; the need to urinate at night decreased to once or twice, and tinnitus, dizziness and insomnia all disappeared. Follow-up laboratory test results: blood, urine, SGPT, TTT, and blood urea nitrogen all normal. 17-hydroxl: 19.6mg/24hr urine (raised 11.1mg/24hr urine compared with before treatment); 17-ketone: 18.1mg/24hr urine (raised 9.1mg/24hr urine compared with before treatment).

Mrs. Chou, female, age 36, married. For three years patient experienced pain in lower back and knees, dizziness and tinnitus, as well as dislike of cold, insomnia, overly frequent menstruation, and thin and copious leucorrhoea. Patient had had a single child. In recent years patient's sex drive had declined; tongue was tasteless, pulse sunken. Condition was diagnosed as weakness of the kidneys. Result of urine test: 17-hydorxl: 7.4mg/24hr urine. 7-kene: 5.3mg/24hr urine. After taking Cordyceps Sinensis Hyphas Mycelium for 20 days, she felt a obvious improvement in spirit, leucorrhoea decreased and experienced an improvement in sleeping. Her husband confirmed that she sought to engage in intercourse. After taking the product for 40 days, besides an increase in frequency of menstruation, all other symptoms showed a very clear improvement. Both before and after treatment, blood, urine and liver functioning all tested normal; a 24 hour urine follow-up test revealed: 17-hydroxl: 10.2mg/24hr; 7-ketone: 5.59mg/24hr.