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“The only thing necessary for these diseases to the triumph is for good people and governments to do nothing.”



Er Ming Zuo Ci Wan (200)

Er Ming Zuo Ci Wan, Rehmannia Bolus for Tinnitus and Deafness, concentrated, dietary herbal supplement, 200-pill pack, 160 mg each pill, Manufactured by Lanzhou Traditional Herbs, Gansu, China

Ingredients: Prepared rehmannia, cornus, dioscorea, poria, moutan bark, alisma, bupleurum root, magnitte mineral.

Actions: clearing away fire and subduring the exuberant Yang of the liver.

Indications: Severe tinnitus and deafness, blurred vision due to yin deficiency in kidneys. Deficiency of the liver-yin and kidney-yin, manifested as xenophthalmia, photophobia, blurred vision, epiphora induced by wind and night blindness. It is indicated for central retinitis, optic neuritis, vitreous opacity and others marked by the above syndrome.



Blurred vision and dizziness
Tinnitis and deafness

Yin deficiency in the liver and kidneys which cannot nourish the ears and eyes.

Blurred vision and dizziness
Tinnitis and deafness
Dry mouth and thirst
Toothache and sore throat

Flaring up of fire by Yin deficiency of the liver and kidneys

Afternoon fever
Feverish sensation on the palms, soles and in the chest
Night sweating

Yin deficiency with excessive fire in the interior.

Nocturnal emissions

Fire from yin deficiency disturbing the spermary.

Red tongue with scanty coating
Thready and rapid pulse

Signs of yin deficiency with heat in the interior


Applications: Diabetes, hypertension, infantile malnutrition, maldevelopment, chronic nephritis, menopause and neurasthenia.

Directions: Take 8 pills once time, 3 times a day, as a herbal supplement