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“The only thing necessary for these diseases to the triumph is for good people and governments to do nothing.”

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During those first critical days after you have been diagnosed with a chronic illness are important.  Your life is not over—the prophets have been dead for many centuries, so who is telling you that your life is over.  You still have a life. 


Living Life to the Fullest
Creative Coping Strategies for Managing Chronic Illness

Live Life to the Fullest within Your Limits
Living with Chronic Illness has a deep impact on not only the individual inflicted, but all those surrounding them. It leaves no area of life untouched.

Although we always want to be looking for possible cures and methods to heal, for some conditions complete healing is not a possibility, and even when it is, healing is a process that takes time.

Our life may be turned upside down at times and our coping abilities pushed to the limit. We are likely to face crises, loss, pain, grief, conflict, disruption, excess stress, uncertainty and even questions about identity and the meaning of life.

If left unmanaged, chronic illness has the potential to greatly degrade our quality of life, rob us of personal power, deteriorate self-esteem and destroy relationships.


The most effective way to manage and reduce the impact that chronic illness has on our life is to develop effective coping skills that address the limits we now face.
Self Care Tips That Help You
· Discover New Meaning and Purpose in Your Life
· Cope and Thrive in Spite of Your Symptoms
· Improve and Preserve Relationships
· Manage Symptoms More Effectively
· Deal with Grief and Loss
· Move Through the Process of Acceptance and Adjustment
· Find the Spiritual Journey in Chronic Illness
· Redefine Your Identity
· Discover a New Perspective on Chronic Illness
· Feel Validated, Inspired and Encouraged
As someone who lives with the challenges of chronic illness every day I am quite familiar with the challenging terrain, and as a mental health professional, I know how important it is to address these issues head on before they consume us.

Living Life to the Fullest is packed with self-care tips, techniques and strategies that cost you absolutely nothing and address all areas of your life. From dieting to sexuality and everything in-between you'll find effective ways to minimize the power chronic illness has over your life and live a fuller more satisfying life.
Clear Cut - Practical - Effective Self Care Tips To
· Manage Stress
· Get Your Needs Met More Effectively
· Stick to Restrictions in Your Diet
· Maintain Sexuality
· Cope with Pain
· Deal with Parenting Issues
· Get You Through the Holidays
· Become more Tolerant of Feelings


· Manage Declining Cognitive Abilities
· Come to Terms with Your Own Mortality
Why Do You Need Strategies for Self Care
· Reduces Feelings of Hopelessness and Helplessness
· Empowers You
· Improves Self-Esteem
· Regain Personal Control
· Enhances the Quality of Your Life
· Decrease Feelings of Powerlessness