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“The only thing necessary for these diseases to the triumph is for good people and governments to do nothing.”

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News reports from around the world on the many issues of HIV/AIDS.

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AIDS battle reaches new climax in Asia with aggressive condom policy

In an aggressive policy to stem the growing HIV/AIDS problem, the World Health Organisation (WHO) wants sex workers in Asia to adopt this uncompromising stand when facing clients.


AIDS edict fuels dispute 

Man with disease banned from using pool at mobile home park


AIDS News April 2001

Nigeria AIDS news Service

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AIDS News March 2001

Nigeria AIDS news Service

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AIDS News May 2001

Nigeria AIDS news Service

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AIDS to Hit Workforce in '03

South Africa's economy will be hard hit in 2003 as hundreds of thousands of HIV-infected workers develop full-blown Aids, and few companies have prepared for this.


AIDS, Hunger, Terror Threaten World Security

Even as the world gears up for another major world conflict the UN says world security is threatened not only by the crises currently dominating the headlines but by AIDS, hunger and the "dreams of obscure vengeance" from political terrorists "whose only achievements are the sudden screams of innocent people."


AIDS Transmission Through Blood Supply is Discussed at Internews Nigeria Roundtable “HIV/AIDS is not a sinners’ affliction,” declared Evangelist Peter Ikiti to journalists attending an educational roundtable organized by Internews’ Local Voices Project in Abuja about the safety of Nigeria’s blood supply.  

Allies of AIDS Among warring factions in Congo, disease is mutating

Kampala, Uganda-It was born out of war, spread in war and may now be mutating into an explosive nightmare amid war. HIV, soldiers, rape and prostitutes: These are the elements that spawned and spread Africa's horrendous AIDS epidemic.


Attacks shift away from condoms in HIV prevention

In a direct attack on the Bush administration's stance on HIV prevention, authors from a leading US sexual health and family planning organisation asserts that consistent use of condoms can reduce the risk of HIV transmission in discordant couples to “near zero"


Bug Chasers 

Carlos nonchalantly asks whether his drink was made with whole or skim milk. He takes a moment to slurp on his grande Caffe Mocha in a crowded Starbucks, and then he gets back to explaining how much he wants HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.


Cheap drugs 'not enough to fight AIDS in Africa'

A hard-won battle for access to cheap generic drugs leaves poor African countries ill-prepared to implement nationwide programmes to treat Aids sufferers, experts working on health projects on the continent warn.


China Discrimination Fuels HIV/AIDS Crisis

Widespread discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS is fueling the spread of the epidemic in China, Human Rights Watch charged in a new report released today.


Churches gather to coordinate action plan against HIV/AIDS

A coalition of Finnish and African churches has been meeting in Dar es Salaam over the past week to try and pool resources and create a strategy in the battle against HIV/AIDS


Ford Motor Company response to an article concerning the Right Wing’s Homophobic Agenda We value all people – regardless of their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and cultural or physical differences  
Gender, HIV/AIDS and Rights-A training manual for the media Media practitioners’ gender prejudices and biases are one of the major blocks to the diverse portrayals of women, and to their voices in the media.  Journalists and editors are socialized as men and as women, long before they choose journalism as a career.  This socialization influences how the media reports on, portrays and provides access to women. 502 kb pdf

Global AIDS: Myths and Facts

Myth: The best way to control AIDS in the developing world is by putting all available resources into stronger prevention programs. In developing countries, costly treatment for people already infected with HIV should wait until prevention programs have been fully funded and deployed.


Global tensions grow over AIDS

The number of people infected with HIV/Aids will grow significantly by the end of the decade, reaching up to 75 million in the world's five most populous countries and continuing to decimate millions in Central and Southern Africa, a new US intelligence report says


Head of AIDS Advisory Panel Ousted

Sources close to the deliberations, however, insisted Ware was moved to avoid further embarrassment over the selection of Thacker, who has described AIDS as the "gay plague" and homosexuality as a "death style." Thacker withdrew his nomination on Jan. 23.


HIV Prevention Bill Attacked by AIDS Organizations

The chief provision in the bill is the creation of a national HIV reporting system. According to NAPWA, states would be required to end anonymous testing and begin reporting the names and case histories of every new HIV diagnosis to the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. 26 states in the country already supply this information to the CDC.


In Maine, AIDS, HIV Cases on Rise

State officials say the number of people in Maine living  with HIV/AIDS has never been higher, reflecting a nationwide  trend. State Bureau of Health statistics show more than 500 people diagnosed with AIDS in Maine and 700 with HIV.


Influence of the Church in Bringing About Change

Statistics of HIV/AIDS prevalence in Namibia are not impressive. The figures are worrying. However, a holistic approach to fighting the pandemic may reverse the trend, if the ongoing efforts are maintained or intensified.


Madison Ave. Has Growing Role In the Business of Drug

Article on how Madison Avenue, whose television ads have helped turn some prescription drugs into billion-dollar products, is expanding role in drug development; lastest example is pain drug Bextra


Mobilizing Media-Activism and Community Participation in Stigma Reduction

This two-year project is designed to reduce HIV/AIDS-related stigma and discrimination in the media and other identified communities in Nigeria. Launched by Journalists Against AIDS (JAAIDS), the project aims to harness the capacity of the Nigerian media and communities as a potential force for change to reduce the high levels of HIV-related stigma and discrimination in the country.



Hundreds of medical workers become infected with the AIDS or hepatitis viruses from accidental punctures each year.


Powell, on MTV show, urges condom use to prevent AIDS

Fielding particularly sober questions from a youth audience normally tuned in to watch the latest hip-hop videos, Secretary of State Colin Powell explained the war on terrorism to MTV viewers around the world Thursday and stressed the supremacy of American democratic values.


Prescription Drug Sales Increased By Nearly 20% Last Year in US

Retail prescription drug spending in the US increased for the fifth straight year in 2000, primarily reflecting higher sales of a relatively small number of drugs.


Press Release WHO This is a critical moment in the history of HIV/AIDS. There is
more money, more political will and more attention being paid to this killer disease than ever before. And yet, more people than ever are dying of AIDS and becoming infected with HIV. By using HIV treatment programs to strengthen existing prevention programs and improve health systems, the international community has a unique opportunity to change the course of history,

Quarantine of PLWHAS in Mumbai Airport

The following is the details for yet another shocking incident and that too by the government officials


Report on AIDS-personal I could not make my conclusion based on that fact, but the graph for both genders does show there is some relationship between the number of new AIDS orphans and the number of new AIDS deaths each year. Unfortunately, the data was not available but I think if it was the correlation would prove my hypothesis.  

Researchers fake AIDS study data

Three Maryland researchers have admitted fabricating interviews with teenagers for a study on AIDS prevention that received more than $1 million in federal funds.


Revised Guidelines Will Ease Selection of HIV/AIDS Treatments

A new update of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Guidelines for the Use of Antiretroviral Agents in HIV-Infected Adults and Adolescents will make it easier for clinicians and HIV-infected individuals to select an appropriate treatment regimen from among the expanding choices of anti-HIV medications.


Scientists Pursue Origins of HIV

Researchers have identified another piece in the puzzle of how HIV emerged from the wilderness to spawn one of the most devastating epidemics humanity has ever known.


Serological findings amongst first-time blood donors in Yaounde

Blood safety remains an issue of major concern in transfusion
medicine in developing countries where national blood transfusion services and policies, appropriate infrastructure, trained personnel and financial resources are lacking. This is aggravated by the predominance of family and replacement, rather than regular benevolent, nonremunerated donors


South Africa- perspectives on AIDS-Media

Media advocacy provides a framework for shifting the focus of health-oriented news reporting to policy issues addressing public health.  The aim of media advocacy is to increase the capacity of groups or societies to act in a manner conductive to their goals

Pdf 170 kb

Strategies to Improve Access to Sterile Syringes for Injection Drug Users

The high prevalence of infection with HIV and other blood-borne pathogens in injection drug users (IDUs) is directly related to the lack of syringe access. Needle exchange programs (NEPs), syringe prescription, and syringe deregulation are 3 approaches to increasing access to sterile syringes for IDUs.


Swapo Man proposes 'Disclosure' of HIV when person is Buried 

"I would like to propose that the internationally respected medical norms of no disclosure of sickness be relaxed when it comes to HIV-AIDS pandemic. That is to say if one dies of AIDS, it should be stated in the death certificate and mourners be informed during burial service [that the person died from AIDS]," he said.


The Crime of Asking Questions at an AIDS Panel Discussion

The student moderators would be unfailingly polite and respectful, and everyone would go away believing that they could play a small part in mitigating an enormous medical tragedy. Well, I was right, except that possibly some members of the audience did actually leave with some nagging questions about HIV/AIDS.


The Rebirth of the Nonprofit Sector in Post-communist Eastern Europe

The nonprofit sector is re-emerging in Eastern Europe as a major part of democratic society after more than four decades in the shadows of communism. Profound political, economic and social reforms in the region present challenges to the development of a strong, indigenous nonprofit sector.


UNICEF report on Africa's orphaned generations

The HIV/Aids epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa has already orphaned a generation of children - and now seems set to orphan generations more.


Why Are Latino Gay and Bisexual Men at Risk?

Some 17 percent of all AIDS cases in the United States are among Latinos, although Latinos constitute only about 9percent of the population. Of these cases, 40 percent are among gay and bisexual men.1 Why?


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