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“The only thing necessary for these diseases to the triumph is for good people and governments to do nothing.”


American Journal of Public Health, Vol 80, Issue 4 428-430, Copyright © 1990 by American

Public Health Association



Recovery of hepatitis A virus from a water

supply responsible for a common source outbreak of hepatitis A


AB Bloch, SL Stramer, JD Smith, HS Margolis, HA Fields, TW McKinley, CP Gerba, JE Maynard and RK Sikes

Office of Epidemiology, Georgia Department of Human Resources, Atlanta 30309.

An outbreak of hepatitis A occurred in a north Georgia trailer park served by a private well. Of 18 residents who were serosusceptible to hepatitis A virus (HAV), 16 (89%) developed hepatitis A. Well water samples were collected 3 months after illness onset in the index case and 28 days after illness onset in the last trailer park resident. Hepatitis A virus antigen (HAVAg) was detected in the samples by enzyme immunoassay from three of the five cell lines following two 30-day passages and from a fourth cell line following a third passage of 21 days.



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