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“The only thing necessary for these diseases to the triumph is for good people and governments to do nothing.”

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This link is provided so that consumers in our global marker will have a choice—an alternative source for purchasing pharmaceutical medications.  Globalization has been very good for generating profits for companies.  By outsourcing the manufacturing of items, has resulted in greater profits for these companies.  However, the consumer has not benefited from these decisions.

Decisions with medications for a health concerns, should not be based upon a profit motives.  The decision of buying a life giving drug; or of buying food should never occur in any sort of civilized country; but it is happening around the world.

This web link ( )may provide those seeking a remedy to the high cost of pharmaceutical medications. 

Many of the larger drug companies are outsourcing the manufacturing of their medications to countries like Brazil, China, and India.  (Contact your pharmacists for the location of company making the medication(s) you are now using, to discover where it was made.)  The above link is a platform so that you too can discover an inexpensive place to purchase your meds.  Contact several different manufactures, giving to them the brand name, dosage amount needed.  Many will respond back to your request.  (Remember that these companies do not sell just a 30 supply, but rather in units of 100—do not be surprised by the fact that the cost is still very much lower than you are now paying.)

When ordering these meds, be sure to contact your local customs agency, to make certain that this medication can be imported into your country.  The web has grown so fast…that many governmental departments will not have the most current information; however, your local justice department or District Attorney’s office will have more information on what can or cannot be imported from whatever country.

The webs is wondrous tools…use it and enjoy the benefits of globalization.