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“The only thing necessary for these diseases to the triumph is for good people and governments to do nothing.”



UNICEF report on Africa's orphaned generations
Date: 2003-12-05
The HIV/Aids epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa has already orphaned a
generation of children - and now seems set to orphan generations

Today, over 11 million children under the age of 15 living in sub-
Saharan Africa have been robbed of one or both parents by HIV/Aids.
Seven years from now, the number is expected to have grown to 20
million. At that point, anywhere from 15 per cent to over 25 per cent
of the children in a dozen sub-Saharan African countries will be
orphans - the vast majority of them will have been orphaned by


Africa's Orphaned Generations reports on the life circumstances of
today's orphans with new data and fresh analyses. It presents the
possibility of change - for those already orphaned and for the
generation to come - if certain things are done now.

Tragically, the number of orphans in sub-Saharan Africa will continue
to rise in the years ahead, due to the high proportion of sub-Saharan
African adults already living with HIV/AIDS and the continuing
difficulties in expanding access to life-prolonging antiretroviral
treatment. But, it is not inevitable that these children should be
left to suffer
twice, denied their rights because they are orphaned.

Africa's Orphaned Generations presents a strategy for ensuring that
all of Africa's orphaned children have a safe, healthy and well-
educated childhood, establishing the foundation for a productive
adult life and for their countries' overall development. It
encourages hope in the face of an epic disaster.


Hard copies by mail, are available just let us know how many copies
you all would like - and the street address and phone number for
shipping purposes. I hope you find the report of interest and useful.
Your comments and feedback are also most welcome. warm regards,

Mark Connolly - Child Protection Adviser
UNICEF, 3 U.N. Plaza (H-7A) New York, NY 10017
tel: 212-326-7208 fax: 212-735-4413