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“The only thing necessary for these diseases to the triumph is for good people and governments to do nothing.”


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Bad for the Body, Bad for the Heart: Prostitution Harms Women even if Legalized or Decriminalized-New Zealand
With examples from a 2003 New Zealand prostitution law, this 
article discusses the logical inconsistencies in laws sponsoring 
prostitution and includes evidence for the physical, emotional, 
and social harms of prostitution.  These harms are not decreased
by legalization or decriminalization.  The article addresses the 
confusion caused by organizations that oppose trafficking but at
 the same time promote prostitution as a justifiable form of labor
for poor women.
167 kb pdf
New Zealand Sex Industry-a guide to Occupational Health and Safety This guide has been written for everyone involved in the New Zealand sex industry: sex workers both employed and self-employed, operators, owners and others such as sex worker organizations. 408 kb pdf

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