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“The only thing necessary for these diseases to the triumph is for good people and governments to do nothing.”


Computer Programs Used to Predict or to Show Future Trends


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Document Name & Link to Document


File Size /Type**

Download Aidsproj

Executable DOS program for projections

Executable/ 107 kb


Spreadsheet Model for using ANC Surveillance Data-Estimate and Project HIV Prevalence and AIDS Cases

Excel Spreadsheet/ 320 kb

Download Assa600

AIDS, modelling, population, census, fertility, mortality, migration, South Africa

Executable/ 320 kb

Download AssumptionsPro-ASSA2000

Excel Program

Zip file containing Excel spreadsheet/ 1,410 kb

Download EPP Projection

AIDS projection for various countries

4,876 kb

Download Esbcalc

Computer calculator

Zip file/ 677 kb


EULER is a program for quick and interactive computations with real and complex numbers, matrices, or with intervals. EULER can draw functions in two and three dimensions. It contains a programming language.

Executable/ 869 kb

Download Fzmodel-13

Excel tables

Zip file containing Excel spreadsheets/ 247 kb

Download GraphCalc4.0Alpha

Graphica is an integrated mathematical kit that's capable of carrying out common and advanced mathematical tasks.It has the following capabilities:

  • Plotting and analyzing any Cartesian expression.

  • Getting the derivative and limited integration of the expression if exists.

  • Carrying out matrices operations and solving determinants.

  • Solving simultaneous equations.

  • Carrying out simple and advanced mathematical operation via an integrated scientific calculator.

Executable/ 891 kb

Download Graphp20

Graph+ is the program for those people who draw different graphs of mathematical functions. It can be very useful for students, and maybe for adults either. It calculates the given expression and then draws its graph.

Executable/ 848 kb

Download Java Run Time Environment

You will need this software to perform certain functions with some math models

Executable Program/ 8,080 KB (8MB)

Download mtxcal

Computer math calculator

Zip file containing Executable program/ 432 kb

Download mxgui32

Computer math calculator

Zip file containing executable program/ 2,544 kb

Download NewSelect020430

Excel program

Zip file containing executable program/ 465 kb


Prolximate Determinants of Fertility

Excel spreadsheet/ 32 kb

Download RAPID

Population Impacts on Development-version 4.0

Excel spreadsheet/ 441 kb

Download SetupGraph

Graph 2.5

Executable program/ 1,155 kb

Download Spectrum

Math Model from Futures Group

Executable program/ 3,798 kb

Download xcalc25

Computer math calculator

Zip file containing executable program/ 144 kb