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Fire Chief's Brother Has Hepatitis c The continuing saga of Of Olando's Finest!.........

Monday August 27 11:56 PM EDT Fire Chief's Brother Has Hepatitis C A retired Orlando firefighter received an unpleasant surprise Monday -- he learned that he has hepatitis

A.C. Walker is the brother of the city's fire chief. Walker says that the city's medical clinic detected symptoms of the disease 23 years ago but never told him

Hepatitis C is an infectious disease that firefighters and other emergency crews can get when they respond to serious accidents.

Walker said that the news has devastated and disappointed him.

Walker's old medical records showed that he had high liver enzymes, an indicator of hepatitis C, as far back as 1978. Walker is one of 29 retired and current city employees suing Orlando, claiming that the city intentionally covered up their medical problems to save money.


The city, however, said that there wasn't a cover up. They did say that there is a possibility that some of the firefighters weren't told of their problems.

Walker reviewed his old medical file after NewsChannel 2's Jack Fink first brought the firefighter's allegations to light.

Walker's brother, the fire chief, is out of town and couldn't be reached for comment, but earlier this month, the chief told NewsChannel 2 that he is behind his brother.

Walker is hopeful that a biopsy scheduled next month will show that his Hepatitis can still be treated. He said that he will be filing a workman's compensation claim with the city in an effort to get the city to pay for his treatments.

Walker is now an Eatonville, Fla., firefighter. He is urging firefighters and city police officers that were treated at the city's occupational medical clinic to get their old records to see if they are sick too.