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“The only thing necessary for these diseases to the triumph is for good people and governments to do nothing.”

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New York State Mortality Rates New York State Mortality Rates 1999-2006

New York African American Female

New York African American Male

New York Asian or Pacific Islander Female

New York Asian or Pacific Islander Male

New York Hispanic (2135-2) Female

New York Hispanic (2135-2) Male

New York Hispanic (2186-2) Female

New York Hispanic (2186-2) Male

New York White Female

New York White Male

Breach of HIV Confidentiality: Overview of Emotional Distress Awards The goal of the memo was to survey emotional distress awards in all types of confidentiality case and in other comparable areas.  The bulk of the research focused on New York State cases, but we also surveyed some types of cases in other states.   
Health Care in New York State Prisons “Because the dangers of abuse inherent in the penitentiary are always present, the work of the Correctional Association—an organization of knowledgeable experts unaffected by political forces—is so important” 435 kb pdf
HIV and AIDS Related Information-New York Listing of statues concerning HIV/AIDS for the State of New York 105 kb pdf
HIV/AIDS Testing, Reporting and Confidentiality of HIV-Related Information New York State "Confidential HIV-related information" means any information, in the possession of a person who provides health or social services or who obtains the information pursuant to a release of confidential HIV-related information, concerning whether an individual has been the subject of an HIV-related test, or has HIV infection, HIV-related illness or AIDS, or information which identifies or reasonably could identify an individual as having one or more of such conditions, including information pertaining to such individual's contacts.  

NY City Board Of Ed Fails To Protect Workers From Hepatitis

More than fifteen years after OSHA's bloodborne pathogens standard was issued to protect workers against contracting bloodborne diseases like AIDS and hepatitis B and C, some employers still haven't gotten the idea.  United Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten accused the [New York City] Department of Education on Nov. 15 of ignoring federal law requiring it to protect educators at risk of exposure to life-threatening pathogens in blood or bodily fluid  
Passing the Test: New York's Newborn This appendix traces the evolution of policy in New York State regarding the screening of newborns for HIV antibodies, from the introduction of the blinded newborn seroprevalence survey in November 1987 through the implementation of the mandatory newborn testing and notification begun in February 1997.  
Protestors in Harlem want the state to provide better services for inmates with HIV and hepatitis C Members of ACT-UP, the New York AIDS Housing Network and the Parolee Human Rights Project turned out in front of the New York State Building on 125th Street in Harlem Friday, April 30, to protest the lack of HIV and Hepatitis C treatment for inmates in state prisons.  
Providers' Refusal to Be Tested for Hepatitis C Stymies New York Probe The refusal of some health care providers to be tested for hepatitis C after a man was stricken with the virus shortly after undergoing heart surgery at New York's St. Francis Hospital has stymied state investigators seeking to trace the source of his infection.


Senator: Bills Give Inaccurate Picture of HIV Transmission Provides that New York City parking control specialists, limousine commission inspectors, campus police officers and some other employees should be entitled to receive 75 percent disability pensions if they contract HIV. The measure stipulates that it should be presumed that the workers' HIV infection was contracted on the job unless it can be proven otherwise. The second bill, sponsored by Sen. Mary Lou Rath (R- Erie County), provides the same protections for paramedics in the town of Tonawanda. And both bills include presumptions that if workers get TB or hepatitis, those illnesses were contracted on the job as well.  
The New York Times- New H.I.V. Cases Drop, but Rise in Young Gay Men New figures from the city’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene show that the annual number of new infections among black and Hispanic men who have sex with men rose 34 percent between 2001 and 2006, and rose for all men under 30 who have sex with men by 32 percent…At a time when the number of new cases among older gay men is dropping — by 22 percent in New York City during the same period — AIDS experts are bearing down on what they say is a worrisome and perplexing growth of H.I.V. infection among young men like Mr. Arriola.  


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