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'Violence and Public Health ; A case study of recent violence in Gujarat'

Achutha Menon Centre for Health Science Studies jointly with Kerala Health Studies and Research Centre conducted a seminar on 'Violence and Public Health ; A case study of recent violence in Gujarat' on the aftermath of terrible events in Gujarat which shook the conscience of the nation.

Ms. Neha Madhiwalla, Senior Researcher, CEHAT, Mumbai, who had been part of the team of Medico Friend Circle, which investigated the impact of violence on health and health system, spoke in the seminar. She presented the findings from the MFC report 'Carnage in Gujarat ; A Public Health Crisis' on (a) The role played by the health services and (b) the violence against women. Dr. R. Sukanya who had been part of the public health work in the relief camps in Ahmedabad narrated her experience of working in the relief camps of Gujarat and spoke on 'Health impact of violence and condition of relief camps in Ahmedabad'.

Dr. B. Ekbal, Vice Chancellor of Kerala University spoke on 'Lessons of Gujarat : Caring for Survivors and Preventing Violence'. The seminar was moderated by Prof. Michael Tharakan of CDS.

The discussion was centred on the break in confidence or trust of all institutions and that there is urgent need of rebuilding partnerships to prevent societies from fighting and breaking apart. The following needs were highlighted- training of medical professionals in Gender issues of health., trained people in identifying and managing psychological problems necessary to manage the posttraumatic stress disorders of the survivors after such disasters and the responsibility of doctors in medico-legal documentation to aid in justice.